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The Brotherhood is a gang in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV.[5]


The Brotherhood are Stilwater natives long victimized by gang warfare and police corruption. Instead of money laundering and blackmail, The Brotherhood simply drive up to a store in a large truck and take what they want. If anyone gets in their way, they kill them.


The Brotherhood is led by Maero, a tall and muscular tattooed man. Their gang color is red, and their symbol is a red wolf. The gang is formed from the outcasts and dredge of Stilwater's slums.[6] The gang is primarily composed of Caucasians and Hispanics. They wear piercings and tattoos. They drive Swindles, Legions, Alaskans and Compensators and listen to The Krunch 106.66. Maero's lieutenants are his girlfriend Jessica, Matt, his tattoo artist, best friend, and also a lead singer for a popular heavy metal band called the Feed Dogs, and Donnie, former Westside Rollerz member, who also serves as Maero's personal mechanic for his Atlasbreaker. The Brotherhood operate in areas previously owned by Los Carnales: the industrial area of the city and the airport, with the Brotherhood hideout being in a large warehouse on the docks. The Brotherhood are specialized in weapons dealing, modified car racquets[sic] ,[6] and protection rackets.[imagerefs 1]


The Brotherhood flash their allegiance with numerous piercings and tattoos, bright colors, and gas-guzzling trucks. A majority of their gang clothing comes from either; Branded for trousers, usually canvas pants; Sloppy Seconds for their upper torso, torn t-shirts or black tank tops, Leather and Lace for boots and over shirts, usually leather vests, and Nobody Loves Me for their tribal belts and piercings. The gang members are usually sloppy and prefer heavy hits in their attacks and strong weaponry over accuracy, intimidation being their most valuable asset.


The Brotherhood are better armed than other gangs, as they are weapons dealers with a shipment of weapons which came from an unknown location. They use GDHC .50 pistols; Sledgehammers; 12 Gauges; SKR-9 Threats; K6 Krukovs; Pipe Bombs; Molotov Cocktails; Hand Grenades and in some missions - RPGs. They do protection rackets (as they extort several shop owners), they also do prostitution[7] and drug dealing.[8] In a melee brawl, they capitalise Sledgehammers and wrestling in to their fighting style picking to end them soon rather than later. Their activities are funded by Jessica and other girls like her.[6]


  • The Brotherhood have many similarities with Los Carnales. Their logo, a wolf, has a cross within it (Los Carnales' logo). They wear the color red, have Hispanic members, smuggle weapons, and occupy the same approximate turf. "Los Carnales" loosely translates from Spanish slang to "The Brothers". Maero was said to also be friends with the Carnales' enforcer, Victor Rodriguez.[9]
  • Completing the final Brotherhood mission[10] unlocks the Brother's Keeper achievement for the Xbox 360.
  • The Brotherhood resemble various outlaw motorcycle groups and street gangs. They wear "patches" like a motorcycle gang, and gunrunning is a trade normally associated with outlaw motorcycle groups. Despite this, they use motorcycles rarely, opting instead for large SUVs and Trucks.
    • They appear to have the same style of vests to the fictitious and eponymous gang of the 1979 film The Warriors.
  • A news report during the The Anna Show cutscene reveals that Maero and a group of members from The Brotherhood went on a violent rampage in Ezpata, a location in Brotherhood territory, below Copperton. The news report video shows a news reporter filming Maero robbing a liquor store with a Brotherhood gang member and a large Asian woman standing up to him, only to be killed by a lower cut punch. He then runs the reporter over in his Compensator.
  • The Brotherhood vehicles on the Unlock Screen shows the Swindle, Legion, and the Alaskan with different trim colors. The Compensator also has a different grill shaped like a wolf.[imagerefs 2]
  • In Saints Row 2, Playa attacks a member of The Brotherhood for changing the television station during the trial of Johnny Gat, before knowing anything about the outlaw gang.[11]
  • The "Wardill Airport Hangars" Stronghold depicts a meeting between The Brotherhood and a European gang. It has been speculated that this may relate to the Morningstar in Saints Row: The Third, but there is no proof of this.
  • Unlike most gangs, The Brotherhood attempted to work with the Saints, offering a minuscule share of their latest shipment to which they refuse.
  • The Brotherhood is the only gang that doesn't have a neighbourhood on both islands.


Brotherhood Promo wallpaper

Brotherhood Member Wallpaper

Brotherhood Member Wallpaper

Brotherhood logo (3d)

Brotherhood logo (flat)

Early concept art of the Brotherhood gang member designs

Concept art of Brotherhood members

Concept art of Brotherhood members

Brotherhood vehicles unlock screen

Brotherhood graffiti





Female Brotherhood member

Male Brotherhood member

Brotherhood members at the Ultor Dome

Brotherhood promo - Brotherhood members fighting Playa

Brotherhood - female lieutenant - hispanic - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - female lieutenant - white - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - female soldier - hispanic - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - female soldier - white - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - male lieutenant - hispanic - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - male lieutenant - white - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - male soldier - hispanic - character model in Saints Row 2

Brotherhood - male soldier - white - character model in Saints Row 2

The Brotherhood in Saints Row IV

Pump up the Volume in a Saints Row IV livestream

Brotherhood (mission) - Destroy Trucks

Brotherhood member in Saints Row IV

Close-up of Brotherhood member in Saints Row IV

Brotherhood 01 - character model in Saints Row IV

Brotherhood 02 - character model in Saints Row IV


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