Usage: {{Characters in Saints Row 2}}

Place at the bottom of all Saints Row 2 character articles.

If a gang category has been added to the article, the gang section is expanded automatically.

If the show parameter is used, that section is expanded, and the related category is added.

Parameter: {{Characters in Saints Row 2|show=[0-5]}}


Parameter: {{Characters in Saints Row 2|show[1-5]=1}}

The show parameter will expand a section by default, and should be expanded on relevant articles, a Sons of Samedi article should expand the Sons of Samedi section.

  • 0 - collapse main table
  • 1 - 3rd Street Saints
  • 2 - Sons of Samedi
  • 3 - The Brotherhood
  • 4 - The Ronin
  • 5 - Ultor
Parameter: {{Characters in Saints Row 2|show=0-5| nocat=1 }}

As the "show" parameter will automatically add a category, the "nocat" parameter can be used to suppress the category.

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