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Tanya Winters is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row IV.[3]

Some guys just never get enough of me.
— Tanya Winters, moments before Johnny Gat, Benjamin King, and Playa gun her down.


Saints Row[]

Tanya is a Vice Kings lieutenant, her primary responsibility is managing the Raykins Hotel, a Vice King brothel, located in Prawn Court.[5]

The spark that ignites the conflict between the Vice Kings and the Saints is Tanya's unwitting abduction of Aisha's sister to serve in her brothel.[6] The back-and-forth war of retaliation eventually concludes with the fall of the Vice King's empire. Tanya is ambitious, calculating, and depends on her feminine charms to keep both of her lovers (Tony Green and Warren Williams) in the dark about her true intentions for the Vice King's organization.[Reference needed] She convinces Williams to seize control of the Vice Kings away from Benjamin King following the death of Green, and then subsequently betrays Williams by shooting him in the head.[7]

Tanya is briefly successful in consolidating her power, but the Vice Kings' failure to eliminate Benjamin King and the fact that some members of the Vice Kings do not take well to Tanya's rise to power within the gang returns to haunt her when King, Johnny Gat, and Playa storm King's penthouse where Tanya now presides over her new empire.[8] Tanya is shot through a window in King's penthouse, although she manages to hold onto the ledge. Depite begging for mercy in agony, King refuses and kills her by stepping on her fingers, causing her to fall and she plunges thirty stories to her death, straight through King's Mag truck in the parking lot below.[9]

Saints Row IV[]

Tanya is recreated by the Zin Empire along with the Vice Kings inside Benjamin King's simulation, where he has to relive her coup against him. In this simulation, she teams up with Anthony Green instead of Warren Williams, and they kill King over and over again. When Playa enters into the simulation, which takes place in Stilwater, he comes across Tanya in the Saints Row Church. She panics and runs away when seeing them. Later on after killing Anthony, Playa and Ben King later encounter Tanya, who is now waiting with a group of Vice Kings. They exchange fire and after taking several bullets, Tanya disappears.[10]

During Ben King's loyalty mission, Tanya has gotten into the Simulation and begins spreading a virus that turns people into her personal sex slaves and furries. After Playa begins destroying the virus, he goes to confront her at Technically Legal that she now runs. After a chase through Steelport, Playa gets hold of Tanya and throws her into the park, where King finishes her off with a bullet to the head.[11]

Tanya is then unlocked as a Homie.[12]


Saints Row[]

  • She is the only member of her gang to not wear their "flags"; instead she has the color yellow dyed into her hair.
  • She is the only non-black lieutenant of the Vice Kings, although she could be light-skinned black.
  • Tanya is extremely cruel to her hos and runs her operations with a tight fist.[Reference needed] She's also a money pincher and a miser as several of her hos testify to Playa after she is killed.[Reference needed]
  • In several cutscenes, she wields a cutscene-only object named "tanya_pistol", which resembles the Sig Sauer P226. The "tanya_pistol" object has a larger barrel which is thicker and higher than the VICE 9.[Reference needed]

Saints Row IV[]

  • In the Saints Row IV credits, she is listed as Tonya Winters.[4][16]
  • Tanya's face is noticeably different compared to the first game.
  • Tanya's voice is noticeably different compared to the first game.
  • At the end of the mission King Me, right before fighting Tanya she says "Well well Benjamin, time for you to die with some Dignity". This is a callback to what Ben King said before killing her in Saints Row 2, "Oh Tanya, do yourself a favor and die with some Dignity".
  • In her final Audio Log, Tanya says that she had Alderman Hughes "wrapped around my finger" and jokes about his death. However, Tanya died long before Hughes in Saints Row and wouldn't have known he was dead. William Sharp confirms and reflects on his own death in the Audio Logs, suggesting the virtual recreations are aware of events after their death.


I remember when Tanya was sucking cock for dime bags
— Random Stilwater prostitute

Audio Logs[]

Putting me in charge of the brothels was the best idea King ever had. There's no way anyone else in Stilwater would've been able to control the girls the way I did. It brought in the money, it brought in the clients, and it would've been the backbone of the Vice Kings if Gat and all the Saints hadn't ruined it all.
— Tanya Audio Log 1

King never had the control he thought he did over the Vice Kings. It was all me and Warren keeping things running. Well, mostly me. Warren's ego got just as big as Benjamin's in the end. He thought the two of us would rule the city. Guess he didn't know me like he thought he did.
— Tanya Audio Log 2

Warren, Tony, Alderman Hughes... I had them all wrapped around my finger... they would have died for me. Come to think of it, I guess they did.
— Tanya Audio Log 3

Homie Conversations[]


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