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The Fight Before Christmas
HtSSC The Fight before Christmas complete
"The Fight Before Christmas" mission completion screen

How the Saints Save Christmas


Future Shaundi, Santa, Mrs. Claus


Marked: ?. Minimum kills: ?

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Miracle on 3rd Street The Santa Clawz

The Fight Before Christmas is the second mission in Saints Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmas.

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we must keep the holidays alive!
— Quest description


Star saints

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Future Shaundi informs The Protagonist that Clawz has been manufacturing weapons instead of whatever items the kids normally asks for and that the elves resistance are going to fail unless they help them stop Clawz.

The Protagonist, Future Shaundi and Santa arrive in the North Pole and head for the workshop. There are Snowmen set up around the North Pole mocking Christmas, much to Santa's displeasure, although Future Shaundi warns them that the Snowmen mocking Christmas is only the beginning. Upon getting to the courtyard outside the workshop, Santa finds his prized pine tree ablaze and the heads of his reindeer on pikes, much to his dispair. The Protagonist warns Santa to stay back but refuses and declares he's taking back the North Pole, being backed up by Future Shaundi. Tinsel ,the leader of the Elf resistance, calls out to Santa and warns him about the fleet of mechanical reindeer that Clawz has been creating.

After clearing the courtyard, the trio finds the entrance locked, this prompts The Protagonist to ask where the stables are. They find the Robo-reindeer Tinsel mentioned, much to Santa's and Future Shaundi's disgust. Future Shaudi, disgusted at the sight, attempts to curse. but restrains her bad language, much to The Protagonist's surprise. Future Shaundi points out is due to Santa being with her, but Santa mentions that bad language doesn't bother him. After deactivating the Robo-reindeer, Twinkle arrives and declares how Clawz made him and other traitorous elves a deal to work for him and enlarged them to human size. After a brief chase, Twinkle and the trio arrive at the workshop's back entrance only to find it crawling with elves. Twinkle is eventually killed and Santa becomes upset with Twinkle's traitorous deeds and death. Future Shaundi assures Santa that everything will be fine, but The Protagonist shows little emotion or care.

The group enters the workshop packaging area and Santa informs the Saints that the only way into the workshop is via the conveyor-belt. Future Shaundi tries to get through to The Protagonist about why they don't care, although they remark that they are not going to fake being interested leaving Future Shaundi saddened by The Protagonist's lack of care. The Protagonist and Santa puts on Christmas packaging for disguise and Santa asks Future Shaundi to stay behind, although Shaundi refuses to leave Santa's and refuses to give him up, but Santa eventually convinces her that she needs to stay behind, although asks Santa to not forget her and promises Future Shaundi that he won't forget.

The Protagonist and Santa gets into the workshop and finds Mrs. Claus and the elves fighting back against Clawz's Gingerbread men and Nutcrackers. Mrs. Claus assures The Protagonist and Santa that The North Pole is safe, and surprises The Protagonist that The North Pole was a weapon, in which Mrs. Claus confirms. Santa tells The Protagonist that there might be a gift for them, in which they find a Christmastime Dubstep Gun, much to The Protagonist's happiness. Clawz shows up and attack them, but he eventually gets repealed back, in which The Protagonist points out that he may have jumped simulations.

After going back outside, Santa expressed sadness that the workshop is in shambles, but is assured by Mrs. Claus that it can be rebuilt, getting slight acknowledgement from The Protagonist. As The Protagonist and Santa get on the Sleigh and prepares to track down Clawz, Santa remembers that Future Shaundi is still in the workshop, so Mrs. Claus agrees to get her while The Protagonist and Santa go to save Christmas.


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Go to Courtyard
Clear Courtyard
Go to Workshop Door
Go to Stables or lick Door
Disable Reindeer
Go to Stables
Disable Reindeer
Chase Twinkle
Defeat the Giant Elves
Go to Warehouse
Get Disguise
Go to Present Sorter
Clear Workshop
Go to Santa's room
Search Presents
Defeat Clawz with Christmas Gun
Crush Rebellion
Exit Workshop
Get in Sleigh


  • Weapon Costume - North Pole unlocked
  • Homie - Mrs. Claus unlocked
  • Vehicle - Sleigh One unlocked
  • Costume - Elf Suit unlocked
  • Weapon Costume - Xmas Dubstep unlocked
  • Outfit - Santa Suit unlocked
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  • When in range of the two stables, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies is played.
  • This mission takes place within the North Pole, and is the only mission where you can visit here.
    • Because this mission does not take place in dark Steelport, the Map or the phone in the Hub are inaccessible.
  • The title is a reference to the first line of the 1823 poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas.
  • After licking the candy instead of going to stables, it is revealed that the door is locked. It's much faster to go directly to Stables, though The Protagonist can still lick it for some hilarious lines. This will also grant The Protagonist the Minty Fresh! achievement.
    • Licking candy can take a while. It's best to have a Co-Op player to decrease the time needed to licking the candy.
  • In Co-Op mode. There's a bug where one of the player's Christmas package is invisible, this does not affect the gameplay however.
  • One of the caves on the outskirts of town contains a blue Portable toilet labeled "Turdis" with pooping noises. This is a reference to the Tardis.
  • In back of the first cave, there is a gingerbread man hanging upsidedown from the ceiling which is missing a head and 1 arm, with a red candy-cane themed lightsaber nearby. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is in a similar situation.


  • The Protagonist and Future Shaundi standing near the entrance of the North Pole
  • The Protagonist running to the Courtyard
  • Santa's prized pine tree ablaze and the Reindears beheaded on spikes
  • The Protagonist fighting off Toy Soldiers and Gingerbread men
  • The Protagonist licking the candy cane on the door
  • The Stables where the Robo-Reindears are stored
  • The Protagonist disabling one of the Robo-Reindears
  • The Protagonist and Santa disguised as presents while Future Shaundi stays put
  • The Protagonist and Santa arrives to help Mrs Claus clear the Workshop
  • The Protagonist gets a Christmas Dubstep Gun as a gift
  • The Protagonist fighting Clawz with the Christmas Dubstep Gun


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