This template is used to highlight Active Discussions at the bottom of articles. It should be used with active discussions only, and should be removed when the discussion is over.


1 parameter - automatically links to current article

  • Usage: {{discuss | topic }}
  • Example: {{discuss | Can you set bookmarks in SRTT? }}

2 parameters - for linking to a different article

  • Usage: {{discuss | pagename | topic }}
  • Example: {{discuss | Map | Can you set bookmarks in SRTT? }}

3 parameters - to list associated to-do list

  • Usage: {{discuss | pagename | topic | scope }}
  • Example: {{discuss | Knife | That's not a knife. | scope=Weapon }}

Any of the above +hide - to associate with a secondary page

  • Usage: {{discuss | pagename | topic | scope | hide=1}}
  • Example: {{discuss | Vice Kings | Question about Benjamin King | scope=Character | hide=1}}

  • All parameters are optional, but a topic is strongly recommended.
    • Topic cannot contain a link, as the topic is used as a link.
  • pagename should be be an exact match to a single article title. It should plain text, not a link.
  • Optional parameter hide is used to associate with a second article.
  • The Scope parameter adds a to-do list link. While this could be added automatically by this template, it is more difficult for the pages which use this template to retrieve that information.
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