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This template is for proposing deletion of pages and files.

Placing this template on a page will place that page into Category:Deletion proposals.

This template can be used for obvious vandalism, or for pages and files which are not needed. A reason should be entered as a parameter when using the template, unless the reason for deletion is obvious.

When proposing files for deletion for being a duplicate of an existing or having been superceded by a replacement file, link to the other file in the reason field, so that it can quickly be verified. For more information, see Saints Row Wiki:File Policies.

If there is any possible doubt or disagreement for whether the page should be deleted, start a discussion on that article's talk page listing the reasons the article should be deleted.

  • This includes legitimate subjects that may not need their own article
  • Stub articles which contain no unique information
  • Unused template/image/category pages

This template should only be removed if the reason for the deletion proposal has been addressed or discussed. Do not remove this template unless you are certain that the issue cited in the template has been resolved. If this template is removed without discussing or resolving the issue, the marked page or file will be immediately deleted.


{{delete|This is spam}}
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