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This template is used to evaluate articles and give them a Star Rating based on Saints Row Wiki:Article Ratings.
This template should be added at the bottom of the article being evaluated, and the url of the current revision should be recorded in the template for future reference.
If you do not understand how to use this template, feel free to contact an Admin for help.
To request that an article be rated, add {{rating}} without any parameters to the article to add it to the "Rating requests" category.

Mark items with 1, 0 or a note. Do not leave fields blank, as it causes problems.

Other acceptable values for "1" are: "yes", "y" and "true".
Anything else with count as 0.
Notes can now be left in the field and will show up as title text when hovering over the Star NA symbol.


| Intro = 1
| Heading = 0
| Category = This article does not have a category.


|Revision       = URL of the revision of the page being reviewed
                   This can be found on the history page

|Image          = Image showing, or representing, the subject of article
|Paragraphs     = Meaningful paragraphs instead of a single block of text
|Sentences      = Article text arranged in sentences, not a list of points
|LinksOut       = At least one link to another article, not counting the game name

|Crosslinks     = Cross-linking with multiple relevant articles

|Detailed       = Detailed write-up about the subject
                   what happens in cutscenes and a list of mission objectives
|Trivia         = Whether it be a comparison to a real-life subject,
                   or an inconsequential observation about the in-game subject

|References     = All facts have references/sources/citations
                   Game events should cite specific missions/cutscenes
                   Facts about the game from external sources should link
                   There should be no {{fact}} tags left in the article

|Gallery        = Multiple images in article
                   Either at least two in the gallery, or relevant images in each section
                   Fails if any image is missing a caption
|WPlinks        = Links to wikipedia regarding real life subjects
                   (These links should almost always be in the trivia section)
|TenLinks       = 10 or more links to/from other articles
|Quotes         = Quotes related to the subject of the article
|Audio          = A quote, or the sound of a weapon or vehicle
|ExtraInfo      = Contains additional information and data, such as tables, statistics, variant details, objective links, etc
|Infobox        = If one exists.  Fails if any fields are marked with ?
|Navbox         = If one exists

|Featured       = Set when a featured article summary has been included
|Summary        = Contains the summary for Template:Random/Featured

|(DummyNote)    = Dummy parameters can be used to add non-important notes

Blank Template:

|Revision       =

|LinksOut       = 0
|Image          = 0
|Paragraphs     = 0
|Sentences      = 0

|Crosslinks     = 0
|References     = 0
|Trivia         = 0
|Detailed       = 0

|Gallery        = 0
|WPlinks        = 0
|TenLinks       = 0
|Quotes         = 0
|Audio          = 0
|ExtraInfo      = 0
|Infobox        = 0
|Navbox         = 0

|Notes          =


  • Trivia counts as Bronze, when necessary.
  • Quotes counts as Silver, when necessary.
  • Criteria count is now 16, 4+4+8, which is a little neater.
  • Articles which meet gold requirements, but do not meet all bronze or silver requirements can display Gold stars. Therefore it is possible to be a 15/16 bronze article.
  • Added Star NA, allowing for comments to be left about why an article doesn't qualify for that point.

There is now a blank template: {{Rating/blank}} which can be inserted into an article using subst.

Usage: {{subst:Rating/blank}}

This will copy the blank template into the article, which saves copy/pasting.

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