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The Warden Stomp
"The Warden Stomp" Mission completion in Saints Row IV
"The Warden Stomp" Mission completion in Saints Row IV

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De Plane Boss

"The Warden
" is a mission in Saints Row IV.


After realizing Matt has been successfully retrieved by the Saints, Zinyak is angry and immediately releases a Warden with Stomp Super Power as Playa enters The Simulation. They defeat the Warden, obtaining Stomp Super Power.


Return to Simulation

Shortly after entering The Simulation, a Warden appears and must be defeated.

Kill Warden

Use Freeze Blast to freeze Warden for a short time then shoot in a head to cause as much damage as possible.

Stomp enemies

After Warden is defeated, the player appears in a training room with new Super PowerStomp.

Use it on a few waves of enemies.

Stomp then collect Cluster

Use Stomp on a Cluster.

Stomp then shoot Warden

Use Stomp on another Warden and kill it to finish the mission.




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Playa - Female 1: "Come on, come to mama!"
Playa - Female 2: "En garde, you clumsy cow!"
Playa - Female 3: "Alright sugar, let's play."
Playa - Male 1: "Come on, come to papa!"
Playa - Male 2: "Bring it, bitch!"
Playa - Male 3: "Stand and deliver!"
Nolan North: "Come on, come to papa!"
— "Absorb Warden"
Good, looks like it works. Sending you back now.
— Kinzie, "End Training"

Kinzie: "Here, use this to test out that stomp thing."
Playa - Female 1: "So I just slam the floor?"
Playa - Female 2: "So I stamp my foot, like a child with a tantrum?"
Playa - Female 3: "So I just stamp my foot?"
Playa - Male 1: "So I just slam my foot down?"
Playa - Male 2: "So I just bang my foot down?"
Playa - Male 3: "So I just stamp down hard?"
Nolan North: "So I just slam my foot down?"
Kinzie: "Yep, and the blast wave will hurt them and throw them back."
— "Enter Stomp Training"
Boss, I'm picking up major readings coming from your area. I think--
— Kinzie, "Mission Start"

Loading up another training program for you.
— Kinzie, "Put Into Training"

SUPER. POWER. FIGHT. CLUB! The rules are simple: SURVIVE. Each round pits the player against tougher and tougher enemies. Prove your worth and you'll be rewarded with a BOSS BATTLE. The faster you finish, the more points you get. Let's go the floor!
— Zach, "SPFC Intro"

Playa - Female 1: "Lemme guess, hidden clusters, right?"
Playa - Female 2: "The ground seems to have something inside it."
Playa - Female 3: "Now the ground's glowing, Kinzie."
Playa - Male 1: "Is this another of those hidden cluster thingies?"
Playa - Male 2: "Guessing I can find clusters with this power?"
Playa - Male 3: "I take it there's data things down in the ground now?"
Nolan North: "Is this another of those hidden cluster thingies?"
Kinzie: "Yep, stomp should make the clusters pop up."
— "Stomp Clusters"
*animalistic grunts*
— Warden 01, "Stomp Taunt"

Here, try using it to take down a Warden's shields.
— Kinzie, "Stomp Warden"

Watch out for that stomp! It's sending waves of energy out from him.
— Kinzie, "Stomp Warning"

Kinzie: "... that one of those giant aliens are coming."
Playa - Female 1: "So Zinyak's pissed about Matt."
Playa - Female 2: "I take it Zinyak is angry about Matthew."
Playa - Female 3: "Losing Matt musta pissed off Zinyak."
Playa - Male 1: "I guess Zinyak's pissed about Matt."
Playa - Male 2: "Zinyak must be pissed about Matt."
Playa - Male 3: "Guess Zinyak's cross about Matt."
Nolan North: "Guess Zinyak's pissed about Matt."
— "Warden Lands"


  • After the previous mission,[1] Playa is aboard The Ship, and instead of an "Enter Simulation" marker, there is only a "Start Mission" marker.
    • It is not possible to exit the mission directly, only to restart it.
    • After starting the mission and entering The Simulation, it is possible to save the game and reload it in order to free-roam.
    • After reloading, and restarting the mission from the Quest menu, the on-screen instruction says to "Return to Simulation", despite already being in the simulation.
    • It is then possible to go back to The Ship via a Gateway, with the "Start Mission" marker as the only exit.
  • After acquiring Stomp, it is possible to save and reload in order to use it in free-roam without finishing the mission.
    • Unlike with acquiring Blast and Telekinesis, Stomp is not removed when restarting the mission.


Stomp unlocked

Stomp Element Rock unlocked

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  1. Mission: Matt's Back