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Technically Legal
Technically Legal exterior in Saints Row
Technically Legal in Saints Row 2





Saints Row
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Technically Legal is a strip club in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Saints RowEdit

Located in the Suburbs District right next to the Foreign Power car dealership, Technically Legal has a variety of strippers.

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Saints Row 2Edit

Technically Legal interior wide in Saints Row

The Technically Legal strip-club in Saints Row 2, interior.

The Ronin run a prostitution ring at Technically Legal until the Saints take over.[1]

The Protagonist spends a lot of time here in Saints Row 2.[2]

The Hitman target named James can be found here, and there are two Ho-ing Diversions available inside.

Technically Legal is one of the buildings which may be on fire during the Fire Truck Diversion. This may be confusing as unlike most other target buildings, Technically Legal has no map marker.

The only Improvised Weapons inside are chairs and bottles, and there is an ATM located in the entrance hallway.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

A Technically Legal is located in the Ashwood neighborhood of the Stanfield district.

Oleg, Viola DeWynter, and The Protagonist take cover inside after STAG ambush them in a nearby park.[3]

During The Trouble With Clones mission "Weird Science", there is Johnny Tag wreckage outside the building. After entering with Pierce, the police gather around the building while waiting for Jimmy Torbitson, they fight off the SWAT teams entering the building after killing them they run to Jimmy Torbitson mom's car.

Although there are no stairs, it is possible to jump on various objects in order to reach the DJ balcony.

Saints Row IVEdit

As Saints Row: The Third, Technically Legal is located in the Ashwood neighborhood of the Stanfield district.

The Protagonist and Benjamin King visit Technically Legal to find and kill Tanya.[4]


  • This is the only non-store chain which has a building in both Stilwater and Steelport.
  • In Saints Row 2 there are coke bricks and weed bags in various places around the building which cannot be used as an Improvised Weapon.
  • The name is a parody of "Barely Legal". There is a "Barely Legal" strip club in New Orleans.[5]
  • New Hades is the only location in the Saints Row series to not feature a Technically Legal building.



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