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Testicular Assault upon a Luchadores gang member with a Gat Mobile in the background.png

Testicular Assault is a Melee Attack Move in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


The basic melee attack with most weapons is an attack to the groin. The only two weapons that cannot be used to perform a Testicular Assault are the Apoca-Fists, which explode the victims; and the Woodsman, which uses a custom animation of cutting the enemy in half.

Testicular Assault is performed by pressing the Melee button while in the melee range of an enemy.

Performing this move as a killing blow on a male enemy gang member, the player can earn respect through "Testicular Manslaughter". It can be stacked 9 times in a row to earn maximum respect from the Testicular Manslaughter Diversion.

Despite the name, a Testicular Assault can be performed on both males and females, however, attacking females does not trigger the Testicular Manslaughter diversion.

Coupled with Nutshots, Testicular Manslaughter can earn the player the Achievement/Trophy "Ow My Balls!".


There are different animations for the attack and reaction of the victims, for different weapons. There are 2 sets of animations for each weapon. These occur depending on which way the opponent is facing. Some moves have a longer reaction if the attack is not a killing blow.

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  • Unarmed
    • Frontal Assault - Eye rake and then duck, punch the groin.
    • Rear Assault - Kick between the legs from behind, turn the victim around by their shoulder and duck before socking another one right in the groin.
    • Frontal Reaction - Grabs eyes, then grab crotch. Fall down while moving hands from groin to eyes and vice versa.
    • Rear Reaction - Keel over, holding the privates, then get turned around and take one step back from the second hit before falling down.
  • Melee Weapons (The Penetrator, Baseball Bat, Nocturne)
    • Frontal Assault - A straight kick to the groin.
    • Rear Assault - A hard punt between the legs from behind that totally lifts the opponent off.
    • Frontal Reaction - Grab the groin and falls on the knees before standing up again. (Reaction shorter during killing blows).
    • Rear Reaction - Get lifted off the ground, spin in mid air and fall down.
  • Handguns (45 Shepherd, KA-1 Kobra, Stun Gun)
    • Frontal Assault - Take the gun on the left hand, duck and sock in the groin with the right hand.
    • Rear Assault - Turn the victim around and backhand their crotch with the gun's butt.
    • Frontal Reaction - Same as the Melee Weapons.
    • Rear Reaction - Holds crotch and falls laterally on the back.
  • Dual Wieldables (45 Shepherd, KA-1 Kobra, D4TH Blossom, TEK Z-10, Cyber Blaster)
    • Frontal Assault - Leg sweep and elbow drop to the groin.
    • Rear Assault - Swing the right hand weapon up between the legs from behind.
    • Frontal Reaction - Falls on the ground, holds the crotch after the elbow, and violently shakes the legs (Reaction shorter during killing blows).
    • Rear Reaction - Get lifted in the air a little and falls face first while clasping the groin.
  • Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns (AS3 Ultimax, S3X Hammer), Specials (Except Reaper Drone and Cyber Buster)
    • Frontal Assault - A back kick right to the groin.
    • Rear Assault - Turn the enemy around by the shoulder and hit the groin with the rear end of the gun.
    • Frontal Reaction - Grabs the aching part with both hands and fall down on all fours. Coughs very hard then holds the groin again and stands up. This reaction takes about 7 seconds (Reaction shorter during killing blows).
    • Rear Reaction - Same as the Handguns'.
  • Shotguns (Grave Digger, Bling Shotgun, Shark-O-Matic)
    • Frontal Assault - Spins the shotgun and smashes it up between the legs.
    • Rear Assault - Spins the shotgun, ducks and swings it up between the legs from behind.
    • Frontal Reaction - Holds crotch and falls down face first. Slaps on the ground once before ragdolling.
    • Rear Reaction - Same as the Dual Wieldables'.
  • Explosives (Annihilator, M2 Grenade Launcher, Mollusk Launcher)
    • Frontal Assault - Swings the weapon up between the legs.
    • Rear Assault - Turns the enemy around and hits the groin with the front end of the weapon.
    • Frontal Reaction - Holds the crotch with both hands and bends over. Then leans back and rubs the sore part for a while. Then bends over again and then stands up straight. With hands behind the head, jumps a few times to shake of the pain and then grabs the part with both hands. Bends over for a short time and gets back to action. This is the longest reaction, extending to approximately 13 seconds (Reaction shorter on killing blows).
    • Rear Reaction - Same as the Handguns'.
  • Satchel Charges
    • Frontal Assault - Backhand punch to the groin and slap in the face with the charges.
    • Rear Assault - A hard kick in the ass.
    • Frontal Reaction - Holds the crotch, then the face, then grabs the gonads with both hands and take two steps back. Then with a "What gives?" reaction, falls down on the back.
    • Rear Reaction - Holds the buttocks with both hands and jumps twice. (Event though this is not a valid testicular attack, it still gives the testicular manslaughter under the correct circumstances)
  • Reaper Drone
    • Frontal Assault - Swing the case up between the legs and slap in the face.
    • Rear Assault - Throw the victim down on the ground and slams the case into the target location.
    • Frontal Reaction - Hold the crotch and falls down on the sides from the slap.
    • Rear Reaction - While on the ground, grabs the spot for a short time.
  • Cyber Buster
    • Frontal Assault - Similar to the Shotguns'.
    • Rear Assault - Similar to the Handguns'.
    • Frontal Reaction - Same as the Shotguns'.
    • Rear Reaction - Same as the Handguns'.


  • Testicular Assault never involves any sharp objects (Nocturne, Upgraded Baseball Bat)[Reference needed]