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The Super Saints Pack, AKA The Spandex Collection is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.

It's hard to be a superhero, saving the world day in and day out while always wearing the same old clothes. Well not anymore! Fill your closet with an array of unforgivingly skin-tight costumes with the Super Saints Pack. Let Zinyak know that not only does the Head of State have superpowers but fashion sense too!
— The Super Saints Pack Description[1]


The Super Saints Pack was released on October 29, 2013, alongside the Bradygames Pack for all platforms.

This pack is included in all versions of Saints Row IV which include all DLC.

On Xbox and Steam, this pack is available for individual purchase.[1][2] On PlayStation, this pack is no longer available for individual purchase.


The Super Saints Pack is a superhero-themed clothing pack that includes four suits and a mask, each customizable with primary, secondary, and tertiary color options.

  • Clothing - Suit: The Strapless Wonder
  • Clothing - Suit: Miss Mischief
  • Clothing - Suit: Furious V
    • Hat: Furious V Mask
  • Clothing - Suit: The Otherworlder


  • While it is called "The Super Saints Pack" on all store pages, the in-game unlock screen refers to it as "The Spandex Collection".[imagerefs 1]


The Super Saints Pack - The Spandex Collection unlocked

The Super Saints Pack promo


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