This template can be used in three ways

  • Usage: {{project categories|(Task Force Name)}}
    • Returns ¦ separated list of categories related to that task force, for use with DPL
    • Example: {{project categories|Mission}}
  • Usage: {{project categories|cat=(Category)}}
    • Parameter is one category only. Returns one task force based on that category.
    • Example: {{project categories|cat=Vehicles in Saints Row DLC}}
    • In this example, only "Vehicle" is returned.
  • Usage: {{project categories|cats=(Category list)}}
    • Parameter is comma separated list of categories, returns all task forces related to that category
    • Example: {{project categories|cats=Vehicles in Saints Row DLC, Vehicles in Saints Row IV}}
    • In this example, both "Vehicle" and "DLC" are returned.
    • This usage has the additional parameter "out", which can be used to format the output.
    • Example: Vehicle DLC
    • The word replace is replaced with Vehicle and DLC.

This category is used with Category:Task Force, Template:Project lookup, Template:Random.

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