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"The Ho Boat" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.

Like I always say, pussy's big business in this town.
Zimos to Playa, during the raid on the boat.


While Playa and Zimos try to come up with another plan to hit the Morningstar, a woman then phones Playa and informs them of a container of girls being brought into Steelport by ship to replace the ones the Morningstar have lost. She then reveals herself as Viola DeWynter, head of the Morningstar, and discloses the boat's location before hanging up.

Together with Zimos and Pierce, Playa recovers all of the hos from the boat and heads back to the city, despite encountering heavy defense from the Morningstar. A male who introduces himself as "someone who's willing to bargain" then phones Playa and asks them to deliver back the hos, promising to pay "top dollar a head"; Zimos asks that Playa give the hos to him and in turn promises that although the money won't come quick, "you [can] bet it'll come". Playa then has a choice to deliver to the former for a lump sum payout or to the latter for increased City Income.

Regardless of the choice made, a furious Killbane criticizes Matt Miller for making the offer without consulting him first at 3 Count Casino. Killbane then comes up with an idea to deal with the Saints and tells Matt to gather his Deckers and hire a film crew foreshadowing the upcoming mission that they're going to broadcast live on TV. On the television behind the two, Monica Hughes declares to the Senate that STAG have been deployed to Steelport, foreshadowing the next mission.[1]


The Ho Boat - Locate Ho Crates counter.jpg
Go to the docks

Get to the mission start marker located behind Kinzie's Warehouse.

Get to cargo ship

Use the Shark jet ski to get to the cargo ship.

Locate Ho Crates 0/4
Locate Ho Crates 1/4
Locate Ho Crates 2/4
Locate Ho Crates 3/4

Once aboard the cargo ship, head slowly eastward across it, checking each crate and killing all the Morningstar who appear. Some of the crates contain nothing but sex gadgets, while others contain weapons such as Annihilator RPGs. Along the way, there are two Brutes: first an unarmed variant, and near the end of the ship the Mini-Gun wielding variant.

Get to north platform

Until Pierce arrives, there are a few waves of incoming Morningstar. The marked "north platform" has a Mini-Gun, which is very helpful in dealing with these enemies.

Kill attackers

Be sure to prioritize the helicopters with Sniper Specialists as they deal the most damage; the other enemies and vehicles pose little problem and can be quickly dealt with via the Mini-Gun as well.

Wait for chopper

With accuracy and patience, there should be enough ammo until Pierce arrives when all the enemies are dead.

Get in the helicopter

At this point, get in the waiting Oppressor.

Defend chopper

The last part of the mission plays out involves escorting Pierce's Stork back to the mainland as he carries the hos to Arapice Island. Players are armed with an Annihilator RPG with infinite ammunition and a lock-on feature. Until Pierce reaches the island, simply lock onto any enemy vehicles that present themselves, from Miami boats and APCs to the foot-soldiers near their helicopters on highrise rooftops.

Drive to brothel or Saints HQ

After reaching Arapice Island, they'll be prompted to make their second choice of the game – however, unlike "The Belgian Problem", the choice does not affect the ending of the mission.


See also: Choices
Choice Reward
Deliver Hos To Morningstar Lump Sum Cash Payout: $25,000
Keep Hos For The Saints Increased Hourly Cash Income: $1,000



With the hope of an impromptu fireworks display, people looked up, only to see falling gun shells raining down into their eyes. The apparent theft of a cargo container gave citizens a scare as gunfire was heard in the skies above Steelport. Several helicopters flew through the city, dodging bullets coming from rooftops throughout the area. The contents of the container are unknown, though several people on the ground report it was leaking what they describe as "smelling like urine". This is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Import News.
— Jane Valderamma


  • This mission is similar to the Saints Row 2 mission "The Enemy of my Enemy": both missions involve raiding a ship with cargo belonging to an enemy gang and end with repelling a counterattack that comes in waves via helicopters and boats.
  • While on the way to the cargo ship, should they have Male Voice 3, Playa calls Zimos "Pierce".
  • When Male Voice 3 tells the Hos to "follow the guy with the Z", he mispronounces it as "Zee", the American English pronunciation, while he would normally say "Zed", the Commonwealth English pronunciation.
  • The song that plays during the second half of the mission is "Fire Fight" by Jan Cyrka.
  • When Killbane speaks to Matt Miller at the end of the mission, he says, "we hit 'em with a Montreal Screwjob"; the Montreal Screwjob was a real life wrestling incident.
  • During the closing cutscene, Monica Hughes announces STAG deployment in Steelport, but they don't appear until the next mission.[1]
    • The text at the bottom of the screen also states that "Steelport [is] under martial law", although that doesn't happen until the end of "My Name is Cyrus Temple".
  • During the closing cutscene, the text includes "S. Con. Res. 187"; S.Con.Res is an abbreviation for Concurrent resolutions originating in the Senate.
  • This is the last mission in the game where the Morningstar make an appearance.
  • The mission title is a reference to the '70s and '80s television series The Love Boat.
  • When speaking to Female Voice 2 (Eastern European), Viola refers to the Hos as "FOB girls", meaning Fresh off the boat, and slang term for new immigrants.
  • The internal name for the "It's like my freshman dorm" line is "Find Dead Hookers".



Playa: "Zimos, I need you to tell me how to hit the Morningstar."
Zimos: "I can probably come up with somethin'. When do you want this by?"
Playa: "Right now."
Zimos: "Shit, you don't make it easy."
Playa: "Never said I would."
Zimos: "Alright, come get me and we'll..."
Playa: "Hold on a sec, Z. Someone's calling."
Viola DeWynter: "I don't have much time so listen carefully. There's a container of girls being brought into Steelport by ship to replace the ones Morningstar lost raiding the Saints. I've sent you which ship they're on."
Playa: "Who is this?"
Viola DeWynter: "Do what you want with them, I don't care."
Playa: "I'm not doing shit until you tell me who you are."
Viola DeWynter: "... Viola DeWynter, head of the Morningstar."
Playa: "Zimos, change of plan. Get Pierce, we got a boat to catch."
Zimos: "Whatever you say."

Playa: "Hey Z, I'm thinkin' the Morningstar need to feel the pressure."
Zimos: "I dig. Let's meet up and do a little hunting around town."
Playa: "Cool. How about we... hold up, man. Got a call comin' in."
Viola DeWynter: "Is this the man who runs the Saints?"
Playa: "Yeah, girl. But you'll have to go through our PR department..."
Viola DeWynter: "I'm not calling for a story. I'm calling regarding a shipment of girls the Morningstar are bringing into Steelport."
Playa: "Hold up, who is this?"
Viola DeWynter: "Viola DeWynter. I run Morningstar."
Playa: "Then why the fuck would you be telling me this?"
Viola DeWynter: "Because the Syndicate needs to burn."
Playa: "No shit?"
Viola DeWynter: "I've sent you the information on the boat. Do whatever you want with it."
Playa: "Zimos, think I have a better idea. Get Pierce and wait for me."
Zimos: "Good, 'cause I didn't really have a plan."

Zimos: "You checkin' up on me?"
Playa: "We need to keep presure on the Morningstar, Zimos."
Zimos: "Then let's hit them directly. I know a few places we could start."
Playa: "Alright, I'll head to you... wait, hold on a moment, Z."
Viola DeWynter: "If you want to hurt the Morningstar, they have a shipment of girls coming in soon. I've sent you the boat information. If you..."
Playa: "Hold on, who is this?"
Viola DeWynter: "Viola DeWynter."
Playa: "You were with Loren on the plane. Don't you run Morningstar now?"
Viola DeWynter: "I did..."
Playa: "Did?"
Viola DeWynter: "I don't have much time. Take the information or leave it, but I'm trying to help you."
Playa: "And I should jump because you say so?"
Viola DeWynter: "You should jump because it helps the Saints."
Playa: "Zimos, get Pierce. Change of plans."

Playa: "Hey Zimos, what do you got for me?"
Zimos: "The Morningstar are still a pain in my ass. Why don't we just drop every one we see?"
Playa: "Not much of a plan, but it could work."
Zimos: "Shit, didn't think you'd go for it."
Playa: "Rather they didn't get comfortable. I mean... wait, shit, one second Z."
Viola DeWynter: "Listen carefully. There's a boat pulling in soon with a cargo container full of girls; the Morningstar's new merchandise. I send you the details, you hit the boat."
Playa: "Sweetie, I don't know who the hell this is, but..."
Viola DeWynter: "Viola DeWynter."
Playa: "Really? Well, as much as I value career advice from the slut that killed my friend..."
Viola DeWynter: "The intel's good. Do whatever you want with it."
Playa: "Zimos, things have changed. Let's hope that's a good thing."
Zimos: "Hey, I'm with you either way."

Playa: "Tell me you have a way to hurt the morningstar..."
Zimos: "No, not really."
Playa: "Alright, start thinking while I... wait, another call's coming in."
Viola DeWynter: "The Saints have an opportunity to take the Morningstar's shipment of FOB girls. No offense."
Playa: "Shipment? Who is this and what're you talking about?"
Viola DeWynter: "Viola DeWynter, I've sent you the ship information, do whatever you want."
Zimos: "You back? Alright, I got this shit. We could..."
Playa: "Forget it, Zimos. There's a new plan."

Zimos: "If you're calling about the Morningstar..."
Playa: "I am."
Zimos: "Listen, I ain't found a good target yet."
Playa: "Well how about you stop fucking with a vagina and get to work?"
Zimos: "That's no-"
Playa: "Hold that thought, got another call."
Viola DeWynter: "You should check the containers on the cargo ship that's soon to enter Steelport."
Playa: "Who is this, and why would I want to do that?"
Viola DeWynter: "We've met. My name's Viola DeWynter."
Playa: "And the second part?"
Viola DeWynter: "The Morningstar have a shipment of girls in one of those containers."
Playa: "Why tell us?"
Viola DeWynter: "I'm through playing the Syndicate's game."
Playa: "Zimos, don't worry, I know where we're going."

Zimos: "Don't you kill me or nothin', but I ain't found a target yet."
Playa: "Snarls"
Zimos: "I'm still gettin' in touch with the city. I been out of the game for a while..."
Playa: "Garbled"
Zimos: "I'll wait."
Playa: "Babbles"
Zimos: "My name is Viola DeWynter, we met on a flight to Steelport."
Playa: "Growls"
Zimos: "The Morningstar are shipping in women from overseas. You get to the docks in time you might be able to intercept it. Your call."
Playa: "Sneers"
Zimos: "And why're we trusting her?"
Playa: "Gargles"

Cutscene #1[]

Zimos: "Lotta pussy on that thing."
Homeless Man (unsubtitled): "You got a cigarette?"
Playa: "And once it's ours the Morningstar's sex operation is done."
Zimos: "How you gonna move all the bitches?"
Playa: "Just let me worry about that. Now let's go, I wanna meet my new employees."


Playa Female 1: "So these girls gonna try to kill us too?"
Playa Female 2: "Perhaps these girls will not shoot us."
Playa Female 3: "Maybe these strippers won't shoot me."
Playa Male 1: "Maybe these girls won't try to kill us."
Playa Male 2: "Hey, these girls gonna try and kill us too?"
Playa Male 3: "These girls gonna try to kill us too?"
Playa Zombie: "Snarls"
Zimos: "See, you had to bring that up again."
Playa Female 1: "Being shot by hos sticks with ya."
Playa Female 2: "I am not likely to forget it any time soon."
Playa Female 3: "Someone had to."
Playa Male 1: "Crazy bitches with guns are memorable..."
Playa Male 2: "After the last time, you really surprised?"
Playa Male 3: "I've got PTSD, Pierce."
Playa Zombie: "Growls"
— Boat Ride 1
Zimos: "You taking your time gettin' there?"
Playa Female 1: "You want to get off and swim?"
Playa Female 2: "Are you wanting to drive?"
Playa Female 3: "Alright Zimos, why don't you take over."
Playa Male 1: "You want to drive this thing?"
Playa Male 2: "Hey man you can get off right here."
Playa Male 3: "Care to drive instead?"
Playa Zombie: "Mumbles"
Zimos: "Hey, just checkin', baby."
— Boat Ride 2
Zimos: "Once you find the girls, send 'em to me. I'll keep 'em safe."
Playa Female 1: "Let's hope they see it that way."
Playa Female 2: "Perhaps you will pat them down, check for weapons, no?"
Playa Female 3: "I can't believe I have to listen to this..."
Playa Male 1: "I'm sure you will."
Playa Male 2: "Remember you're here to work."
Playa Male 3: "Oh, I have no doubts."
Playa Zombie: "Mumbles"
— Upon arriving at the boat
Playa Female 1: "It's like my freshman dorm."
Playa Female 2: "It's like my freshman dorm."
Playa Female 3: "It's like my freshman dorm."
Playa Male 1: "This is like my freshman dorm..."
Playa Male 2: "It's like my freshman dorm."
Playa Male 3: "Well, this is a nice surprise."
Playa Zombie: "Gargles"
Playa Female 1: "Nice stock they have."
Playa Female 2: "They have a lot of ammunition here..."
Playa Female 3: "Not helpful."
Playa Male 1: "Wow."
Playa Male 2: "Anyone in here?"
Playa Male 3: "Sure could use this."
Playa Zombie: "Groans"
Playa Female 1: "At least I won't run out."
Playa Female 2: "Good. This will help."
Playa Female 3: "Yep, no girls..."
Playa Male 1: "They certainly stock up..."
Playa Male 2: "Not helpful..."
Playa Male 3: "No such thing as too many bullets."
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
Playa Female 1: "That's a little disturbing..."
Playa Female 2: "I should send this to Pierce with a 'From your secret admirer' card."
Playa Female 3: "What the hell are these for?"
Playa Male 1: "What the hell are these for?"
Playa Male 2: "The hell they transporting?"
Playa Male 3: "What the hell...?"
Playa Zombie: "Babbles"
Playa Female 1: "What is wrong with these guys?"
Playa Female 2: "What sort of kinky shit..."
Playa Female 3: "These guys are fucked up..."
Playa Male 1: "These guys are fucked up..."
Playa Male 2: "Really...?"
Playa Male 3: "Quite the kinky fellows, aren't they?"
Playa Zombie: "Sneers"
Playa Female 1: "Not what I'm looking for..."
Playa Female 2: "Perhaps we are doing these hos a favor."
Playa Female 3: "More crazy shit..."
Playa Male 1: "More crazy shit..."
Playa Male 2: "Ah, fuck it..."
Playa Male 3: "Oh, I don't even want to know."
Playa Zombie: "Snarls"
— Open crates without Hos
Ho #1: "I'm actually free!"
Playa Female 1: "Find the guy with the "Z"."
Playa Female 2: "Stay near him, he'll keep you safe!"
Playa Female 3: "Stick with the rhinestone "Z" guy!"
Playa Male 1: "Stay by the guy with the big "Z"."
Playa Male 2: "Alright, get over by the pimp."
Playa Male 3: "Stay close to the bloke with the large "Z"!"
Playa Zombie: "Babbles"
Zimos: "Come on baby, follow the Z."
Ho #2: "Thank you for freeing me."
Playa Female 1: "Go to him and stay close."
Playa Female 2: "Stick close to the big "Z" man!"
Playa Female 3: "Move, already! And stay with him!"
Playa Male 1: "Get moving and stay with him."
Playa Male 2: "Everyone out and with Zimos."
Playa Male 3: "Go with the old man."
Playa Zombie: "Moans"
Zimos: "I'll keep you safe, sugar."
Ho #3: "Thank you, kind stranger."
Playa Female 1: "You'll be safe with that pimp."
Playa Female 2: "Stay back! Stand near the big "Z"!"
Playa Female 3: "Stick with us, you'll be safe!"
Playa Male 1: "Stick with us, you'll be safe!"
Playa Male 2: "Go by him and keep your heads down."
Playa Male 3: "Stick close and you'll be fine."
Playa Zombie: "Babbles"
Zimos: "Damn, ain't you a fine little thing..."
Ho #4: "Let us out!"
Playa Female 1: "Move it over there, honey."
Playa Female 2: "Go there!"
Playa Female 3: "Go over there."
Playa Male 1: "Go over there."
Playa Male 2: "Stick with Z, you can't miss him!"
Playa Male 3: "You're fine, love. We're the good guys."
Playa Zombie: "Sneers"
Zimos: "Gather round, bitches."
— Freeing the Hos
Zimos: "I don't like what I'm hearin' from that crate."
Playa Female 1: "It's your imagination."
Playa Female 2: "No matter. I can handle it."
Playa Female 3: "Who would?!"
Playa Male 1: "How bad could it be..."
Playa Male 2: "It's your imagination, Z."
Playa Male 3: "It can't be that bad..."
Playa Zombie: "Garbled"
— Upon hearing the first Brute
Playa Female 1: "They're boxing these guys?"
Playa Female 2: "These guys are being shipped now?"
Playa Female 3: "Shit! How'd he get in a box?"
Playa Male 1: "Shit! Who the fuck put him in a box?"
Playa Male 2: "WHAT THE FUCK!"
Playa Male 3: "Are you kidding me?!"
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
— Upon opening the first Brute crate
Playa Female 1: "We have to get past that guy...?"
Playa Female 2: "We have to be getting past another big guy!"
Playa Female 3: "That asshole up there's blocking the way..."
Playa Male 1: "That asshole up there's blocking the way..."
Playa Male 2: "That fucker's blocking the way!"
Playa Male 3: "He's blocking the way!"
Playa Zombie: "Garbled"
— Upon discovering the second Brute
Playa Female 1: "These crates never end!"
Playa Female 2: "They are bringing in a lot of boxes."
Playa Female 3: "Damn, there's still more crates?"
Playa Male 1: "Jesus, how many crates did they bring in?"
Playa Male 2: "They really need this many crates?"
Playa Male 3: "How many bloody crates are there?"
Playa Zombie: "Growls"
— Complaining about the number of crates.
Zimos: "We better load these bitches up before your boy gets here."
Playa Female 1: "Everyone in the crate. Move it!"
Playa Female 2: "Listen up, ladies! To get off this ship, you must be getting in that box!"
Playa Female 3: "Get your asses in the crate, ladies."
Playa Male 1: "You want out of here, you get in the crate."
Playa Male 2: "You heard the man, into the crate!"
Playa Male 3: "Everyone in the crates!"
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
Ho #5: "I've been in there so long already!"
Ho #4: "Not the box!"
Zimos: "They're comin' for the boat."
Playa Female 1: "Oh great..."
Playa Female 2: "I can hear them."
Playa Female 3: "Yeah, I know."
Playa Male 1: "I hear 'em."
Playa Male 2: "Think they're pissed..."
Playa Male 3: "I hear them!"
Playa Zombie: "Grumbles"
Zimos: "Think I saw some big firepower layin' on those platforms on the sides."
— Enemies approaching
Playa Female 1: "Well hello beautiful..."
Playa Female 2: "Ah... This will be very useful."
Playa Female 3: "Hell yeah!"
Playa Male 1: "Merry Christmas to me..."
Playa Male 2: "Ooo, this is what I'm talkin' about!"
Playa Male 3: "It's just so beautiful..."
Playa Zombie: "Sneers"
— After picking up the minigun
Zimos: "Looks like these bitches got through!"
Playa Female 1: "Oh fun... on my way!"
Playa Female 2: "Wonderful. I'll take care of them."
Playa Female 3: "Great... I'm comin'!"
Playa Male 1: "Great... I'm comin'!"
Playa Male 2: "Ah shit... I'm comin'!"
Playa Male 3: "Fantastic... I'm coming."
Playa Zombie: "Moans"
— Helis Dropping Off Guys 1
Zimos: "Baby, this here will all be over soon."
Zimos: "Don't worry, ladies, Zimos will take good care of you."
Zimos: "Everything's cool, I prom... damn that's a fine ass."
Zimos: "It's alright if you need to hold each other."
Zimos: "Ladies, ladies... don't worry, I'll protect you."
Zimos: "So which one of you needs a lap to cry in?"
Zimos: "Y'all can stay at my place for a while."
Zimos: "You free later for a little quality time with the Z?"
— Zimos Taking Care of Hos
Pierce: "I'm almost there. Hold them off while I'm coming in."
Playa Female 1: "No problem."
Playa Female 2: "We will handle it, Pierce."
Playa Female 3: "We're on it, Pierce."
Playa Male 1: "We're on it, Pierce."
Playa Male 2: "Alright, we'll get it clear, Pierce."
Playa Male 3: "On it."
Playa Zombie: "Garbled"
— Pierce approaching
Zimos: "You think they ain't happy with us?"
Playa Female 1: "Maybe a little bit."
Playa Female 2: "They're probably jealous."
Playa Female 3: "Too bad if they aren't."
Playa Male 1: "They'll get over it."
Playa Male 2: "Yeah, but fuck 'em."
Playa Male 3: "I really couldn't care."
Playa Zombie: "Sneers"
— Morningstar attacking
Playa Female 1: "Well, that was exciting."
Playa Female 2: "The fun is over, Pierce. We are clear."
Playa Female 3: "Alright, Pierce, we're clear."
Playa Male 1: "Alright, Pierce, we're clear."
Playa Male 2: "Lookin' clear, Pierce."
Playa Male 3: "Deep breath, Pierce. We're clear."
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "Let's load these hos up then and get the hell outta here."
— After Morningstar have been killed
Playa Female 1: "Kinda feeling set up here..."
Playa Female 2: "I think we have been set up. We walked right into an ambush!"
Playa Female 3: "Guess they knew we were coming..."
Playa Male 1: "Feels like these guys knew we were coming..."
Playa Male 2: "Thought it would just be the crew on here."
Playa Male 3: "They knew we were coming!"
Playa Zombie: "Sneers"
Zimos: "Morningstar always protect their shipment. It ain't nothin' new."
Playa Female 1: "Isn't this a lot of guards, though?"
Playa Female 2: "Like this? There is a small army on this boat!"
Playa Female 3: "Yeah, but don't you think this is a little extreme?"
Playa Male 1: "With this many guards?"
Playa Male 2: "Yeah, but for a few girls like this?"
Playa Male 3: "With a goddamn army?"
Playa Zombie: "Moans"
Zimos: "Like I always say, pussy's big business in this town."
Here's the heli, time to go.
— Zimos, as Pierce arrives

Playa Female 1: "Keep tight on Pierce."
Playa Female 2: "You must keep in range of"
Playa Female 3: "Keep us close to Pierce."
Playa Male 1: "Keep us close to Pierce."
Playa Male 2: "Stay on Pierce."
Playa Male 3: "Keep it close to Pierce"
Playa Zombie: "Gargles"
Pilot: "You got it."
— After boarding the helicopter
Pierce: "Shit, are those rockets? Get them off me!"
Playa Female 1: "I got this, keep moving."
Playa Female 2: "No worries. I'm on it."
Playa Female 3: "Keep it together, will you?"
Playa Male 1: "Just keep going, I'll take care of 'em."
Playa Male 2: "Hey I got your back, Pierce."
Playa Male 3: "Relax..."
Playa Zombie: "Snarls"
— First group of Morningstar
Pierce: "I'm feelin' the hits here."
Pierce: "Little more cover'd be nice."
Pierce: "Come on, protect my ass."
Pierce: "You're still helpin' me, right?"
— Pierce being attacked
Pierce: "Another group down there."
Playa Female 1: "On it."
Playa Female 2: "Not for much longer."
Playa Female 3: "Yeah yeah, I know."
Playa Male 1: "I see 'em."
Playa Male 2: "On it."
Playa Male 3: "I see them."
Playa Zombie: "Groans"
— Second group of Morningstar
Pilot: "Why're they aiming at us?"
Playa Female 1: "Cause I'm shootin' at 'em..."
Playa Female 2: "They probably want our autographs. Keep flying."
Playa Female 3: "Did you really expect them to stop? Just keep flying."
Playa Male 1: "Probably because they want us dead, just keep flying."
Playa Male 2: "Because we aimin' at them."
Playa Male 3: "Because we're not dead. Keep it steady."
Playa Zombie: "Snarls"
Pilot: "We're under too much fire."
Playa Female 1: "You better keep us up."
Playa Female 2: "I know. It's starting to annoy me."
Playa Female 3: "Just don't crash, alright?"
Playa Male 1: "Just keep us in the air."
Playa Male 2: "Don't you crash this shit on me."
Playa Male 3: "Bit of an understatement, no?"
Playa Zombie: "Growls"
Playa Female 1: "Turn, Pierce, turn!"
Playa Female 2: "Pierce, turn hard to left!"
Playa Female 3: "Pierce, hang a left!"
Playa Male 1: "Pierce, hang a left!"
Playa Male 2: "Below you, Pierce!"
Playa Male 3: "To the left Pierce, to the left!"
Playa Zombie: "Mumbles"
Pierce: "Are those APCs?!"
Playa Female 1: "Give me a sec to clear them out."
Playa Female 2: "Soon they are being scrap metal."
Playa Female 3: "Don't worry, I'll get 'em off you."
Playa Male 1: "Don't worry, I'll get 'em off ya."
Playa Male 2: "Yeah, I'll take care of it."
Playa Male 3: "I'll take care of 'em!"
Playa Zombie: "Moans"
— First group of APCs
Pierce: "Jesus, they're all over the damn roofs."
Playa Female 1: "Focus on flying, will ya?"
Playa Female 2: "Relax Pierce. You are not going down today."
Playa Female 3: "I've got it, alright?"
Playa Male 1: "I'm on it."
Playa Male 2: "Hey just keep flyin' and don't worry about it."
Playa Male 3: "Got 'em."
Playa Zombie: "Moans"
— Third group of Morningstar
Matt Miller: "You have something that belongs to me...."
Playa Female 1: "That so? Who the hell is this?"
Playa Female 2: "How did you get this number? Who are you?"
Playa Female 3: "Who the hell are you?"
Playa Male 1: "Who is this..."
Playa Male 2: "Who the hell are you..."
Playa Male 3: "Who is this?"
Playa Zombie: "Gargles"
Matt Miller: "Someone who's willing to bargin. Bring the girls back to the Morningstar and I'll pay you top dollar a head."
Playa Female 1: "Let me consider it."
Playa Female 2: "If thethe money is good, then perhaps I could consider it."
Playa Female 3: "Is that it? Or is there a catch?"
Playa Male 1: "I'll think about it."
Playa Male 2: "Gonna have to think about it."
Playa Male 3: "What's the catch?"
Playa Zombie: "Grumbles"
Matt Miller: "That's all I'm asking."
Zimos: "What was that about?"
Playa Female 1: "Morningstar offering to buy the girls back."
Playa Female 2: "It seems the Morningstar are willing to pay to be getting the girls back."
Playa Female 3: "The Morningstar wants to pay for the girls."
Playa Male 1: "The Morningstar want to buy their girls back."
Playa Male 2: "The Morningstar wanna buy the girls back."
Playa Male 3: "The Morningstar wants to re-purchase our little tarts."
Playa Zombie: "Grumbles"
Zimos: "I can't do my thing if I got no pussy to sell. The money won't come quick, but you bet it'll come."
— Choice Suggestion
Playa Female 1: "You're with us for a reason, Zimos. Get to pimpin' those girls."
Playa Female 2: "We will be seeing if you are as good as you claim to be. The girls are yours. Make me proud."
Playa Female 3: "Why have a famous Steelport pimp if we aren't using him. Make us some money, Z."
Playa Male 1: "Why have a famous Steelport pimp if we aren't using him. The girls are all yours, Z. Put 'em to good use."
Playa Male 2: "If you're half as good as you say, I'm bettin' you'll make me more with the girls Take 'em, Z."
Playa Male 3: "You talk a good game. Now back it up. Don't make me regret this."
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
— Keep the Hos
Playa Female 1: "Deal's too good. I gotta take it, Zimos."
Playa Female 2: "We need the cash now. I am sorry Zimos, you will have to be building a stable some other way."
Playa Female 3: "I'm sure there will be other pussy to sell. We're making the deal."
Playa Male 1: "We could use the cash, sorry Z... we're making the deal."
Playa Male 2: "The money's too good right now, Z. Sorry man."
Playa Male 3: "We need the liquidity... Sorry, Z, we're moving forward with the deal."
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
— Deliver the Hos


I ain't getting too close until it's clear down there.
— Pierce

I saw Morningstar settin' up on rooftops on my way here. Let's hope that ain't about us.
— Pierce

Playa Female 1: "Some choppers right on you, Pierce."
Playa Female 2: "Pierce, they are sending choppers at you."
Playa Female 3: "They're on you, Pierce."
Playa Male 1: "Pierce, you got choppers on you."
Playa Male 2: "Incoming choppers."
Playa Male 3: "Pierce, watch your six!"
Playa Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "Well get them the hell off me."
Playa Female 1: "Workin' on it."
Playa Female 2: "As you command, oh fearless leader."
Playa Female 3: "You don't think I'm trying?"
Playa Male 1: "Hang in there."
Playa Male 2: "Hold your shit, I'm on it."
Playa Male 3: "Hold tight."
Playa Zombie: "Roars"
— Helicopters 1
I'm still taking fire here.
— Pierce, Helicopters nag 2

Zimos: "More company gettin' dropped off!"
Zimos: "They keep coming!"
— Helis Dropping Off Guys
Pierce: "Shit's too hot up in there. Clear it out, I'll hang back a bit."
Playa Female 1: "Why do I have to clean these bastards up?"
Playa Female 2: "You just want me to be shot at instead of you."
Playa Female 3: "I see how it is... make me go first."
Playa Male 1: "Always sendin' me in first..."
Playa Male 2: "Why don't you ever go in first?"
Playa Male 3: "How come I always do the heavy lifting."
Playa Zombie: "Snarls"
Pierce: "Your fault for bein' boss I guess."
Playa Female 1: "Next time I'm carrying the hos..."
Playa Female 2: "Then maybe I should let you be boss for awhile."
Playa Female 3: "Who made these rules up?"
Playa Male 1: "Yeah, that means I should be the one in back."
Playa Male 2: "Next time I'm sendin' somebody else..."
Playa Male 3: "We should trade jobs."
Playa Zombie: "Grumbles"
— Pierce Hangs Back
Playa Female 1: "Another APC!"
Playa Female 2: "There are more APCs!"
Playa Female 3: "More APCs!"
Playa Male 1: "More APCs!"
Playa Male 2: "Yo, more APCs!"
Playa Male 3: "More APCs!"
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "Well fuck 'em up already!"
— Second Tank Attack

Cutscene #2[]

3 Count Casino Sport Book
Killbane: "What the hell were you thinking, Matty?"
Matt: "It just seemed like a waste to lose all those girls."
Killbane: "I am the general, I'm the czar, I'm the Walking Apocalypse, and I make the decisions--not you!"
Matt: "My bad, mate. So what happens now?"
Killbane: "We buckle down. We focus. We don't do a run in, we hit 'em with a Montreal screw-job."
Killbane: "Yeah...that's it... Now listen up..."
Monica: "My Esteemed Colleagues. The time is now...we have deployed STAG to Steelport."


Zimos and Playa watch the cargo ship from the docks

Playa hands a bum their binoculars as they walk away

Get to Cargo Ship objective

Boat Location

BDSM object 1

BDSM object 2

BDSM object 3

BDSM object 4

The Ho Boat - empty truck

The Ho Boat - 3 Count Casino sport book

After the mission, Killbane chastises and almost hits Matt Miller with a chair after the latter's actions regarding Playa

Monica Hughes announces the deployment of STAG in Steelport

The final image used at the end of the mission

UI image used when saving after this mission


  1. 1.0 1.1 Mission: Gang Bang
  2. Choice: Deliver hos to Morningstar
  3. Choice: Keep hos for the Saints