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Thank You and Goodnight!
"Thank You and Goodnight!" mission completion screen
"Thank You and Goodnight!" mission completion screen
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The Brotherhood




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"Thank You and Goodnight!" is the sixth mission of the The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Feed Dogs concert hailed "best ever"
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


At the Saints Hideout with Shaundi and Pierce, Playa laments their failure to ask Jessica about the shipment before killing her.[1] Playa is sure Donnie won't know about it after displeasing Maero, and so decides to question Matt.[2]

Together with Pierce, Playa steals a Delivery Truck carrying fireworks and uses it to get past The Brotherhood and gain access to the Feed Dogs concert, where Matt is playing. Matt has little information to give and only knows that the shipment is coming in by boat. Playa, furious, mercilessly holds down Matt's hand as the pyrotechnics display activates, burning and crippling his hand and arm. As Playa leaves, they phone Shaundi and ask her to find out what she can on the shipment by "[making] new friends" at the docks.[3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Doctors are not optimistic that the lead guitarist for the Feed Dogs will ever play again after a mis-used pyrotechnic seared his hand earlier today. After leading Brotherhood members on a wild chase through the city, witnesses say members of the Third Street Saints stormed the stage and assaulted the band before the leader scared everyone out of the area


Thank You and Goodnight! - Protect the truck objective.png

Pick up the fireworks truck from the warehouse

Drive Pierce to a specific warehouse.

Kill the Brotherhood guarding the truck

Eliminate all of the The Brotherhood enemies outside.

Get into the Fireworks Truck

Hop into the Delivery Truck to hunt down Matt for information.

Throw fireworks boxes to defend the truck
Get to the Arena

While Pierce drives the truck to the concert, there are unlimited crates of Fireworks are supplied defend the truck from incoming enemies. If the Fireworks hit a vehicle, they instantly explode; otherwise, they have a fuse. Any vehicle caught inside the fireworks' explosion is instantly destroyed.


In Co-op, the mission plays slightly different: the guest drives the truck instead of Pierce and there is also a 3 minute countdown. There are also get 4 units of Brotherhood Notoriety instead of 3 while in a truck.



The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.


"Music Lovers" cutscene[]

Shaundi: "I think you're bein' too hard on yourself..."
Pierce: "Yeah, that car crushin' thing was pretty tight."
Playa: "Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of my work, it's just...I got so wrapped up sending Maero a message I never asked Jessica about the shipment."
Playa - Male 2: "Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of my work, it's just...I got so wrapped up in sending Maero a message I never asked Jessica about the shipment."
Pierce: "Bitch is dead, who cares about the shipment?"
Playa: "I do."
Playa: "It's something that Maero wants, and that means I'm gonna take it."
Shaundi: "Alright, there's gotta be someone you can pump for information, what about Donnie?"
Playa: "He got manhandled twice I'm pretty sure he's out of the loop, if not dead."
Pierce: "What about their tat-"
Shaundi: "What about their tattoo artist?"
Playa: "Good idea"
Playa - Male 2: "Good idea."
Pierce: "What just happened?"
Playa: "Shaundi had a good idea."
Pierce: "What-the-fuck-ever, she stole min-"
Shaundi: "Don't be jealous Pierce, we're all on the same team. You said before that this guy's in a band called The Feed Dogs, right?"
Playa: "Yeah..."
Shaundi: "They're playin' shouldn't be too hard to crash the show."
Playa: "Nice call Shaundi."
Shaundi: "Anytime."
— "Music Lovers" cutscene


Playa (Male Voice 1): "Ok, let's go get Matt's truck..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Whatchu say we borrow the Feed Dog's pyro truck..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Let's find the Feed Dog's truck..."
Playa (Female Voice 1): "The Feed Dogs gotta have pyro truck..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "You ready to go to a concert Pierce?"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Let's go get Matt's truck..."
— Mission start
Let's see what this bad boy can do...
— Pierce, once in the truck

Pierce switches the channel to 102.4 Klassic FM
Pierce: "Ya hear that? That is music..."
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Pierce...when did you get a vagina?"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "What the hell are we listenin' too?"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "We're gonna have a conversation about your music tastes, Pierce..."
Playa (Female Voice 1): " there something you're not telling me..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "You gotta be kiddin' me..."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Is this the softer side of Pierce?"
Pierce: "Yo fuck you, I'm drivin' we gonna listen to whatever the hell I want..."
— While driving to the warehouse
Pierce: "You doin' 'aight back there?"
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Don't worry 'bout me, just get us to the concert..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "I'm fine, keep drivin'!"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "I'll be doin' better once I blow all these assholes up!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "I'm gettin' shot at but beyond that, I'm great..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "I'm cool Pierce, just keep drivin'!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "I'll be fine, just get us there in one piece..."
— While driving to the concert
Playa (Male Voice 1): "I tell ya Pierce, you wanna move up in the Saints you gotta start getting ideas like Shaundi..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "It's like I've been sayin' Pierce, Shaundi's been on point with the good ideas..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "I gotta hand it to Shaundi, this is a helluva plan..."
Playa (Female Voice 1): "I gotta hand it to Shaundi...this plan of her's might work..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "My girl Shaundi's been steppin' up her game, hasn't she?"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "I'm glad Shaundi came up with this plan..."
Pierce: "Why the fuck you gotta bring up Shaundi, I'm the one drivin' the damn truck..."
— While driving to the concert
The concert's started, get in there!
— Pierce, upon arrival

"And the Band Played On" cutscene[]

Playa: "Back off."
Playa: "What's the shipment?"
Matt: "The fuck are you talking about?"
Playa: "Don't fuck with me, Matt, you got a lotta gear on this stage I haven't played with yet..."
Matt: "You gotta believe me, I just tattoo the gang, they don't fill me in on what they're doing."
Playa: "All that time you inked up Maero and you never heard him talk about a shipment with Jessica?"
Matt: "All I heard is that it was coming in by boat...they leave me out of the loop on purpose, they were trying to keep me from getting mixed up in their shit."
Playa: "Your friends should have tried harder."
Matt: "Come on, I told you everything I know!"
Playa: "Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you..."
Matt: "*screams*"
Playa: "Enjoy your retirement, Matt..."
Playa calls Shaundi
Playa: "Hey, Shaundi?"
Shaundi: "'Sup?"
Playa: "You know anyone that works at the docks?"
Shaundi: "Not really..."
Playa: "Looks like you get to make some new friends...Maero's got a shipment comin' in by boat and I wanna get it before he does."
Shaundi: "OK, I'll take care of it."
— "And the Band Played On" cutscene


Pierce, Shaundi, and Playa discuss their next move at the Saints Hideout

Matt and the Feed Dogs perform on stage

Matt is held at gunpoint by Playa, who demands to know everything about the shipment

Playa cripples Matt's arm

After Matt tells him the shipment will arrive by boat, Playa uses the stage's pyrotechnics to cripple his arm

Loading screen used after completing "Thank You and Goodnight!"

Loading screen used after completing "Thank You and Goodnight!"

Loading screen used after completing "Thank You and Goodnight!"

The fireworks truck

Thank You and Goodnight! - Protect the truck objective

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