Telekinesis Rift
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Saints Row IV

Telekinesis Rift is an Activity in Saints Row IV.


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The objective of this activity is to score points by throwing bombs to Zin's firewall towers. All towers and bombs are colored, and the colors must match to successfully damage the towers. Damage the towers quickly and constantly to increase the combo meter and score multiplier. Failing to catch a bomb or falling from the platforms will stun the player and reduce the combo count. Many towers periodically change colors on their own, so the player must throw the bomb at the appropriate times. There is no time limit in this activity; player's success and medals are simply determined by the player's score after destroying all towers.


  • The penalty for failing to catch a bomb can be reduced by unlocking "No Ragdoll" upgrade by completing all Insurance Fraud instances with at least Silver medal.


  • Telekinesis Rift intro
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  • Telekinesis Rift gameplay
  • Telekinesis Rift gameplay
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