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The Super Saints Pack

Saints Row IV



  • USD $2.99
File Size

614.56 MB



The Super Saints Pack, AKA The Spandex Collection is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.

It's hard to be a superhero, saving the world day in and day out while always wearing the same old clothes. Well not anymore! Fill your closet with an array of unforgivingly skin-tight costumes with the Super Saints Pack. Let Zinyak know that not only does the Head of State have superpowers but fashion sense too!
— The Super Saints Pack Description[1]


The Super Saints Pack was released on October 29th, 2013 alongside the Bradygames Pack for all platforms: PC via Steam, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Each platform has varying availabilities but this pack is included in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, which includes all the DLC, for: PS4[2]; Xbox One and Series S|X[3]; Microsoft Windows[4]; Steam's Game of the Century Upgrade Pack[5], Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition[6], and in the bundles Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack[7] and The Best of Volition Bundle.[8]

  • PlayStation: This pack is no longer available as a standalone.
  • Xbox 360, One, and Series S|X: This pack is available as a standalone.[1]
  • PC via Steam: This pack is available as a standalone.[9]


The Super Saints Pack is a superhero-themed clothing pack that includes four suits and a mask, each customizable with primary, secondary, and tertiary color options.

  • Clothing - Suit: The Strapless Wonder
  • Clothing - Suit: Miss Mischief
  • Clothing - Suit: Furious V
    • Hat: Furious V Mask
  • Clothing - Suit: The Otherworlder



The Super Saints Pack - The Spandex Collection unlocked

The Super Saints Pack promo

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