Three Way
Three Way complete
"Three Way" mission completion screen.[1]


Story arc

3rd Street Saints (finale)




Marked: ?. Minimum kills: ?

Eliminate Killbane
Save Shaundi

Save Shaundi
  • None
Eliminate Killbane
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Murderbrawl XXXI
Zombie Attack
(Eliminate Killbane)
Gangstas in Space
(Save Shaundi)

"Three Way" is two penultimate missions in Saints Row: The Third.

Kia: "I'm surprised you came."
Playa: "None of my crew is getting killed."
Kia: "Really? Lin. Carlos. Aisha. Johnny... all you do is let your friends die."
Playa: "And I make bitches like you suffer."
Three Way intro
Kia and Playa, during the showdown on Magarac Island.


Playa travels to the Saints HQ and meets with Pierce and Oleg. As the two play chess, Playa states how the 3rd Street Saints are "done being corporate whores" when asked about their appearances in the upcoming Gangstas in Space film. Before they can converse further, a F-69 VTOL crashes into the penthouse. Looking outside, the three realize that the city is in turmoil as STAG and the Luchadores have taken to fighting one another in open combat.

They head outside and, with the help of Kinzie, who is listening in on the police to find the locations where the fighting is worst, clear out several areas of the city. After clearing out the Sierra Point military base, Playa receives two phone calls: Angel De LaMuerte has learned that Killbane intends to flee Steelport and that if they don't stop him, he will escape; Kia informs Playa that she has kidnapped Shaundi, Viola DeWynter and mayor Burt Reynolds and aims to blow up the monument on Magarac Island, thus framing the Saints as terrorists.

Playa must make a choice; should they eliminate Killbane, Shaundi, Viola, and Reynolds will die and the Saints will be framed as terrorists, allowing Senator Monica Hughes to authorize the Daedalus. However, should they save Shaundi, Viola, and Reynolds by stopping Kia's plot, Killbane will escape, denying Angel his long sought revenge and potentially allowing him to rebuild The Syndicate.

In the Save Shaundi ending, Playa saves Shaundi, Viola, and Reynolds by removing the bombs from the statue and killing Kia. Killbane escapes. At the base of the statue, Monica Hughes is forced to acknowledge the Saints as heroes for saving "a treasured monument", effectively ending STAG's occupation of Steelport. Cyrus Temple threatens Playa as they prepare to head back to Stilwater, leading to the non-sequitur mission, "Gangstas in Space". Saints Row IV continues from this ending.[2][3]

In the Eliminate Killbane ending, Playa and Angel head to the airport and destroy his plane with an Annihilator RPG. Wounded, Killbane and Playa have one last discussion amongst the wreckage of the plane before Playa kills Killbane by breaking his neck. On the horizon, Playa watches as Kia's bomb detonates and destroys the statue on Magarac Island, killing the three taken hostage there. Pierce phones Playa up and asks, "Was it worth it?" Playa is unable to reply. Monica Hughes informs Cyrus Temple that he was right, and that STAG are now authorized to use the Daedalus, leading to the mission "STAG Film". Enter the Dominatrix continues from this ending.[4]


Three Way - Clear the Armory objective
Go to Saints HQ
Go to a battle location x2

Head to two of the three marked "battle locations".

When traveling from one location to another, it is not necessary to wait for Oleg to get inside a Criminal; he appears at the next location. Pierce, on the other hand, must be kept close. He also has a habit of needing to be revived more often than Oleg; having the relevant upgrades to increase the revive time limit can help here.

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Clear the area x2

Kill all opponents there: both Luchadores and STAG.

Go to the Armory

The last battle location is replaced with the destination at Sierra Point.

Clear the Armory
Eliminate Killbane or save Shaundi

After clearing out this final location, the choice is given to eliminate Killbane or save Shaundi. Regardless of the choice made, after completing the next mission, this mission is available with the other choice; in other words, this choice only dictates which final mission is played first.

Both choices hark back to past missions in the Saints Row series, and both play "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler.

Eliminate Killbane
Help Angel

Drive towards Angel De LaMuerte and kill all opponents nearby. In a gameplay segment reminiscent of Saints Row's "What Goes Up...", Playa rides in the passenger seat of the Saints Neuron as they are driven to the airport to destroy a plane carrying a gang leader trying to flee the city.

Stop Killbane's airplane[5]

Use the Annihilator RPG with infinite ammo provided to destroy Killbane's Snipes 57 and, in the finale, follow the quick time event to finish him off.

Save Shaundi
Get to the statue

Drive towards the marked pier and take the Miami boat to Magarac Island.

Bombs removed 0/8

Use the Sonic Boom to blast the four bombs off this level of the monument. There are captive Saints along the way who can be freed, but it is not a mission requirement.

Proceed up the statue

Head upwards.

Bombs removed 4/8

Use the Sonic Boom to blast the four bombs off this level of the monument.

Proceed up the statue

Head upwards.

Kill Kia[6]

In a gameplay segment reminiscent of Saints Row 2's "Veteran Child", Playa must kill an enemy holding Shaundi as a Human Shield by using grenades to disorientate them both. Use the various Fart in a Jars scattered around on Kia to release her grip on Shaundi and leave her temporarily defenseless. Pummel her with as much firepower as possible until she grabs Shaundi again and repeat the process until she dies.


The mission can be failed by getting Smoked[7], destroying the Statue[8], or Shaundi dying.[9]

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See also: Choices
Choice Reward
Head To The Airport Eliminate Killbane but Shaundi, Viola DeWynter, and Burt Reynolds will die
Unlocks final mission "STAG Film"
Go To The Statue Save Shaundi but Killbane will escape
Unlocks final mission "Gangstas in Space"


  • STAG N-Forcer unlocked


  • Prior to starting this mission, Pierce, Shaundi, Angel, Oleg, Viola and Burt Reynolds cannot be called up as Homies, but Kinzie, Zimos, and Josh Birk can be.
    • Josh Birk and Zimos are the only Saints allies who do not appear in this mission in any way.
  • In the opening cutscene, Pierce and Oleg are playing chess for the third time, having been playing in "Convoy Decoy" and "STAG Party".
  • In the second half of the mission, an infinite remix of the song "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler plays as background music, only stopping after all 8 bombs are removed. The normal track can also be heard on 107.77 The Mix FM.
  • Killbane is wearing his mask during the cutscene where he is escaping to his plane, regardless of if Playa removed it during "Murderbrawl XXXI". This occurs as it is a pre-recorded cutscene, and not an in-engine cutscene. After destroying Killbane's plane, the mask choice is respected.[11]
  • Angel is not wearing his mask during this mission, despite reclaiming it in "3 Count Beat Down" and wearing it throughout "Murderbrawl XXXI".
  • During Cutscene #2, Male Voice 1's subtitles are used, regardless of voice option.
  • The term "Three-way" is sexual slang used to describe sex between three people, and refers to the fact that the mission entails a 3-way fight between the Saints, the Luchadores, and STAG.
  • Completing this mission forces the final Assassination target, Mr. Hess, to be unlocked if he was not already.
  • After completing "Three Way" either way, the bridges around Downtown are lowered, but after saving and reloading they are raised permanently once again. This appears to be a glitch as AI vehicles continually attempt to drive over the raised bridges, often causing them to crash and explode at the bottom. However the player can still jump the bridges and score stunt jump rewards.
  • For all intents and purposes, "Three Way" is considered by the game to be two missions, as it must be completed twice to gain 100% Completion the game and the mission counter in the Statistics increases each time the mission is completed.
Eliminate Killbane
  • This mission is very similar to the mission "What Goes Up..." in Saints Row. In both missions, a gang leader is escaping the city via plane and Playa must destroy it on the airport runway before it takes off with an RPG Launcher, or Annihilator RPG, while an ally drives.
  • Recruiting Homies may cause either Angel not to drive or Playa or Co-op partner to be left out of the car.
  • If Angel's vehicle is delayed by crashes or explosions, the pathfinding of Killbane's plane is broken and it crashes into buildings.[12]
  • It is possible that Killbane will not attack Playa at all unless he is taunted.
    • Sometimes Playa slams Killbane's head against nothing when they should be bashing him against the plane's wreckage.
  • Throughout the game, Playa's cellphone ringtone is a variation of the game's main theme. In the cutscene after killing Killbane, Playa's phone uses a generic digital ring.
  • Although Shaundi, Viola and Burt Reynolds are killed, they can still be called with the cellphone after completing the "save Shaundi" objective as well.
  • The statue on Magarac Island is destroyed regardless of the order the two final missions are completed.
Save Shaundi
  • This mission is very similar to the mission "Veteran Child" in Saints Row 2. In both missions, Shaundi is taken hostage and used as a Human Shield, and Playa must use a Flashbang, or a Fart in a Jar, to separate them before attacking.
  • If an aircraft is taken to the platform under the statue before making the choice, there are no hostages present.[13]
  • As the checkpoints up the stairs do not trigger until the bombs hit the ground, it is possible to get up the stairs before the next checkpoint appears.[14]
  • If a checkpoint is skipped, at the stairs taken all the way to the top, only Viola is present, and is just standing around instead of being tied up.[15]
  • The Sonic Boom may randomly not be granted when reaching the statue, but is be there when resuming from the checkpoint.
  • If other weapons as used against Kia, such as the Sonic Boom or Electric Grenades, Kia can let go of Shaundi.[16]
    • After stunning Kia with a Fart in a Jar, throwing an Electric Grenade at her releases Shaundi, but if a second Fart in a Jar is used, Shaundi automatically goes back into Kia's arms.
    • Once freed, Shaundi can be recruited as a Homie.
    • Once freed, Shaundi can pick up a weapon.[17]
    • If freed, Shaundi can do quite a bit of damage to Kia in a very short period of time; about 25% of Kia's total health before she reloads.
    • It is possible to use the Sonic Boom to make Kia fall to her death.
  • Kia can be killed with the Apoca-Fist without releasing Shaundi.
  • Viola and Burt Reynolds do not leave the statue in the cutscene at the end of the mission.
  • There is no end cutscene or mission completion screen after saving Shaundi. "Gangstas in Space" begins automatically, but can be exited. If the game is saved and reloaded, "Gangstas in Space" begins automatically.
  • While there are no rewards after this mission for saving Shaundi, completing "Gangstas in Space" has a $100,000 reward, whereas STAG Film has no cash reward.
  • This ending is the canon ending, and Saints Row IV continues on from it.[2][3]
  • When saving Shaundi first, the STAG armor and "STAG Film" may not unlock correctly.
  • The phrase "Not with a bang but a whimper" is from the poem The Hollow Men by T. S. Eliot, and is reused in Saints Row IV
  • Getting too close to the edges of the platform results in auto-death.[18]


Main article: Newscasts
Eliminate Killbane
Three Way (kill) radio newscasts media 00029
Jane Valderamma: "The beloved Steelport monument was destroyed during a bloody three-way battle between the Saints, STAG, and The Syndicate. While the future of STAG remains unknown, we can confirm that the rumored leader of The Syndicate, Eddie "Killbane" Pryor, was brutally murdered by the Saints as he attempted to leave the city. At this time, the Saints appear to be ruling the streets of a city that largely blames them for the worst of the violence. As residents mourn the loss of their neighbors and their monument, it is hard to see how they will ever forget this day and embrace the new dominance of the Saints. This is Jane Valderamma with the Steelport Angry Citizens Report."
Save Shaundi
Three Way (save) radio newscasts media 00010
Jane Valderamma: "Even as residents of Steelport mourn those who died during the fighting between STAG and The Syndicate, the Saints are being celebrated as heroes. Even Senator Hughes, long a critic of the Saints, has praised the gang for their efforts to end the bloodshed and save the beloved Steelport monument. While the future of STAG is presently unknown, we can confirm that Eddie "Killbane" Pryor, thought to be the leader of The Syndicate, has fled Steelport. Considering the record of the Saints leader, Eddie Pryor may have to run very far indeed to escape the vengeance of the Saints. This is Jane Valderamma with the Steelport Body Count Report."



Playa: "Pierce, you heard anything about what happened to Killbane?"
Playa: "[Moans]"
Pierce: "Nope."
Playa: "We need to know where he is."
Playa: "[Mumbles]"
Pierce: "Yep."
Playa: "...You're playing chess again, aren't you?"
Playa: "[Moans]"
Pierce: "Yeah."
Playa: "Dammit, Pierce."
Playa: "[Garbled]"
Pierce: "Oh hey, come to the crib. We got something important to talk about."
Playa: "Ugh..."
Playa: "[Roars]"
— Pre-mission phone call

Cutscene #1Edit

Playa: "So what's up?"
Pierce: "Heard back from Legal Lee. Studio wants you to do a screen test for Gangstas in Space."
Playa: "Fuck that, we're done being corporate whores. So who's win-"
Playa: "What's that--?"
Pierce: "God. Damn it."
Playa: "The hell is going on?"
Playa: "We gotta get down there."


Kinzie: "The city is falling apart. Fights everywhere."
Female 1: "We don't do something, they'll come after us next."
Female 2: "We will have to kill them, before they destroy the city."
Female 3: "We'll need locations."
Male 1: "We have to put some of these assholes down before they destroy the place."
Male 2: "They ain't destroying my city. We'll kill every last one of 'em if we have to."
Male 3: "Need to stop them before they rip the whole place apart."
Zombie: "Moans"
|Kinzie|I'll keep my ear on the police band, let you know where things are really bad,

Female 1: "Good idea."
Female 2: "Good. Thanks Kinzie."
Female 3: "Sounds good."
Male 1: "Thanks Kinzie."
Male 2: "We'll be ready."
Male 3: "Thanks, love."
Zombie: "Grumbles"

First battleEdit

Pierce: "Hope the big guy'll be alright."
Female 1: "He's probably enjoying himself."
Female 2: "I'm not worried about him."
Female 3: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Male 1: "He's fine, nothing to worry about."
Male 2: "Oleg's a tough guy. He'll be fine."
Male 3: "He's fine, nothing to worry about."
Zombie: "Gargles"
Pierce: "Have you seen your driving?"
Female 1: "Shut up."
Female 2: "I didn't notice you jumping behind the wheel."
Female 3: "Everyone's a critic."
Male 1: "See if I take you anywhere ever again."
Male 2: "Shit, man, you should check out your own."
Male 3: "That cuts deep, Pierce."
Zombie: "Moans"
— Driving to first battle
Female 1: "Let's get to work and drop these assholes!"
Female 2: "Kill them. All of them."
Female 3: "Don't let anybody get away!"
Male 1: "Don't leave any of these assholes standing!"
Male 2: "I ain't standin' for this. All these fuckers gotta be put down."
Male 3: "Don't leave any of these assholes standing!"
Zombie: "Growls"
Oleg: "I am nothing if not thorough..."
— Arriving at the first battle
Pierce: "Jesus, would you look at all these guys?"
Female 1: "Quit acting like you've never been in a fight before."
Female 2: "Unless you are low on ammo, that's not a problem."
Female 3: "Seriously, Pierce? You should be used to this by now."
Male 1: "Come on, Pierce. Nothing we haven't dealt with before."
Male 2: "Don't count 'em, Pierce. We're killin' 'em all anyway."
Male 3: "Day in the life, Pierce. Day in the life."
Zombie: "Garbled"
Pierce: "I know, it's just... damn!"
Oleg: "You going to let these little men scare you away?"
Pierce: "No..."
— First battle
'Bout time the crew showed up!
— Pierce, after Saints reinforcements arrive at first battle

Pierce: "That the last of them?"
Female 1: "See, easy enough."
Female 2: "There will be more somewhere else. We should go."
Female 3: "Yep. Let's move."
Male 1: "Looks like it. Let's get moving."
Male 2: "That's it. Time we were movin' on."
Male 3: "Looks like it. Let's get moving."
Zombie: "Gargles"
— End of first battle

Second battleEdit

Female 1: "Surprised Shaundi isn't with us for a little payback on STAG."
Female 2: "Have you heard from Shaundi?"
Female 3: "Where'd Shaundi go?"
Male 1: "Where's Shaundi and the crew?"
Male 2: "You heard from Shuandi since this started?"
Male 3: "Where's Shaundi and the crew?"
Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "She took the new girl and some of the boys across town. Hitting the fights from another angle."
Female 1: "A little girl time should be good for those two."
Female 2: "A sort of a girls fight on the town, yes?"
Female 3: "She's with Viola? That should be fun."
Male 1: "Her and Viola, huh? That's a happy couple."
Male 2: "That's my girls! Bet they're havin' all kinds of fun."
Male 3: "Shaundi and Viola? We should have sold tickets."
Zombie: "Mumbles"
— Driving to second battle
Pierce: "Let's finish these guys quick!"
Female 1: "As opposed to taking our time?"
Female 2: "Why hurry? They aren't going anywhere."
Female 3: "What's the fush?"
Male 1: "In a hurry, Pierce?"
Male 2: "No hurry. We're gonna be at this all day."
Male 3: "In a hurry, Pierce?"
Zombie: "Groans"
Pierce: "Fun fact: I don't like being shot at."
— Arriving at the second battle
Female 1: "Still feelin' good, Oleg?"
Female 2: "Oleg, are you still good comrade?"
Female 3: "Everything good, Oleg?"
Male 1: "Oleg, you ok over there?"
Male 2: "You doin' ok, big man?"
Male 3: "Oleg, you ok over there?"
Zombie: "Grumbles"
Oleg: "Never better. More than I can say for STAG."
Pierce: "You think all their troops are out right now?"
Female 1: "Hell no. STAG's gotta have a reserve."
Female 2: "No. STAG is military. They will have a reserve somewhere."
Female 3: "Hell no. They must have a reserve."
Male 1: "Doubt it. They always have some left in reserve."
Male 2: "Fuck no. They're gonna have some reserves hidden someplace."
Male 3: "Doubtful. They always keep reserves."
Zombie: "Babbles"
Pierce: "Maybe this is the reserve."
Female 1: "Good joke."
Female 2: "That would make things too easy."
Female 3: "Don't kid yourself."
Male 1: "Yeah, keep dreaming that shit, Pierce."
Male 2: "Wouldn't that be nice."
Male 3: "Keep dreaming."
Zombie: "Growls"
— Arriving at the second battle
Always nice to see the boys.
— Pierce, after Saints reinforcements arrive at second battle

Female 1: "Ready to hit the next spot?"
Female 2: "We should find another fight."
Female 3: "Still more to go."
Male 1: "Still more to go."
Male 2: "We got business elsewhere."
Male 3: "Still more to go."
Zombie: "Moans"
Pierce: "After you."
— End of second battle

Third battleEdit

Female 1: "STAG and the Luchadores are tearing this city up."
Female 2: "We will not let them destroy Steelport."
Female 3: "These guys were gonna destroy Steelport."
Male 1: "These assholes are gonna tear Steelport apart."
Male 2: "These motherfuckers are trying to trash this town."
Male 3: "These pricks are gonna tear Steelport apart."
Zombie: "Garbled"
Pierce: "Looks like we're doing our civic duty then."
Female 1: "What's that say?"
Female 2: "Someone has to save the city."
Female 3: "Damn right we are."
Male 1: "Well when you put in that way..."
Male 2: "Ya know what that means..."
Male 3: "Well when you put in that way..."
Zombie: "Groans"
Pierce: "We're the fuckin' heroes."
— Driving to third battle
Female 1: "You'd think they'd break up the party already."
Female 2: "These guys keep throwing some bad parties."
Female 3: "Another party already?"
Male 1: "Didn't we just leave this party?"
Male 2: "I'm gettin' real tired of these fuckin' parties!"
Male 3: "Didn't we just leave this party?"
Zombie: "Mumbles"
Pierce: "They throw more cause we keep crashing them."
Female 1: "Someday they'll learn."
Female 2: "Too bad we got stuck with the cleanup."
Female 3: "That's not too smart."
Male 1: "They need to take a hint"
Male 2: "You'd think they'd get the hint..."
Male 3: "Take a fucking hint, guys."
Zombie: "Groans"
— Arriving at the third battle
Pierce: "Even if there are more STAG, this has got to be hurtin' the Luchadores."
Female 1: "They won't have trouble recruiting more."
Female 2: "They will easily refill their ranks."
Female 3: "Seems like they have an endless supply."
Male 1: "Pretty sure they can find more."
Male 2: "Not for long. The Luchedores won't have trouble findin' recruits."
Male 3: "No shortage of muscled up freaks around here."
Zombie: "Mumbles"
Pierce: "You think there's that many wrestlers?"
Female 1: "Give most guys a chance to anonymously hurt people and they'll jump at it."
Female 2: "People who wish to hide their identities and cause pain? Of course."
Female 3: "Never a shortage of assholes."
Male 1: "Guys who wanna put on masks and piss people off? Yeah."
Male 2: "Who wouldn't wanna hide their face and act like a royal jackass?"
Male 3: "People who'd want to put on a mask and attack at random? Yeah, I'd say there's no shortage."
Zombie: "Garbled"
Oleg: "It's like the internet."
Pierce: "You've been hangin' around Kinzie to much..."
— Third battle
Female 1: "You have our next location?"
Female 2: "Where is the next fight?"
Female 3: "Where's the next group?"
Male 1: "Where's the next group?"
Male 2: "Where's the next fight?"
Male 3: "Where's the next group?"
Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "Dunno, that's on Kinzie."
— End of third battle
Kinzie: "I'm seeing a huge concentration of STAG and Luchadores at the Armory."
Female 1: "Sounds like a perfect spot for us."
Female 2: "Let's not keep them waiting."
Female 3: "Wonderful."
Male 1: "We're on it."
Male 2: "We're on the way."
Male 3: "We're on it."
Zombie: "Roars"

Armory battleEdit

Pierce: "Looks like both sides were here to reload."
Oleg: "Which means more may come."
Oleg: "Why chase them, when they come to you."
Female 1: "Certainly saves the trouble."
Female 2: "I like it. We will make a stand here."
Female 3: "Fair point. Dig in."
Male 1: "Looks like we're stickin' around..."
Male 2: "I was gettin' tired of drivin' anyway."
Male 3: "Looks like we're stickin' around..."
Zombie: "Grumbles"
— Arrival at Armory
Pierce: "Hey I was thinking: we might die here, anything you want to get off your chest?"
Female 1: "Way to be a downer, Pierce."
Female 2: "You are worried, Pierce? You have survived worse than this."
Female 3: "Gimme a break."
Male 1: "Pierce, don't be so negative..."
Male 2: "Come on Pierce, don't go talkin' like that!"
Male 3: "Pierce, don't be so negative..."
Zombie: "Garbled"
Oleg: "He has a point: Were Kinzie here, I'd pour out my heart."
Pierce: "WHAT?"
Oleg: "It's rare I find an intellectual equal."
Female 1: "I'm on a coed Curling team!"
Female 2: "I want to make love with Pierce in front of a live studio audience!"
Female 3: "I collect glass unicorns!"
Male 1: "I've read Jane Eyre 13 times!"
Male 2: "I have an irrational fear of bees!"
Male 3: "I call chips 'fries'!"
Zombie (Subtitle): "Sneers"
Zombie (Audio): "I'm fluent in six languages![19]"
Pierce: "Good to know..."
Female 1: "And that's all she wrote."
Female 2: "That seems to be all of them."
Female 3: "The Saints save the day again..."
Male 1: "Think we're clear here."
Male 2: "I think that's all of 'em."
Male 3: "Think we're clear here."
Zombie: "Gargles"
— End of Armory battle
Pierce: "Don't worry about Oleg, he'll catch up. He's fast for a big guy."
Pierce: "Leave Oleg, he can get there himself."
— When Oleg Falls Behind

Cutscene #2Edit

Angel: "Killbane's planning on leaving Steelport!"
Female 1: "That fucking coward..."
Female 2: "Killbane is running from a fight? You aren't serious!"
Female 3: "He's what?"
Male 1: "You're kidding me..."
Male 2: "Like hell he is!"
Male 3: "You're kidding me..."
Zombie: "Sneers"
Angel: "He's at the airport. There isn't much time!"
Female 1: "Slow down..."
Female 2: "Angel..."
Female 3: "Alright, just relax and we can--"
Male 1: "Angel..."
Male 2: "Angel..."
Male 3: "Angel..."
Zombie: "Gargles"
Angel: "No! I can't let him win! WE can't let him win!"
Female 1: "Don't move until I get there. I... shit..."
Female 2: "Of course not. Wait for me to get there. I... dammit..."
Female 3: "Will you just wait until I get there? Madre de dios..."
Male 1: "Angel, hold on until I get there. I... dammit..."
Male 2: "Angel, sit tight 'til I get there, man. I'm comin'... hang on..."
Male 3: "Angel, hold on until I get there. I... dammit..."
Zombie: "Gargles"
Playa receives another call
Kia: "Hello, Saint..."
Female 1: "Piss off and arrest us another day, alright?"
Female 2: "You want me to give up and be arrested, yes?"
Female 3: "Just try to get those handcuffs on me, bitch."
Male 1: "Yeah yeah I get it, you're gonna arrest us, big fucking deal."
Male 2: "You're wastin' a lot of good men tryin' to arrest me, bitch."
Male 3: "Is this really the time, love? You're gonna arrest us, big fucking deal."
Zombie: "Grunts"
Kia: "I don't want to arrest you, it won't solve anything. People need to wake up and see the threat that scum like you are to innocent people."
Kia: "Once you blow up the Magarac Island, the whole world will see your true colors."
Female 1: "Sorry, try again. The city's watching us clean up your mess in the streets here, not add to it."
Female 2: "Look around you, Kia. Terrorism is your game, not mine."
Female 3: "Not sure where you heard that... but the Saints aren't blowing up shit."
Male 1: "Don't mean to disappoint you bitch, but the Saints aren't about domestic terrorism."
Male 2: "Don't be stupid. The Saints aren't blowing up anything."
Male 3: "Don't mean to disappoint, but the Saints aren't about domestic terrorism."
Zombie: "Grunts"
Kia: "We'll see how many people believe that when Shaundi and Viola are found in the wreckage."
— Choice Call


Pierce: "You can't make it to both and you can't let Shaundi die. Fuck Killbane, he ain't worth losing our girls."
Oleg: "Killbane is why you're here. Don't let everything Shaundi and Viola have fought for be for nothing."

Eliminate KillbaneEdit


Angel: "STAG has me pinned down!"
Female 1: "Hold on, Angel."
Female 2: "On the way!"
Female 3: "Almost there!"
Male 1: "We're coming!"
Male 2: "Hang on, Angel, we're comin'."
Male 3: "We're coming!"
Zombie: "Mumbles"
— Angel Under Fire
Angel: "I'll get us to the plane. Just keep them away from the car."
Female 1: "You got it."
Female 2: "I can handle that."
Female 3: "Just gun it, okay?"
Male 1: "Don't worry about me, just drive."
Male 2: "Nothin' I can't handle. Just keep drivin'."
Male 3: "Don't worry about me, just drive."
Zombie: "Snarls"
Female 1: "Faster, Angel. Killbane's not getting away."
Female 2: "You could drive faster, Angel."
Female 3: "I know this thing can go faster!"
Male 1: "Think you can step on it?"
Male 2: "Can't this thing go any faster?"
Male 3: "Think you can step on it?"
Zombie: "Moans"
Angel: "We need to get there in one piece."
Female 1: "I don't think they're letting up."
Female 2: "They are not giving up easily."
Male 1: "These fuckers just keep coming..."
Male 2: "These assholes aren't givin' up."
Male 3: "These fuckers just keep coming..."
Zombie: "Gargles"
Angel: "We're almost to the airport. I'm coming for you, Killbane..."
— Car chase
Angel: "That's it, that's Killbane's plane."
Female 1: "Here's where you die, Pryor!"
Female 2: "I'm sorry Eddie. Your flight's been canceled."
Female 3: "Your career's about to crash!"
Male 1: "End of the line, Pryor!"
Male 2: "End of the line, Pryor!"
Male 3: "End of the line, Pryor!"
Zombie: "Growls"
Angel: "Hit it again!"
Angel: "That's right, don't let him take off!"
Angel: "It ends here, Eddie!"
— Angel Encourage Plane Shot
Find the body... I want to make sure he's dead.
— Angel after the plane is shot down

Killbane: "This ends here!"
Killbane: "This will be your final lesson..."
Killbane: "You will kneel before me..."

Female 1: "Dammit, why won't you die?"
Female 2: "You lost, you fled, and now you die."
Female 3: "Face it, it's over!"
Male 1: "Fucking die already."
Male 2: "Will you just die already!"
Male 3: "Fucking die already."
Zombie: "Groans"
Killbane: "Nothing can stop the Walking Apocalypse..."
Female 1: "Shut the fuck up, Eddie."
Female 2: "You're a walking corpse, Eddie."
Female 3: "We'll see about that, Eddie."
Male 1: "You're a dead man, Eddie."
Male 2: "Prove it, Eddie..."
Male 3: "You're a dead man, Eddie."
Zombie: "Grumbles"
Killbane: "My -- name -- is -- KILLBANE!"

Cutscene #3Edit

Playa: "Oh fuck me!"
Killbane: "So here we are ... Two Titans among men, worshipped by mere mortals for bringing them blood and fire! This moment was an inevitability ..."
Playa: "So's me killing you."
Killbane: "Ah no no ... That's not how this book is written. The Saints legacy ends here - not with a bang, but with a whimper."
Playa: "Are you for real? It's over Eddie! In two weeks, no one's gonna remember your name."
Killbane: "No one will remember me? You were a fucking clown, selling energy drinks and lunch boxes. You didn't care about the crowd, just the paycheck. And I changed that."
Playa: "Bullshit."
Killbane: "Mark my words - when these hands are crushing your throat, your dying breath won't be an appeal to God or a message of love to your family. It'll be "Thank you, Killbane.""
Playa: "Man, I'm gonna enjoy shutting you up."

Cutscene #4Edit

Pierce: "You kill that sonofbitch?"
Playa: "Yeah."
Pierce: "Was it worth it?"
Monica Hughes: "You were right, Commander. Bring in the Daedalus."

Save ShaundiEdit


Female 1: "I need you to help me locate..."
Female 2: "Kinzie, I need you. We have to..."
Female 3: "Kinzie, where are you? They have..."
Male 1: "Kinzie, where are you? They have..."
Male 2: "Kinzie, where the fuck are you? STAG has..."
Male 3: "Kinzie, where are you? They have..."
Zombie: "Gargles"
Kinzie: "I know, I'm at the docks. Come here fast."
Female 1: "Got it."
Female 2: "On my way."
Female 3: "I'll be there soon."
Male 1: "On my way."
Male 2: "I'll be there."
Male 3: "On my way."
Zombie: "Moans"

Cutscene #3Edit

Female 1: "Talk to me, Kinzie."
Female 2: "What are we up against?"
Female 3: "How's it look?"
Male 1: "How bad is it?"
Male 2: "This ain't lookin' good, is it?"
Male 3: "How bad is it?"
Zombie: "Grunts"
Kinzie: "Saw on the cameras what happened. There's bombs all over that monument."
Female 1: "You'll have to disarm them."
Female 2: "How quickly can you disarm them?"
Female 3: "But you can deactive them, right?"
Male 1: "Can you disarm them?"
Male 2: "You gonna disarm them?"
Male 3: "Can you disarm them?"
Zombie: "Snarls"
Kinzie: "I'm not a walking deus ex machina. Use this STAG sonic gun to knock the explosives into the water."
Female 1: "Fine, what about you?"
Female 2: "And you..."
Female 3: "Then you---"
Male 1: "And you..."
Male 2: "And you..."
Male 3: "And you..."
Zombie: "Roars"
Kinzie: "Will be watching from the surveillance monitors. So don't screw up or I'll see."
Female 1: "Don't worry about me."
Female 2: "You won't be disappointed."
Female 3: "You have nothing to worry about."
Male 1: "Right..."
Male 2: "I got too much ridin' on this to screw up."
Male 3: "Right..."
Zombie: "Grunts"


Shaundi: "Boss!"
Kia: "I'm surprised you came."
Female 1: "None of my crew is getting killed."
Female 2: "I do not abandon my people."
Female 3: "I don't leave people to die."
Male 1: "I don't leave my crew to die."
Male 2: "I don't abandon my crew."
Male 3: "I don't leave anyone behind."
Zombie: "Roars"
Kia: "Really? Lin. Carlos. Aisha. Johnny... all you do is let your friends die."
Female 1: "And I make bitches like you suffer."
Female 2: "You are wrong, Kia. Your little plan has failed."
Female 3: "Enough talk. You want to play, bitch?"
Male 1: "Bitch I'm gonna fuck you up."
Male 2: "Bitch you're gonna wish you never said that..."
Male 3: "Shut your goddamned mouth."
Zombie: "Mumbles"
Those grenades should buy you time!
— Shaundi

Female 1: "Nobody fucks with my people."
Female 2: "Kia will not like this."
Female 3: "I seriously hope so."
Male 1: "Let's see if I can get this bitch's attention."
Male 2: "She won't be likin' this."
Male 3: "Let's see if I can get this bitch's attention."
Zombie: "Grunts"
— Upon picking up Grenades
Burt: "Am I going to have to do this myself?"
Burt: "Keep it away from me, will ya?"
Burt: "I'm not part of this fight, remember?"
Burt: "Watch where you're shooting!"
Burt: "What the hell are you aiming at?"
— Burt Reynolds takes Collateral Damage
Burt: "Take care of this terrorist!"
Burt: "As Mayor I order you to win this fight."
Burt: "I'd hate to be let down..."
Burt: "Come on, you gonna let her beat you?"
Burt: "You might be onto something here."
— Burt Reynolds Gives Encouragement
Burt: "That's foul."
Burt: "Ugh..."
Burt: "I don't want to know how that's made..."
Burt: "Don't throw that on me, ya putz."
Burt: "All those guns, and you use this stuff..."
— Burt Reynolds Reacts to FIAJ
Shaundi: "Come on, use the grenades!"
Shaundi: "That isn't working, toss those at her!"
Shaundi: "The grenades, on the ground, use them!"
Shaundi: "Why aren't you throwing those?"
— Shaundi Nags About the Grenades

Cutscene #4Edit

Playa, Pierce and Shaundi are at the feet of the Joe Magarac statue, when a crowd of reporters starts to swarm them
Playa: "Let's go home."
Cyrus: "Hold it right there!"
Playa: "Unless the next thing outta your hole is "thank you"--we got a serious fucking problem."
Monica: "They have a point, Commander..."
Monica: "Like or not...the Saints are heroes."
Cyrus: "Are you shitting me, lady?"
Monica: "You declared martial law and knocked down half the city. The Saints just saved a treasured monument. Who the fuck do you think the public will side with?"
Monica turns to the reporters
Monica: "I can answer any questions..."
Cyrus: "They can give you the key to the goddamn city, but soon as you screw up, we'll be back. And next time, STAG is gonna put you down."
Playa: "I love you too, Cyrus."
The Saints walk away from Cyrus
Pierce: "So what's the play, boss? We go back to bangin' in Stilwater?"
Playa: "Not yet."


  • The now-rundown Saints HQ
  • Oleg and Pierce play chess for the third time while Playa watches
  • A F-69 VTOL crashes into the Saints HQ
  • Killbane attempts to escape in his Snipes 57
  • Three Way - Killbane running towards plane in Saints Row The Third Remastered
  • Kia has kidnapped Shaundi, Viola DeWynter and Burt Reynolds on Magarac Island
  • Killbane and Playa have their showdown among the wreckage of Killbane's plane in the "eliminate Killbane" ending
  • Killbane, unmasked and wounded
  • After Killbane is killed, the bomb on Magarac Island detonates, killing Shaundi, Viola, and Reynolds
  • Killbane lies dead as Playa ponders on their actions
  • Convinced that the Saints destroyed the statue, Senator Monica Hughes gives Cyrus Temple authorization to use the Daedalus
  • Pierce, Playa, and Shaundi in the "save Shaundi" ending
  • After Kia is killed, Monica Hughes is forced to acknowledge the Saints as heroes
  • Viola DeWynter, standing up at the base of the statue on Margarac Island
  • Three Way failed - you died
  • Three Way failed - Shaundi Died
  • Three Way failed - Statue Destroyed
  • Mission completion screen
  • UI save screen after this mission
  • Playa, Pierce and Oleg clear out the "battle locations"
  • Playa removes the bombs with the Sonic Boom
  • Kia meets Playa while holding Shaundi as a Human Shield
  • Three Way - hostages
  • Three Way - Clear the Armory objective
  • No hostages under statue
  • Kill Kia objective
  • Stop Killbane's Airplane objective
  • It is possible to get ahead of checkpoints
  • Replay message
  • Three Way - Viola standing
  • Three Way Shaundi free with weapon
  • Three Way - Shaundi free
  • Killbane with no mask
  • Killbane dead
  • Bomb
  • Out of bounds auto death
  • Killbane's plane crashing
  • Statue ruins after Three Way
  • Three Way Kinzie meeting point

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