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Returns a random page from a category, or a project category using the project= parameter

Unlike other random templates, this template supports substitution.

Usage Example
{{random|Characters in Saints Row}} Lin
{{random|Cleanup}} Julius
{{random|Active Discussions}} Talk:Missions in Saints Row: The Third
{{random|Image requests}} Hijacking
{{random|Image requests|File}} File:Learning Computer - Ultor Computer on back of Flatbed.jpg
{{random|Image requests|}} Knife
{{random|project=Activity}} Gang Operation
{{random|project=Area}} Nob Hill
{{random|project=Audio}} 89.0 Ultor FM
{{random|project=Building}} Steelport Arena
{{random|project=Character}} Bums
{{random|project=Customization}} Player Customization
{{random|project=DLC}} Burden of Proof
{{random|project=Gang}} Pimps
{{random|project=Location}} Magarac Island
{{random|project=Mission}} Courtroom Drama
{{random|project=Multiplayer}} Whored Mode
{{random|project=Person}} Julius
{{random|project=Reward}} Homies
{{random|project=UI}} Saints Row: The Third credits
{{random|project=Vehicle}} Stargate
{{random|project=Weapon}} Weapons in Saints Row 2
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