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The Penetrator
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Dildo BatSRIV





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no human shield, no hide on sprint

Appears in

Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row: Money Shot[1]
Saints Row IV

The Penetrator is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.[2]
The Penetrator is a costume for the Dildo Bat in Saints Row IV.[3]

The absurdity of a sex toy with the lethality of a baseball bat.
— Weapon description in Saints Row: The Third[4] and Saints Row IV[5]


The Penetrator is a melee weapon constructed from a metre-long dildo attached to a handle of a Baseball Bat. The physics emulate a jelly dildo when attacking or running.

Saints Row: The Third[]

The Penetrator is available for purchase at Friendly Fire, from the mascots in the medium/hard levels of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax activities on the central island, or as a reward for completing the mission "Return to Steelport".

Saints Row IV[]

The Penetrator is the only costume for the Dildo Bat.

There are no upgrades for the Dildo Bat, and no "ultimate upgrade".[6]

A Dildo Bat is located inside the cave on the east shore in Brickston.[7] This is the same cave which contains a Drug Package Collectible in Saints Row: The Third. It is only possible to pick it up after completing The Fundamentals.

The Dildo Bat is available during "Gat Time, Fun Time".


The Penetrator Skin
SRIV Melee - Dildo Bat - The Penetrator - Default.png Default
A very special Saints Row classic.
— The Penetrator - Default skin description[8]

SRIV Melee - Dildo Bat - The Penetrator - Candy Cane.png Candy Cane
Our weapon artists need professional help.
— The Penetrator - Candy Cane skin description[9]

SRIV Melee - Dildo Bat - The Penetrator - The Good Doctor.png The Good Doctor
What is this? Another ultimate weapon?
— The Penetrator - The Good Doctor skin description[10]


The censored Penetrator.

  • The Penetrator was originally known as the Dildo Bat.[11][12][13]
  • The Penetrator was remodeled for Japanese markets in order to comply with stricter content regulations, with THQ being told to remove the "veins and physics" from the weapon.[14] The veins were removed but the physics were retained.[reference?]
    • In the Japanese version, it is called "怪しいバット", meaning "Suspicious Bat".
    • The Japanese version remains censored in Saints Row IV.[15]
    • In the Japanese version of Saints Row IV, the weapon skin cannot be changed.
  • Over two million people have been killed by The Penetrator.[16]
  • There is a real model that was made and shipped to various magazines and websites as viral promotion for the game.[17][18]
  • Penetrator's model filename has a prefix "WP", which is normally only present on Temporary Weapons, meaning that The Penetrator was originally to be a Temporary Weapon rather than a normal Melee Weapon. Every gang's Specialist has a different Temporary Weapon, and there are no other unused Temporary weapons which could have been used by the Oiran's Specialist before the Oiran were merged with the Morningstar.
  • "The Good Doctor" skin is a reference to Dr Manhattan's penis in Watchmen, both in name and appearance.[19][20]
  • There is one in Kinzie's Warehouse, which Pierce uses to harass Playa while Kinzie isn't looking.[21]
  • The Penetrator is featured under P in The ABCs of Saints Row, albeit censored.[22]
  • The Penetrator is featured on an unused Saints Row: The Third billboard for "Big Papa Payne's Toys For Twats".


I looked at dildo reference images to get the veins just right for quite a while
David Payne, Weapons and Props Art Lead, and creator of the Penetrator.[23]


Image of Saints Row: The Third's weapon wheel, revealing The Penetrator

In the first revealed gameplay after E3 2011, The Penetrator was originally named "Dildo Bat"

Early image of Saints Row: The Third's weapon wheel, revealing The Penetrator's original name: Dildo Bat

The Penetrator - render of in-game model

The Penetrator promo

The censored Penetrator in the Japanese version of the game

The Penetrator in the Saints Row: The Third weapon selection screen

The real life penetrator

Uncensored unlock screen

Censored unlock screen

Promotional image of Playa wielding The Penetrator

Melee Penetrator

Male Playa with censored Penetrator in Japanese game

Female Playa with censored Penetrator in Japanese game

Penetrator in Saints Row: Money Shot

ZBrush model showing sculpting

3ds Max file showing rigging

The Penetrator location in Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV Dildo Bat menu