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A Taxi Service is available in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


When one of three available taxi companies is called, a Taxi drives to Playa's location. After entering the Taxi, the map of Stilwater is displayed, and a destination can be chosen from available map icons. The Cab Fare for each trip is displayed for each icon.

After choosing a destination, the screen momentarily turns black while the Taxi is moved to the destination. In Saints Row, a "Stilwater Taxi" logo is displayed while the screen is dark.

In Saints Row, travel to the destination is instantaneous and the game clock does not progress.

In Saints Row 2, between 1 and 3 hours pass, depending on the distance travelled. It is not possible to travel to or from an island via Taxi.

Taxi CompaniesEdit

Taxi - Eagle Lines SR2 variant screenshot

EagleLine Taxi

Taxi - EagleLine Yellow logo
Taxi - EagleLine Yellow phone number logo

EagleLine Yellow taxis are yellow in color.

The Phone Number is 018-0174.

Answering machine SR2 VOC SP 04754
Eagle Line Yellow (SR2)

Taxi - TNA SR2 variant screenshot

TNA Taxi

Taxi - TNA Taxis logo
Taxi - TNA Taxis phone number logo

TNA Taxis are dark red in color.

The Phone Number is 455-8008.

Answering machine SR2 VOC SP 04773
TNA Taxis (SR2)

Taxi - Big Willy SR2 variant screenshot

Big Willy's Taxi

Taxi - Big Willy's Cab logo
Taxi - Big Willy's Cab phone number logo

Big Willy's Cab vehicles are blue in color

The Phone Number is 819-8415.

Answering machine SR2 VOC SP 04747
Big Willy's Cab (SR2)


  • TNA is pronounced as Tee-n-ay and is slang for "Tits aNd Ass".
  • The TNA phone number, 455-8008, looks like "ASS-BOOB".
  • The Big Willy's phone number, 819-8415, looks like "BIG-BALS".
  • Once a taxi arrives, if some time passes before entering it, the destination screen is not shown and the taxi drive around aimlessly. This occurs when the Taxi is entered just as it is about to time out.
  • Civilians sometimes whistle for taxis, and enter them. After they enter, they can be taken as Hostages.
  • If the taxi is hit by other drivers before entering it, it drives away.
  • When the Taxi Service is called while on Mount Claflin, it is not possible to purchase a ride to any destination, because Mount Claflin is not a neighborhood.
    • This does not apply to the north section of Mount Claflin, as it is located in Pleasant View.
    • It is also not possible to start Taxi Driver, or any other job diversion, for the same reason.
  • If a Satchel Charge is attached to the called Taxi and a Taxi Service is used, the charge stays on a vehicle. If a charge is attached to any other vehicle or to a wall and then a Taxi Service is used, a charge stays there and it can be blown up, which may scare civilians, even if the charge is far away from them.
  • If the player shoots the Taxi, it behaves as if nothing has happened.
  • Although a Taxi Service is absent from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, there are strings in the game files indicating unused Taxi Service. If the game is modded to make it available, the Taxi arrives but the service itself cannot be used.
  • If a Trailer Park Heli Assault is chosen as a destination, the Taxi usually appears in the canal and the taxi driver usually gets out and becomes a homie, although he cannot be recruited.


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  • Attempting to purchase unavailable taxi ride in Saints Row 2

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