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"The Siege" is the tenth and penultimate mission of The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Saints cripple Brotherhood
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


At the Saints Hideout, Playa rallies the 3rd Street Saints as they prepare to launch a final assault on Maero at the Brotherhood hideout, using the weapons acquired from the long-awaited shipment that Playa seized previously.[1]

As the 3rd Street Saints and The Brotherhood fight against each other, Playa charges through the Brotherhood hideout and confronts a Mini-Gun-wielding Maero on the rooftop. A quick firefight leads to both of them falling through the roof to the ground floor, where a shocked Donnie and Matt run away. Both Playa and Maero struggle to get up, but the fight soon resumes with Playa gaining the upper hand. Just as Playa is about to kill Maero with a tattoo needle, Matt returns and uses his weight to pin Playa to the ground, sacrificing himself to give Maero enough time to run; Playa manages to grab a brick and uses it strike Matt in the head, knocking him unconscious, but throws it forcefully at Matt's face and kills him upon realizing that Maero has escaped in a Legion with Donnie.[2]


Upon completion of the Mission, this description is available at Newspaper Clipboards.

Another tragic twist has unfolded in the saga of the Feed Dogs, as their former lead guitarist--and reknowned[sic] Brotherhood tattoo artist--Matt was killed today.The[sic] Third Street Saints assaulted the headquarters of the Brotherhood in what was the bloodiest battle yet between the rival gangs. The body count continues to skyrocket and officials are left scratching their heads as to when the violence will end.


The Siege - Maero health HUD.png
Meet the Saints near the Brotherhood hideout

The two Homies are both armed with K6 Krukovs, although neither of them are unique or need to stay alive.

Kill the Lieutenants to draw out Maero

Before entering the Brotherhood hideout, fight through ten lieutenants outside first. This can be surprisingly tricky as some come equipped with RPG Launchers. Using ranged weapons such as a McManus 2010 can be helpful for those unwilling to risk making a push, and ditching the two default Homies can help as they may be targets for the enemy.

Maero is in the warehouse, find a way in
Make your way to the roof

The rooftop can be accessed via the sixth floor. There are additional 3rd Street Saints members along the way up through the building - feel free to help them in gunning down The Brotherhood, or just kill those in the way and head up each staircase. The path forward is linear, but it is easy to get lost.

Kill Maero

Once on the rooftop, Maero stands on an inaccessible part of the roof wielding a Mini-Gun.

There are few places to take cover here, and the cover does not last long as it eventually falls to Maero's firepower. Run from one cover to the next repeatedly, shooting him until his health is depleted. Using the low wall in front of/beneath Maero for cover will cause him to throw Satchel Charges; use this opportunity to run back and avoid the explosives while pelting him with ammo until he falls.

Ultimately, once Maero seemingly falls, the mission ends.



The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

  • After crossing the checkpoint in Poseidon Alley, Saints reinforcements begin assaulting the Brotherhood HQ in Standard variants of Nelsons, Nordbergs, Hollywoods and Kenshins, regardless of Gang Customization vehicle selection.
  • Playa says a line after killing their second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth lieutenants during the opening attack.
  • During the siege of the Brotherhood hideout, a 3rd Street Saints gang member can be heard stating their preference on taking down Donnie.
  • When on the rooftop, Maero comes equipped with both a Mini-Gun and Satchel Charges. He fires his Mini-Gun without reloading and only uses his explosives if Playa gets close.
  • It is possible to jump off the rooftop during the fight against Maero and survive (either by using a parachute or from suffering no fall damage unlocked after completing the Base Jumping Diversion). After doing this, one can head to the Airport Hangar; although Garages are disabled during missions, a Thompson helicopter can be found inside. By taking the helicopter back to Maero's location, it is possible to engage him in close quarters combat.
    • It is also possible to leave a helicopter on the rooftop in advance.
  • This is Donnie's final appearance in Saints Row 2.
  • "Rallying Cry" is also the name of the opening cutscene for the Saints Row mission, "Canonized".
  • Unlike any other enemies, Maero doesn't stop firing his Mini-Gun if Playa is out of his sight; he uses it even if Playa is far away from the warehouse.
  • If the mission is started with only one homie slot unlocked, the second homie stands idle at the starting location outside the Saints Hideout.


"Rallying Cry" cutscene[]

Playa: "I'm glad ya'll seem to like the new hardware the Brotherhood decided to hook us up with."
Playa: "Ya know, up until this point we've been toyin' with Maero...kill his bitch here, steal his money there...but I'm through playin'. We know where he lives, we have his guns, and I say it's time we take that motherfucker out, whatchu think?"
— "Rallying Cry" cutscene


Playa - Male 1: "Remember: after what they did to Carlos none of the Brotherhood are walking out alive..."
Playa - Male 2: "I hope you guys are ready for this, 'cause the Brotherhood ain't gonna be happy to see us..."
Playa - Male 3: "Listen, I don't want anyone to forget why we're doin' this. These assholes killed one of our own, and no one hits the Saints and gets away with it."
Playa - Female 1: "I'm gonna be real with you guys. Chances are all of ya'll ain't gonna make it through this. But I want you to know: not one Brotherhood is gonna walk away from this fight alive."
Playa - Female 2: "Listen up: when we get to Maero's little playhouse you can kill all the Brotherhood you want...but Maero's mine."
Playa - Female 3: "Hitting Maero on his home turf isn't gonna be easy, but we owe it to Carlos to put that sonofabitch in the ground."
— While driving
Playa (Male Voice 1): "This is our city!"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Let's do it people!"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "The Brotherhood are finished in Stilwater!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "The Brotherhood are through in Stilwater!"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Let's do this, Saints!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Let's do this, Saints!"
— After killing two lieutenants (Labelled "3 kills")
Playa (Male Voice 1): "You thought you could take the Saints?"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Stay loose Saints!"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Make some bodies, Saints!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "Get the fuck outta my city!"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Come on Boys, this aint over yet!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "The Brotherhood aren't goin' out without a fight!"
— After killing four lieutenants (Labelled "6 kills")
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Keep it movin' people, we gotta take these bastards out!"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "It ain't over yet, we got pleanty more of these assholes to go through..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "No one's walkin' outta here alive!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "We started with Jessica, and we're not stoppin' still we're done with Maero..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "We ain't stoppin' till they're all dead!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Don't stop shootin'!"
— After killing six lieutenants (Labelled "9 kills")
Playa (Male Voice 1): "They're on their last legs!"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "The Brotherhood are finished..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "We can do this!"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Maero can't hide behind you forever..."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Let's do this for Carlos!"
— After killing eight lieutenants (Labelled "12 kills")
Playa (Male Voice 1): "I'm done killin' your friends Maero!"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Maero, I'm commin' for you!"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Your friends couldn't stop us, Maero!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "What happened Maero, I thought your boys were supposd to be tough..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Momma's comin' for you Maero!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "How many of your friends do I gotta kill, Maero?"
— After killing all ten lieutenants (Labelled "15 kills")

"It's Not The Fall That Kills You..." cutscene[]

Donnie: "The shootin's stopped, you think it's over?"
Maero (unused): "Get out of here..."
Maero (unused): "Screams"
Maero: "Your little buddy screamed like a bitch when we trussed him up..."
Maero: "How 'bout you bitch? You gonna scream?"
Matt pin Playa to the ground
Matt (unused): "Donnie, look out!"
Matt: "Maero, get outta here!"
Matt (unused): "*yelling in anger*"
Donnie pulls up in a vehicle
Donnie: "Get in, man!"
— "It's Not The Fall That Kills You..." cutscene


The 3rd Street Saints check out the shipment seized from The Brotherhood

Playa rallies them and prepares for a final assault

Matt and Donnie worry about the fighting and wonder if it has ended before Playa and Maero fall through the ceiling

Matt, knocked unconscious after Playa strikes him with a brick, and before Playa does so again off-screen, killing him

Maero climbs into a Legion and escapes

Loading screen after "The Siege"

Loading screen after "The Siege"

Loading screen after "The Siege"

The Siege - Maero health HUD

Minimap Brotherhood hideout