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Returns a random page from a category, or a project category using the project= parameter

Unlike other random templates, this template supports substitution.

Usage Example
{{random|Characters in Saints Row}} Vinnie
{{random|Cleanup}} Santa
{{random|Active Discussions}} Talk:Eric Gryphon
{{random|Image requests}} File:Back to Basics - Freckle Bitch's with marker.jpg
{{random|Image requests|File}} File:Commander - Police variant - front right in Saints Row The Third.jpg
{{random|Image requests|}} Demolition Derby
{{random|project=Activity}} Mech Suit Mayhem
{{random|project=Area}} Faithless Hill
{{random|project=Audio}} Funk 98.4
{{random|project=Building}} Suburbs Dock
{{random|project=Character}} Maero
{{random|project=Customization}} Customization Items in Saints Row: The Third
{{random|project=DLC}} Sad Panda
{{random|project=Gang}} The Syndicate
{{random|project=Location}} Docks & Warehouses
{{random|project=Mission}} Fox Drive Weapons Plant
{{random|project=Multiplayer}} Whored Mode
{{random|project=Person}} Hos
{{random|project=Reward}} Soprano
{{random|project=UI}} Combat
{{random|project=Vehicle}} Pony Cart
{{random|project=Weapon}} Super Powers
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