The Syndicate
Phillipe Loren over Steelport
Promotional artwork of Phillipe Loren, leader of The Syndicate, standing over the city of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third.



Phillipe Loren
Killbane after "The Belgian Problem"


Syndicate Tower

The Syndicate is a group of gangs in Saints Row: The Third.

The Saints might've owned Stilwater, but Steelport belongs to The Syndicate.


The Syndicate is a large criminal organization led by Phillipe Loren.[2][3] It is comprised of three gangs: the Morningstar, led by Loren himself; the Luchadores, led by Eddie "Killbane" Pryor,[4] and the Deckers, led by Matt Miller.[5] The organization is run less like a street gang, but more like a large corporation. The Syndicate do both legal and illegal operations all over the world, using Steelport as their base city and where they have most of their businesses and muscle located. Their insignia is a pink star.

After Loren's death,[6] Killbane takes over as leader of the Syndicate with the sole purpose to drive the 3rd Street Saints out of Steelport.[7]


SRTT Syndicate Anime Poster01

A Japanese illustration of The Syndicate revealed on the official Saints Row website on November 15, 2011.[8]

  • On November 15, 2011, the official Saints Row website claimed it would release four custom illustrations from prominent Japanese artists over the next four weeks, showcasing a part of the game each artist focused on. They only ever released one illustration, concentrating on The Syndicate, and the artist who made it is unknown.[8]
  • Each of the leading gang members of The Syndicate are of different nationalities.
  • All of the gangs incorporate stars into their various clothing and vehicle decals to represent their allegiance to the Morningstar.
  • Outfits used by the Syndicate can be obtained. The Morningstar from Leather & Lace, the Luchadores from Let's Pretend, and the Deckers from Kinzie during Lucas Assassination mission.
  • Despite being three separate gangs, they all share one Notoriety meter.
  • At night, all four of the Syndicate-owned towers in Downtown light up. Three of the skyscrapers are in Loren Square, and feature numerous decals which symbolize the specific gang they represent: Luchadores, Deckers, and Morningstar. The fourth skyscraper is the Syndicate Tower, representing the Morningstar, and is located in Henry Steel Mills.
  • The only time to see other enemy gangs after conquering all of Steelport is to save the game then reload it instantly.
  • By the end of Saints Row: The Third, The Syndicate is finished because its leadership has been crippled. Phillipe Loren[6] and Kiki DeWynter[9] are dead, Viola DeWynter has joined the Saints,[10] Matt Miller dropped his flags and left town,[11] and Killbane is either dead or on the run, depending on the choice made.[12]
  • The Syndicate has Greek-style statues in the Stilwater 1st National Bank, Syndicate Tower and Saints HQ.



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