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Theaters are a type of Store in Saints Row.


There are three usable theaters in Stilwater, which can all be used to replay missions, Strongholds and all cutscenes, as well as the game credits. They do not cost any cash or Respect to use.

In Saints Row 2, the function of the Theaters is replaced by the television and Newspaper Clipboard inside cribs. The Theater buildings are still present, but are not usable.


Max visions 0609-1103

Max Visions in Saints Row

Mu imax titles

Max Visions in Saints Row 2

  • Max Visions Theater in Humbolt Park
    • Sign: With THQ sound.
    • Showing: Thunder Punch 3D, Adventure to Mars, Filmerocity, Behind the FX with Dave Samuel
  • Peep This Theater in Rebadeaux
  • The Big Picture Theater in Pleasant View

There are also other buildings labeled as Theaters which cannot be used:

Driv in movies
  • Cliffside Drive-in
    • Showing: Turtles on a boat, My Zombie Cousin, Undead pteradactyl[sic]
  • Dharphilinx Theatre[sic] in Sunsinger (Saints Row 2)
    • Showing Thunder Punch at 7:30, 9:00, 10:30
    • Billboard Planet of the TJs, due 2008-06-07, Tagline: "We're Doomed!"
    • Billboard Talk with Ray, "Coming Soon..."
    • Wall advertisement: Bald Man In a Boat: the movie. Tagline: "Taking the Skin Boat to Tuna Town". "In Theatres This Spring".
  • Uranus Theater in Rebadeaux



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