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For King and Country All the King's Men

"The King and I" is the tenth and penultimate mission of the Vice Kings story arc in Saints Row.

I know where all them fools hang. All we got to do is roll up in there, get their attention, then lead them to the cops. They'll take care of the rest.
The King and I introduction
Benjamin King to Playa, while at a meeting in the church with Julius Little and Johnny Gat.


At the church, Julius Little holds a meeting with Benjamin King, Playa and Johnny Gat, and gives King an ultimatum: "keep [his] fuckin' pride and die right now, or [...] be a man and walk away". King chooses neither, and instead opts to kill Tanya first, and then walk away. Julius agrees, and sends Playa with King downtown.[1]

There, they lure several Vice Kings to a police ambush site, severely weakening the gang and paving the way for King to reach Tanya when he's ready. King thanks Playa, and muses on what they could have accomplished together had Playa joined the Vice Kings instead.

Way to go, son. It's a shame Julius found you first. We coulda owned this town.
The King and I Benjamin King
— Benjamin King


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Given the choice by Julius to either leave town or get shot, Benjamin King decided for a third option of leaving town after he gets even with Tanya. Agreeing, Julius sent you to drive King around to Vice Kings hideouts and get them to follow you into waiting police traps. After the gang was weakened, it would be time to deal with Tanya.


The King and I - we got their attention

The premise of this mission is to gain the attention of some Vice Kings and lure them to a point on the map, whereupon the police automatically kill them. This needs to be done three times.

Find a car.
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Go to the Kings' hideout.
Get the Kings to chase you. Don't kill their driver or car.

The first group is very easy to lure to the ambush site; simply shoot any Vice Kings gang member who does not have a green arrow above their head, wait for one who does to get in the nearby marked car, and drive away, making sure not to drive too far away from the vehicle.

Lead them to the police ambush.

The vehicle takes a lot of damage here, as fighting back fails the mission, so keep up the pace and lead the enemy to the site to finish them off.

Go to the Kings' hideout.
Get the Kings to chase you. Don't kill their driver or car.

The second group is slightly more difficult as they are further away from the ambush point, which means the longer drive back entails more damage received to the vehicle.

Lead them to the police ambush.

When reaching the second group, they are immediately hostile, unlike the first, due to Notoriety.

Go to the Kings' hideout.
Get the Kings to chase you. Don't kill their driver or car.
Lead them to the police ambush.

The third group is fairly close to the ambush point but is the most hassle because of their firepower and the high level of Notoriety. As such, consider changing vehicles before getting there.


After leading the third group to the ambush site, the mission ends, and the Saints take over the Brighton neighborhood in the Downtown District.

To begin the final mission of the Vice Kings story arc, "All the King's Men", the five Vice Kings Strongholds must be completed: "Sunnyvale Loft", "Filmore Parking Garage", "Abandoned Police Station", "King's Grocery", and "Waterfront Rooftop".


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, abandoning/killing King,[2][3] destroying a marked Vice Kings vehicle,[4] or killing its driver.[5]


  • Brighton neighborhood unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
SR1 News Shared 0042 Vice Kings
Jack Armstrong: "Jack Armstrong here, a follow up to the story we brought you earlier. Lots of Vice Kings dethroned today by Stilwater's finest. We've been standing by, waiting for comments, and... er, they are... they are ready now, yes? Okay. So we take you now to police headquarters where Chief Monroe is ready with his comments."
Chief Monroe: "Hello. Earlier today, an as-of-yet unidentified man who's being pursued at high speeds by perpetrators who were later confirmed to be Vice Kings. Despite the stressful and dangerous nature of this situation, this citizen kept a level head and contacted the police immediately. Once informed, we were able to respond quickly and in so doing were successful in the apprehension, detention, and in a few cases, termination, of some of the most notorious criminals in this city. Today a great victory was achieved in the war on crime. And if the citizens of Stilwater remain vigilant, we are sure to see many more. Thank you for your time."
Jack Armstrong: "What you have been listening to was the live feed of a press briefing held by Chief Monroe regarding the gunfire heard at several police buildings today. He took no questions, and as I watch the video monitor here in the studio, he is already back inside tending to the needs of the community. We'll have more details here in the newsroom as they become available. I'm Jack Armstrong."


  • The name of the mission is a reference to the musical The King and I.
  • During the drive, Benjamin King notes that Julius Little grew up in Sunnyvale and is not originally from Saint's Row.
  • He also recalls the "I don't care what flags they're flyin'" speech, which King wrote years ago and Julius was always fond of. Julius said this speech during the opening cutscene of "Canonized".[6]
  • King ominously foreshadows later events in the Saints Row series, saying that "even if you wipe out the Vice Kings, it ain't gonna be over", that "There's always someone lookin' to take what you have... some punk who wants to make a name for himself", and "The fact is, once you're in the game, the only way you're getting out is if you're dead or in jail".


"King's Dilemma" cutsceneEdit

Julius Little: "Lookin' good, Ben."
Benjamin King: "Been a long time, Jules."
Julius Little: "Sorry about Anthony."
Benjamin King: "That was business, let it go."
Johnny Gat: "So what's the plan?"
Benjamin King: "We kill Tanya and I get back to business."
Julius Little: "I don't think so, Benjamin."
Benjamin King: "What?"
Julius Little: "I said no. You're alive, we straight. But the Vice Kings? They're through."
Benjamin King: "Then kill me, quit wastin' my god damn time."
Julius Little: "You got a choice. You can keep your fuckin' pride and die right now, or you can be a man and walk away."
Benjamin King: "When did you get the balls, Jules?"
Julius Little: "What's it gonna be?"
Benjamin King: "I ain't walkin' away."
Julius Little: "Fair enough. Johnny."
Benjamin King: "I ain't walkin' away until I deal with Tanya."
Julius Little: "My n​igga."
Julius Little: "Johnny, put the damn gun down."
Julius Little: "Now, you understand that this ain't just about Tanya, right? We're finishing the whole crew."
Benjamin King: "Yeah, I know."
Julius Little: "So let's get to it. Plan?"
Benjamin King: "I know where all them fools hang. All we got to do is roll up in there, get their attention, then lead them to the cops. They'll take care of the rest."
Julius Little: "Alright playa, you're gonna be Mr. King's wheelman."
Benjamin King: "You ready for this, son?"
Benjamin King: "Let's go."
Julius Little: "It's good to have you back, Benjamin."
King's Dilemma full CUTSCENES 0280
— "King's Dilemma" cutscene


Aight, let's get this shit started right. One of the safe houses is at the north end of town.
— Benjamin King, mission start

Benjamin King: "So does Julius ever talk about growing up in Sunnyvale?"
Benjamin King: "What, you thought he was from the Row?"
Benjamin King: "The problem with burying the past is that you forget about it, you know what I'm sayin?"
Benjamin King: "I bet Julius gave ya the whole "I don't care what flags they're flyin" speech, didn't he?"
Benjamin King: "I wrote that shit years ago, and the mother fucker hasn't forgot it..."
Benjamin King: "Your easy to talk to, you know that? I don't gotta worry about you interrupting me or any of that shit..."
Benjamin King: "That was Warrens problem...that mother fucker never knew when to shut up and listen..."
Benjamin King: "Ya know that even if you wipe out the Vice Kings it ain't gonna be over, right?"
Benjamin King: "There's always someone lookin' to take what you have...some punk who want's to make a name for himself, some girl you fucked and never called back..."
Benjamin King: "The fact is, once your in the game there only way you're getting out is if your dead or in jail."
— Drive chatter

Benjamin King: "Yeah, I think that pissed 'em off. Now let's lead 'em right to the police."
Benjamin King: "So far, so good, playa. Let's roll downtown and deal with the bitches there."
Benjamin King (Unused): "Hard part's over. Now we just have to sit back and let the cops do the work for us."
Benjamin King (Unused): "One down, three to go. Some more VK's are holed up near the art museum."
Benjamin King: "Okay, we got their attention. Time for the five-o to finish the job."
Benjamin King: "Last one. Let's hope our luck holds out."
Benjamin King: "This is the last crew, playa. Let's finish this."
Benjamin King: "Way to go, son. It's a shame Julius found you first. We coulda owned this town."
— Before and after each group

Benjamin King: "Quit fuckin' around and follow the plan!"
Benjamin King: "What the hell's wrong with you? Drive!"
Benjamin King: "We should get outta here, son."
Benjamin King: "How 'bout you stop gettin' us shot?"
Benjamin King: "I'm telling you, Julius ain't gonna be happy if you get both of us killed, son."
— Random complaints
Benjamin King: "You better pick it up, or we're both gonna be dead..."
Benjamin King: "Quit fuckin' around and take care of this..."
Benjamin King: "Are you gonna let these bitches take us out?"
Benjamin King: "We ain't good to anyone with this..."
Benjamin King: "This whip ain't gonna make it unless you do your fuckin' job..."
— After being shot at
Benjamin King: "That's how we get it done!"
Benjamin King: "You remind me of Julius..."
Benjamin King: "Looks like you ain't a BG after all."
Benjamin King: "All business. I respect that."
Benjamin King: "I can see why Julius sends you to do his dirty work..."
— After killing an enemy
Benjamin King: "Be more careful..."
Benjamin King: "The way you drive, I can't believe you were a threat to us..."
Benjamin King: "I shoulda let Gat put a bullet in my head, at least that would be quick..."
Benjamin King: "This ain't a street race, so how 'bout you be a little more careful?"
Benjamin King: "This was a great idea, Ben..."
— After running into something
Benjamin King: "Come on man, that's unnessecary..."
Benjamin King: "Just focus on the Vice Kings, leave these people out of it."
Benjamin King: "You keep pullin' that shit, you're gonna end up in jail or in the ground..."
Benjamin King: "Yeah, it takes a big man to run somebody down..."
Benjamin King: "You gotta learn some discipline..."
— After running over someone


  • A meeting at the church between Benjamin King, Julius Little, Playa, and Johnny Gat
  • The police ambush the Vice Kings
  • The King and I - we got their attention

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