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Virtual Steelport.

The Simulation, or Virtual Steelport, is the main setting of Saints Row IV and Enter the Dominatrix.

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This virtual simulation of Steelport is the main setting of Saints Row IV. Created by Emperor Zinyak, Playa is placed in the simulation by the Zin Empire[1] after their invasion of Earth[2].

Virtual Steelport has a large mothership hovering over Downtown. At 530m above water level is a visible barrier, preventing access to the mothership.


Virtual Steelport is overall very similar to Steelport in Saints Row: The Third, with many minor changes.

Notable differences include:

  • The Syndicate Tower has been replaced by a large Zin tower, which connects to the Zin mothership hovering over the city.
    • There is rubble around the base of the Zin tower, as with all Towers and Hotspots.
    • The Zin mothership is above the height limit of the city, and is not possible to reach.
  • Three Cribs that the Saints owned (Shaundi's Loft, Saints HQ and Zimos' Pad) have been destroyed, and chunks of rubble are floating upwards in each location.
  • Many buildings in Loren Square have been changed, including the Steelport Towers, and the Deckers and Luchadores towers. In the case of the Deckers and Luchadores towers, they have been replaced by hotspots.
  • The Steelport Arena and Angel's Gym are gone and are replaced with Hotspots.
  • Rondini's Boat Dock is simply absent.
  • The PR Center is mostly replaced by a Tower, but the rest of the block is replaced with generic buildings.
  • Powder, Safeword, Steelport News and Abandoned office building have been replaced by generic buildings.
  • 3 Count Casino is as it was under the Luchadores control, except the Killbane statue is replaced by a Zinyak statue.
  • Burns Hill Reactors is mostly as it was under the control of the Deckers, with the exception of the central cooling tower, which is ruined in a similar state as the three destroyed Cribs
  • Every Planet Saints has been replaced by a Planet Zin, with a redesigned interior. However Saints Flow vending machines and mascots remain unchanged.
  • The interior of Image As Designed has been redone, and the sign changed to "Imagined as Edges".
  • All ships are completely absent, although there are still docks and cranes around the city.
  • Most bridges have been replaced by semi-covered Zin bridges featuring scanners at each end.
  • The statue on Magarac Island is replaced with a statue of Zinyak.
  • The water is colored red with squares in it.
  • All police stations are replaced with generic buildings.

Notable buildings which are undamaged include:

Sky Changes[]

At the start of the game it is permanently night time, making the city seem dystopic. After being taken over, the lights in individual City Takeover territories change to blue instead of red, when a Hood is taken over, the over-all lighting changes while inside that hood, and after taking over 50% of any District, the sky above the Simulation while in that District changes from red to blue.

The sky in the Simulation changes 6 times throughout the game, gradually become lighter. Unlike Saints Row: The Third where time of day changes after the save is loaded, the sky only changes during and after certain missions.


After "Grand Finale Part Four" is completed, Simulation Override Menu is available in The Ship computer.

There are total 12 types of the sky available to choose:

Simulation Override 1 - Default sky

Simulation Override 2 - Vengeance sky

Simulation Override 3 - Rage sky

Simulation Override 4 - Reunited sky

Simulation Override 5 - Empowered sky

Simulation Override 6 - Free sky

Simulation Override 7 - Nightmare sky

Simulation Override 8 - Noir sky

Simulation Override 9 - Classic sky

Simulation Override 10 - Vintage sky

Simulation Override 11 - Modern sky

Simulation Override 12 - Infrared sky


  • A promotion image of the Enter the Dominatrix DLC features Virtual Steelport with the Deckers, Luchadores and Morningstar towers visible on the background.
  • License plates have "Zin Port" written on them.[imagerefs 1][imagerefs 2]
  • The term "Simulation 31" is only used when Zinyak is speaking to his Wardens.[1] It is normally referred to as "the Simulation" or "the simulation" in dialogue, and "virtual Steelport" several times in on-screen text. Kinzie refers to it as "Fake Steelport" during one of her Side Quests.[4]
  • A peaceful, 1950s version of Steelport named Pleasanton appears in the mission "A Pleasant Day", before Playa is moved to a new, darker version. It is later revisited during "Hello Teacup".
    • Pleasanton is named internally as "pville", referencing the film Pleasantville.
  • The waves in the virtual water move outwards in a circle originating from directly beneath the centre of the mothership. The square pattern on the water moves north east.


Virtual simulation of Steelport in Saints Row IV created by Zinyak

Zinyak with a map of Steelport with Syndicate Tower missing

Large Virtual Steelport map

Simulation 31 in the Enter the Dominatrix promotion featuring Paul

View of Virtual Steelport in the daytime

Simulation loading


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