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Tank Mayhem is an Activity in Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row IV.[2][3]

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Not to be confused with Mayhem

The [objective] of Mayhem is to cause as much monetary destruction as possible in a set time limit. We thought that was fun, and then we decided to go ahead and add a tank.
— Drew Holmes[1]


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

The objective of Tank Mayhem is to drive a Challenger and cause mayhem to earn a specified amount of money before time runs out.[1]

Tank Mayhem is completely separate from Mayhem, which is also present in Saints Row: The Third.



  • Easy: $125,000
  • Medium: $350,000
  • Hard: $400,000

New Colvin

  • Easy: $250,000
  • Medium: $500,000
  • Hard: $600,000


After completing all 6 levels, Guardsmen become available as a Homies style.

Saints Row IVEdit

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It's similar to Saints Row: The Third Tank Mayhem, but Challenger is changed to the alien tank Destructor.

The key to winning tank mayhem is to keep shooting with the constant firing gun to rack up combo. The combo acts as a multiplicator. To increase combo, shoot targets like fences (both mesh and wood work), news stands near storefronts, and groups of pedestrians (use the main gun if they are clustered together). Then shoot more expensive things like cars.

Tank Mayhem becomes available immediately after The Fundamentals, along with Mayhem and UFO Mayhem.


  • Easy:
    • Bronze: $300,000
    • Silver: $600,000
    • Gold: $1,000,000
  • Hard:
    • Bronze: $600,000
    • Silver: $1,400,000
    • Gold: $2,000,000


After completing Easy instance, a Saints variant of Destructor is unlocked at Gateway Garage.

After completing all instances, along with UFO Mayhem and Mech Suit Mayhem, on Silver difficultly, monster trucks (Atlasbreaker, Betsy XL, Bootlegger XL, Infuego XL) are unlocked at Gateway Garage.

After completing all instances, along with UFO Mayhem and Mech Suit Mayhem, on Gold difficulty, a Saints Xor hoverbike is unlocked at Gateway Garage.


  • In Developer Commentary, a Tank Mayhem instance is set in New Baranec, Carver Island, but there are no Tank Mayhem instances anywhere in Carver Island.
  • In the Downtown hard instance of Tank Mayhem, a STAG Crusader always spawns almost out of view, including before STAG arrive in Steelport.[4]
  • Zombies appear in the New Colvin hard instance of Tank Mayhem, including before the zombie outbreak at Arapice Island.


If you want to live, you shouldn't be a target next time
— Female Voice 1, breaking the fourth wall



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