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Tera[2] is a character in Ultor Exposed.

Listen smartass, you have no idea how hard it is to be in front of the camera.
Tera - listen smartass
— Tera[3]


Tera is a microbiologist, who worked for the Ultor Corporation before approaching the 3rd Street Saints in order to uncover some of Ultor's shady dealings, with protection in return.[4] She appears only in the Ultor Exposed pack.

Tera had been trying to find ways to increase miners' lung capacity, but with what Ultor was doing to innocent civilians to get results she joined the 3rd Street Saints to bring all of Ultor's crimes to the public eye.

Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed

Tera meets with Playa at the Saints Hideout and asks Playa to dig up and find some of the bodies she did experiments on for Ultor.[4] After six bodies are found, Playa delivers them to Channel 6. When they run a cover-up story, Tera decides to come up with another way to make the news team pay attention. Tera and Playa steal a Runner that Ultor is using to transport chemicals and protects it from attacking Masako forces, and they hide the truck at the airport.[5] All of the evidence is then taken to Mount Claflin, where the Saints hold back the Masako Team, who are attempting to destroy the truck before it can be taken to the news team. After the Masako are taken care of, the truck is then taken to the news crew in their van nearby. Ultor attacks by sending Masako Vultures out in a final attempt to take out the truck and any evidence of their wrongdoings - when the helicopters are destroyed, Tera has an interview with Jane Valderama.

Tera explains to Jane that Ultor is conducting inhumane experiments, however Jane manages to twist Tera's words and create the story that Tera is a scientist gone rogue, and had done these experiments herself. After the cameras are finished rolling Jane makes a hint that Ultor paid her to make this claim and then walks away, Tera vowing vengeance against the company that both destroyed her career and her reputation internationally.[6]


Tera Patrick in Freckle Bitches promo

Tera Patrick in the DLC Deal of the Week trailer for Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed, parodying Freckle Bitch's.

  • She is based on and voiced by the famous pornographic actress Tera Patrick. In-game, her full name only appears in the cellphone after she is unlocked as a homie, and is not mentioned elsewhere.
  • Like Gary Busey, Tera Patrick was apparently going to be featured extensively in the advertisement campaign of Saints Row 2. However, unlike Busey (who appeared in many trailers for the game), she only ever appeared in one Developer Diary teaser[7] and a Deal of the Week DLC trailer for Ultor Exposed.[8]
  • Throughout Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed, there are many tongue-in-cheek references to the real Tera Patrick and her career as a pornstar.
    • When Tera was nervous before doing the interview with Jane Valderama, Playa suggests imagining everyone is in their underwear, to which Tera replies "No, I have a thing with nudity".[9]
    • One of her Homie lines is "Just pretend it's a fetish film".[10]
    • Her vehicle is named the Temptress - a temptress is "a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive".[11]
    • In the game, she was a microbiologist for Ultor. In real life, Tera Patrick has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]
    • After Ultor Exposed, Tera works at a hospital.[19] In real life, Tera Patrick has an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in nursing.[12][14]
    • Tera tells Playa to tell people her name is "Brooke Thomas", which is one of Tera Patrick's porn aliases.[20][21]
  • Calling Tera as a Homie for the first time unlocks the Achievement "Phone Sex", worth 20Gamerscore icon.
  • Tera is supposed to be unlocked after completing "America's Next Top Scientist", but is silently added to the Cellphone after installing the DLC.[22]
  • Tera researching ways to increase miners' lung capacity is a reference to Red Faction, where Ultor uses nanotechnology.
  • If Playa crashes a car with Tera as a homie, she sometimes says, "this is a joke, right, where's Ashton". This is a reference to the MTV hit show punk'd, hosted by Ashton Kutcher.
  • The Tera model used in the DLC is named "Tera2", because the NPC "Tera" is an unused, unfinished, character model included in the base game.[23]


Tera: "I used to work for Ultor."
Playa: "How? I didn't think Dane had girls like you on retainer."
Tera: "I worked at The Pyramid as a microbiologist, you judgemental prick."
Playa: "A what?"
Tera: "Read a book."
— Tera on the phone with Playa during Weekend at Tera's
Tera: "In... Out..."
Playa: "The hell are you doing?"
Tera: "I'm relaxing..."
Playa: "You really that afraid of looking like a fool on national television?"
Tera: "You're not helping..."
Playa: "You'll be fine. Can't you just imagine people in their underwear?"
Tera: "That won't work. I've got a thing with nudity."
Playa: "Then I guess you're fucked."
Tera: "Again, not helping."
— Tera and Playa during America's Next Top Scientist

Give me a minute, I've got something to finish at the hospital.
Tera homie call - Hospital
— Tera on the phone with Playa when called as a homie

O.K., I'm on my way, just promise me you won't sing "Take On Me".
Tera homie call - Take on me
— Tera on the phone with Playa when called as a homie

It's look like someone needs a microbiologist.
Tera homie call - Microbiologist
— Tera on the phone with Playa when called as a homie

If anyone asks, my name is "Brooke Thomas", you understand?
Tera - Brooke Thomas
— Tera


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