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All Saints Row DLC has recently been re-added to the xbox marketplace.
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The Gankster Pack[1] is a downloadable content pack for Saints Row.[2]


The Gankster Pack was released on the Xbox 360 Marketplace on 2006-12-19, is 94.37 MB and costs 400 Microsoft Points.

In September 2012, this and all other Saints Row DLC was removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace, but in July 2015 returned in store for $4.99.

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The pack adds 2 new vehicles into the game which can be purchased at Foreign Power for $1 each.

A vintage hotrod-like coupe similar to a 1932 Ford Highboy,
A stock-car racer similar to the ones used at NASCAR.


The Gankster Pack includes the Co-op mode Heist, which takes place in a map named "Stayin Alive".

Designed for co-op, Heist takes place in a bank. In this mode you and your ally have been caught in the act of robbing a bank. You must open the vault via three key locations, grab the cash, and escape... all while being attacked by the relentless Stilwater PD.
— In-game description


  • The Xbox marketplace lists the name as "Gankster Pack", but the in-game name is "The Gankster Pack".[1]


A customised Rumbler

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