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The Ship computer room

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Saints Row IV

The Ship is a location in Saints Row IV.

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For the vehicle, see The Ship (vehicle)


The Ship is the main hub of operations for the 3rd Street Saints after The Protagonist is rescued from the Zin Ship[3] and operates this way for the rest of the game. It is stolen by Kinzie shortly after she escapes her personal simulation. She rescues Keith David and The Protagonist. The trio soon escape from the Zin mothership and witness Earth's demise via the Ship.[3]

The Ship is accessible via Gateways that appear in the Simulation. Additional Gateway locations are provided as the game progresses.

The Ship is used for introducing missions, Side Quests, Romance, and can be used also to access the in-game computer which enables The Protagonist to access all collected Audio Logs and Text Adventures, gathered from within Simulation 31. After defeating Zinyak and taking control of the Zin Empire,[4] The Simulation's time of day can be changed there.

The Saints where interviewed on the Ship by Jane Valderamma when deleted scenes for the cut DLC Enter the Dominatrix came up and she conducted an interview with each member over their thoughts on the DLC. Former mechanic Donnie was also present on the Ship at this time, expressing lack of disappointment over him being cut from Saints Row IV.[5]


The Ship has usable computer "Terminal Z-01",[6] located in The Ship's rec room near the pool table, which the player can access to listen to collected Audio Logs, read collected Text Adventures to learn about Zinyak's life, change time of day after completing the storyline, read Christmas Text Adventures about "The World without Christmas" and read letters to Santa from the Saints crew (the last two are available only if How the Saints Save Christmas DLC is purchased).


The Ship itself is located under the map of The Simulation and it is possible to explore it without exiting the simulation.

To get underneath the map, use the Abduction Gun to abduct The Protagonist or jump on some high building. Then use Death From Above, target on water and attack. The player should glitch and get through the water. Once underneath the map, use Stored Vehicle Delivery and get Salem (it can be found on top of the Tower in Rosen Oaks). Fly to the location of destroyed Saints HQ and start decreasing altitude. Soon the area around the player goes black and The Ship appears. To get inside, fly to its border and once The Protagonist's head pops through the floor, get out of Salem.[7]


  • The Ship is the only safehouse within Saints Row IV.
  • The Living room has a chair, a pool table, a usable computer, a big shark identical to the one that Zimos had in his Pad, and even has the Z on the chain and his trademark hat. This is also where Pierce hangs out when rescued.
  • The Gym has a Bench Press and a few Barbells, and is where Asha hangs out when she's rescued.
  • The Bridge has a sex doll on one of the seats (a reference to the movie Airplane!), and is the main location of Keith David, as well as Shaundi after saving 4/5 Saints until "Hello Teacup".
  • The Simulation Pod room is where The Protagonist and the Saints go to enter the Simulation. Kinzie is occasionally found here until you start rescuing Saints, and Shaundi also does the same at different points in the storyline (after you rescue around 4/5 Saints) until you complete "Hello Teacup", at that point Shaundi will remain in this room permanently.
  • The Hanger is where Matt Miller hangs out when rescued. There is a computer, a sofa, some crates, and is where the Mech Suit is stored.
  • The Bathroom contains a couple of toilets, and is where Benjamin King is occasionally found.
  • The Kitchen holds all the food for the Saints, and is where Ben is usually is, sometimes standing about or working on his book.
  • There is a small area under the walkway with what appears to be a Beanbag cushion set up, and is where Kinzie usually hangs out.
  • According to Pierce, the ship smells "funky" due to the Zin never cleaning it out.[8]


  • Interior concept art
  • Interior concept art
  • Room locations concept art
  • Concept art
  • Cockpit concept art
  • Concept art of the space suits worn by the Saints
  • Concept art of the space suits worn by the Saints
  • The Ship with a planet visible
  • The bridge
  • The gym
  • The living room
  • Computer on The Ship
  • The Terminal Z-01 Menu
  • Text Adventures Menu
  • Simulation Override Menu
  • Simulation Override Menu
  • Christmas Text Adventures Menu
  • Letters to Santa Menu
  • Letters to Santa Menu


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