Taxi Driver
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Saints Row 2

Unlocked after

"Appointed Defender"



  • Help Stilwater's citizens get around! Deliver customers to their destinations for cash.

Taxi Driver is a Job Diversion in Saints Row 2.


There is a prompt to start Taxi Driver upon entering any Taxi. The Diversion requires the driver to pick-up and drop-off Civilians around Stilwater within a certain time.

The time given is between 1:00 and 1:30, this stays the same through all 10 levels of the Diversion, but the distance of the pick-up point and drop-off point increases. Also, occasionally, the player has to do scary turns and "near misses" when someone tries to rob them.

It is not possible to switch Taxis mid-diversion, and destroying the Taxi fails Diversion.

As with Escort, there are different things which may happen

  • "The customer is in a hurry, get there fast"
  • "The customer wants you to drive slow and steady"
  • "The customer wants you to drive fast and recklessly"
  • "A rival taxi is trying to steal your customer"
  • "The customer is trying to mug you" - Near Misses and Oncoming Lane Driving Stunts must be performed to scare them off.

Obtaining a TaxiEdit

Taxis commonly drive almost everywhere in Stilwater, there are some parked Taxis near Wardill Airport building, but another easy way to get a Taxi is to call one on the Cellphone.

  • 555-819-8415 - Big Willy's Cab
  • 555-018-0174 - Eagleline Yellow
  • 555-455-8008 - TNA Taxi

These Taxis have different logos, but which Taxi is used has no effect on the Diversion.

Entering a called Taxi makes The Protagonist use the Taxi Service instead of stealing them vehicle, so the driver must be killed first.


Level Pickup Distance Dropoff Distance Time Bonus Cash
1 30-60 50 -150 60 10
2 50-70 100-200 40 25
3 90-110 150-250 45 50
4 100-120 200-300 50 75
5 100-130 400-600 55 100
6 110-150 500-700 60 150
7 120-160 600-800 60 200
8 130-180 700-900 60 250
9 140-200 800-1000 60 350
10 150-200 900-1100 60 500


  • Super Taxi unlocked


There are 3 Statistics associated with this Diversion:

  • Highest Taxi Level Completed
  • Cash Earned as Cab Driver
  • Passengers Served


  • This Diversion takes its name from the film Taxi Driver.
  • All homies are dismissed after starting Diversion and it is impossible to recruit them as long as Diversion is not cancelled or finished. However, special homies can be called and recruited.
  • It is not possible to take passengers as Human Shields.


  • Taxi Driver tutorial
  • Super Taxi unlocked
  • The Super Taxi Reward


  1. Note: Ambulance EMT, Fire Truck and Tow Truck Diversions must be completed too.
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