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"The Missing Shipment" is the second mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

One of my boys called and said they saw a truck with a heavy LC escort leavin' the factory District. It's probably loaded with drugs, but that's just a bonus, our target is the truck itself. I need it brought back to the Row in one piece; it's no good to us blown to shit.
The Missing Shipment audio
Dex to The Protagonist and Troy, during their meeting outside Freckle Bitch's.


Dex and Troy meet with The Protagonist outside Freckle Bitch's to discuss a plan on attacking the Carnales' main drug plant. Dex asks The Protagonist and Troy to steal a Carnales truck, but won't reveal the rest of his plan until they deliver it. Troy begrudgingly leaves with The Protagonist to carry out the plan.[1]

Outside the Lopez Mansion, where Hector Lopez, Angelo Lopez, Victor Rodriguez, and Manuel Orejuela discuss previous events, and Hector instructs his younger brother Angelo and his enforcer Victor to attack Saint's Row District, foreshadowing the next mission, "Homeland Security".[2]

All the more reason to settle this now. Victor, Angelo... gather your men together. It's time to tears Saint's Row apart.
The Missing Shipment Hector
— Hector Lopez


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

After Troy reported back with the location of the Carnales' main drug plant, Dex decided against a direct attack. Instead, Dex explained that he's heard about a truck leaving the factory district with a Carnales escort. At his request, you and Troy stole the truck and brought it back to the Row. You don't know exactly what Dex intends to do with the truck, but he must have a plan...


The Missing Shipment - following truck

For only the second mission of the Carnales story arc, it can be quite challenging.

Go hijack the truck.

The mission begins with simply driving Troy to the Poseidon Alley neighborhood in the Docks & Warehouses District to steal the truck.

Protect Troy while he hotwires the truck.

After reaching this area, Troy enters the truck in an attempt to hotwire it, and must be defended from oncoming Carnales gang members.

Escort the truck to Saint's Row.
Escort the truck to the garage.

After Troy successfully hotwires the truck, he begins to drive it back to Samson's garage in Saint's Row District. The challenge here is defending him and his truck from enemies. This isn't particularly difficult, but can be challenging with little ammo. To add to this, Troy drives rather poorly and slowly, making a fairly lengthy drive back.


Once Troy makes it back to the Row, the mission ends.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, killing/abandoning Troy,[3] or letting the truck be destroyed.[4]

There is an additional unused failure message for failing to get the truck, but it is not possible to trigger as it is not used by the mission script.[5]



Riot Control - following truck

The mission "Riot Control" in Saints Row 2 also features The Protagonist protecting a truck.

  • Dex says to Troy in the opening cutscene that it is grammatically incorrect to say "the Los Carnales", but his attempt at an explanation falls on deaf ears.[1][6] The reason why is because "los" is Spanish for "the"; thus saying "the Los Carnales" is the equivalent of saying "the the Carnales".[7]
    • He cites the phrase "Rio Grande River" as a similar example of redundancy, as "río" means "river" in Spanish.
  • Dex notes that Troy's plan is used by cops all the time and never works;[1] Troy is later revealed to be an undercover cop at the end of Saints Row.[8] He also worries about "getting into this drug shit".
  • The gameplay segment in this mission where The Protagonist protects a truck is similar to the Saints Row 2 Sons of Samedi mission, "Riot Control".
  • In the Meet the Lopezes cutscene, Manuel Orejuela normally wears a Hawaiian shirt, but the texture sometimes does not load, leaving the shirt pure white.[9][10][11]


"Dex and Troy" cutsceneEdit

Troy: "What if we came from here and here?"
Dex: "No, they'd just see it coming. Cops try that shit all the time and it never works."
Troy: "Shit, you're right. Well, what should we do then?"
Dex: "Well we could-- You might want to hear this."
Dex: "Aight."
Troy: "I got a lead on where the Los Carnales cut all their shit."
Dex: "The Carnales."
Troy: "Wha?"
Dex: "Rio Grande River. Jesus."
Troy: "What the fuck?"
Dex: "It's not THE Los Carnales, it's just the Carnales. Los means... fuck it. Like I was sayin', we're not gonna raid the factory quite yet."
Troy: "Why not?"
Dex: "Cause I'm not a gun toting psychopath named Johnny Gat."
Troy: "Fair enough. So what's the plan?"
Dex: "One of my boys called and said they saw a truck with a heavy LC escort leavin' the factory district. It's probably loaded with drugs, but that's just a bonus, our target is the truck itself. I need it brought back to the Row in one piece; it's no good to us blown to shit."
Troy: "What you need the truck for?"
Dex: "Let's just get the truck first, then I'll tell ya the rest of the plan."
Troy: "I'm just sayin' it'd be nice to know."
Dex: "Shit, Troy, what's with all the questions? Why can't you be like my man over here?"
Troy: "Look, Dex--"
Dex turns to The Protagonist
Dex: "Could you go get that truck?"
The Protagonist nods
Dex: "See, was that so hard?"
Dex and Troy full CUTSCENES 0136
— "Dex and Troy" cutscene


Troy: "You heard Dex, let's get that truck..."
Troy: "Here's the plan: get me to the truck so I can jack that baby. Once I'm in, make sure I make it back to the Row in one piece."
— Mission start

Troy: "Yo man, just between you and me I was fine with cleanin' out the Row, but getting into this drug shit ain't cool...someone should talk some sense into Julius..."
Troy: "I know Lopez: once we steal from him he ain't gonna back off until we're dead, or he is."
— Drive chat

Troy: "Alright there's the truck...cover me while I get that heap running..."
Troy: "Fuck...I knew I should've paid attention when they were teaching hotwiring..."
Troy: "Alright, this should be the right wire...(sigh) or, maybe not..."
Troy: "It always looks so easy in the movies..."
Troy: "Almost got it..."
Troy: "God, I missed my calling... Okay, I got the truck started, let's get back to the Row."
— Troy upon reaching the truck

Well, we got the truck Dex wanted, now all we gotta do is figure out what the hell he needed it for...
— Troy, upon completion of the mission

"Meet the Lopezes" cutsceneEdit

Hector Lopez: "Angelo, I need you to go to the lab tonight. One of our shipments didn't arrive, and I want to make sure no one's skimming off the top."
Angelo Lopez: "No problem."
Luz: "Angelo, you promised we'd go shopping tonight."
Angelo Lopez: "Ah shit. Hector, I told Luz I'd take her downtown. Can Victor take care of--"
Hector Lopez: "Is Victor sitting at the table, Angelo?"
Angelo Lopez: "Yes."
Hector Lopez: "So if I wanted Victor to handle it, I could have asked him, right?"
Angelo Lopez: "Luz, we'll go out tomorrow."
Luz: "But Angelo--"
Angelo Lopez (translation): "Fuck, Luz, Shut up your mouth, okay? Didn't you hear me?"
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "¡Coño Luz, cállate la boca, okey! ¿No me oíste?"
Hector Lopez: "Gracias."
Hector Lopez (translation): "Thanks"
Manuel Orejuela: "You should be nicer to the lady..."
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "Oh yeah Angelo, put your dick in her mouth, that will shut her up!"
Victor Rodriguez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "Oh yeah Angelo, métete la verga en su boca, eso la callará!"
Victor Rodriguez and Hector Lopez: "(Laughs)"
Luz (translation): "Go to hell!"
Luz (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Luz (audio): "Véte al carajo!"
Angelo Lopez: "Luz, come on mama, don't be so sensitive."
Luz: "I'll be inside."
Manuel Orejuela: "Senorita, a moment. If Angelo is busy, I can take you out tonight."
Luz: "Mr. Orejuela, I couldn't--"
Manuel Orejuela: "Nonsense, it would be my pleasure."
Manuel turns to Angelo
Manuel Orejuela: "Unless you have a problem with me entertaining the lady."
Angelo stands up and is about to scream at Orejuela, but sees Hector's expression and tries to calm down
Angelo Lopez: "No, of course not."
Manuel Orejuela: "Good. I'll see you at eight."
Manuel Orejuela: "That's a lotta woman you got there, Angelo."
Angelo Lopez: "I know."
Hector Lopez: "Eh, I always thought she was a bitch."
Victor Rodriguez: "(Laughs)"
Hector Lopez: "Hold on."
Hector Lopez (translation): "Yes, what's up?"
Hector Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Hector Lopez (audio): "Sí, ¿qué pasa?"
Hector Lopez (translation): "What? But what happened?"
Hector Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Hector Lopez (audio): "¿Qué? ¿Pero qué pasó?"
Angelo Lopez: "What is it?"
Hector Lopez (translation): "That asshole son of a bitch!"
Hector Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Hector Lopez (audio): "Coño ese cabrón hijo de puta!"
Manuel Orejuela: "That didn't sound encouraging."
Hector Lopez: "Everything's fine."
Manuel Orejuela: "Of course it is. If you would excuse me, I'm going to check on the senorita..."
Angelo Lopez (translation): "That faggot dirty old man, I'll kill him if he touches Luz!"
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "Ese viejo sucio maricón, yo le mato si le toca a Luz!"
Hector Lopez: "Angelo... you are my brother and I love you, but if you let your dick fuck things up with the Colombians I'm gonna cut it off."
Angelo Lopez: "Forgive me Hector."
Hector Lopez: "Don't let it happen again."
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "And what was that?"
Victor Rodriguez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "¿Y qué fue eso?"
Hector Lopez: "Those pendejos in Saint's Row are the ones who took the shipment. With the Colombians arriving, we can't show any weakness."
Angelo Lopez: "The Colombians are already here."
Hector Lopez: "All the more reason to settle this now. Victor, Angelo... gather your men together. It's time to tear Saint's Row apart."
Meet the Lopezes full CUTSCENES 0379
— "Meet the Lopezes" cutscene


Troy: "Get the fuck outta my truck..."
Troy: "I'm in, now just make sure this thing gets back to the Row intact..."
— Troy hijacking the truck

Troy: "I hope you take care of my truck better than you do your car..."
Troy: "Well this is off to a great start..."
— After hitting something with the truck

Troy: "Knock that shit off before a cop sees that..."
Troy: "Are you fuckin' crazy?"
— After running over someone with the truck

Troy: "Can you get your ass over here?"
Troy: "Where the hell are you man?"
— Truck stopped

Troy: "Start doing your fucking job, man!"
Troy: "Keep these guys off of me!"
Troy: "If this truck doesn't make it back to the Row, Dex'll be pissed!"
Troy: "Help me out here!"
Troy: "I don't know how much more this thing can take!"
Troy: "Hey man, are you gonna take care of these guys, or what?"
Troy: "What are you doing? Stop these guys!"
Troy: "You gonna let me get shot up here?"
Troy: "This truck isn't doing so hot..."
Troy: "You gonna take care of mother fuckers or what?"
— Truck takes damage


  • Troy and Dex discuss the plan of attack
  • The Carnales lieutenants discuss the events of the mission at the Lopez Mansion
  • Anjelo Lopez's girlfriend, Luz, in a bikini
  • Manuel Orejuela and Luz
  • Luz Avalos
  • Manuel Orejuela
  • Angelo Lopez
  • Hector Lopez
  • Victor Rodriguez
  • The Missing Shipment - following truck
  • "Riot Control" in Saints Row 2 features similar gameplay


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