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Saints Row IV

Thumpgun is a weapon in Saints Row IV.[1]

At last, the range of a rifle paired with the finesse of a brutal curbstomp!
— Weapon Description[2]


The Thumpgun has traits of a rifle, having the single projectile of such a weapon but damage comparable to a shotgun. This makes the Thumpgun the most suited for long range combat than the other shotguns, and possibly more troublesome in closer ranges as it needs to be aimed more accurately than the Pump-Action Shotgun and Semi-Auto Shotgun. Like the Semi-Auto Shotgun, the Thumpgun can deliver rapid follow up shots and unlike the Semi-Auto Shotgun which requires the ultimate upgrade, the Thumpgun has a Fully-Automatic fire mode by default and has a higher rate of fire. Like other Zin weapons, the Thumpgun has the advantages/disadvantages of having no magazine, being able to be cooldown the gun manually if needed.

At closer ranges, the Semi-Auto Shotgun and Pump-Action Shotgun performs better due to the higher damage and the spread helps to more easily hit close range targets.


Damage, Overheat Level, Rate of Fire and Recoil can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Respect My Authority "ultimate upgrade", which adds extra 10 XP for a killed enemy.[3]



  • Longest effective range out of all Shotgun Weapons.
  • High damage per shot.
  • High DPS.
  • Ultimate Upgrade provides additional help in leveling up.
  • No reload required.
  • High rate of fire.


The Thumpgun has 2 costumes: Thumpgun, which has 3 skins and Reynolds .50 HMG, which has 1 skin.

Thumpgun Skin
SRIV Shotguns - Thumpgun - Thumpgun - Default Default
Put a hurtin' on uppity humans.
— Thumpgun Default skin description[4]

SRIV Shotguns - Thumpgun - Thumpgun - Gold-Plated Gold-Plated
— Thumpgun Gold-Plated skin description[5]

SRIV Shotguns - Thumpgun - Thumpgun - Saints Purple Saints Purple
Purple is the new orange.
— Thumpgun Saints Purple skin description[6]

Reynolds .50 HMG DLC Skin
Reynolds .50 HMG costume for the Thumpgun in Saints Row IV Default
Peace through superior firepower.
— Reynolds .50 HMG - Default skin description[7]


  • The internal name for the Thumpgun is freezegun and freezeray. This, along with the Glitch Gun and Micronizer were changed into Super Power Elements.
    • Concept art for the Freeze Ray resembles the Thumpgun.[8]
  • The Reynolds .50 HMG resembles the M1919 Browning, with parts from other guns on it.
  • The weapon is not able to be purchased or upgraded in the Australian version of the game, however it can be picked up off dead Zin.
  • A 3D Thumpgun model is available on Sketchfab.[9]
  • The .50 HMG's description, "Peace through superior firepower." is a quote from PlanetSide 2.
  • The Ultimate upgrade's name "respect my authority" is a catchphrase of Eric Cartman from South Park.


  • The Main description
  • The Upgrade list
  • Thumpgun - Thumpgun - Default
  • Thumpgun - Thumpgun - Gold-Plated
  • Thumpgun - Thumpgun - Saints Purple
  • Thumpgun - Reynolds .50 HMG - Default


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