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Star saints

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I saw this on the page under dlc abilities. it said something about unlocking you all the decker, morningstar, luchador, and stag rewards can you do that on xbox? 14:06, June 10, 2012 (UTC) Mikeydude00

These are part of the Unlockable Pack DLC, and is one of the DLC included on disc at release but requires additional payment to access. --user452 00:39, June 11, 2012 (UTC)
Included in that pack are:
  • Bonus - Cash
  • Bonus - Ho Business
  • Bonus - Lump Sum Deposit
  • Bonus - Respect
  • City Takeover
  • Discount - Vehicles
  • Discount - Weapons
  • Gang - Followers
  • Homie - Burt Reynolds
  • Homie - Josh Birk
  • Homie - Nyteblayde
  • Homie - Swat Backup
  • Homie - Zombie Backup
  • Item - Killbane's Mask
  • Vehicle - Jet Bike
  • Vehicle - Stag Vtol
  • Weapon - Apoca-Fists
  • Weapon - Satchel Charges
I hope this helps. --user452 00:39, June 11, 2012 (UTC)
is the pack for xbox? because i didn't see it. also is the stag prototype tank avalible in the pack? thanks. 21:08, June 11, 2012 (UTC)mikeydude00

You're right, the Stag Crusader should be included, since it's a choice opposite the Specter and Satchel Charges, but it's strangely absent from the Unlockable Pack, perhaps that will be changed when it is released. --user452 21:55, June 11, 2012 (UTC)
do you know when it will be released? and if it will come for xbox? 01:29, June 12, 2012 (UTC)mikeydude00
I don't know. Has there been any DLC that hasn't been released for xbox? --user452 01:48, June 12, 2012 (UTC)
the witches and wieners pack hasn't. thats the one with the salem broomstick. 20:54, June 12, 2012 (UTC)mikeydude00
False. --user452 23:50, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

really. i never saw that when i was looking through the marketplace.

Mikeydude00 23:34, June 13, 2012 (UTC)mikeydude00

Choices Edit

I've seen a lot of unofficial names for the choices in the game. Here are the actual names.

  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M06_OPTION1_BODY": "Reward: Permanent Respect Bonus"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M06_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:red]Blow Up The Building[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M06_OPTION2_BODY": "Reward: Permanent Cash Bonus"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M06_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:yellow]Disarm The Bomb[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M09_OPTION1_BODY": "Reward: Lump Sum Cash Payout"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M09_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:blue]Deliver Hos To Morningstar[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M09_OPTION2_BODY": "Reward: Increased Hourly Cash Income"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M09_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:Purple]Keep Hos For The Saints[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M13_OPTION1_BODY": "Reward: STAG City Takeover Assistance"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M13_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:blue]Return Josh To Stag[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M13_OPTION2_BODY": "Reward: Nyte Blayde as Homie"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M13_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:Purple]Keep Josh With The Saints[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M16_OPTION1_BODY": "Reward: Vehicle customization cost reduction"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M16_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:Purple]Take Over A Vehicle Manufacturer[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M16_OPTION2_BODY": "Reward: Weapon upgrade cost reduction"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M16_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:blue]Take Over A Weapons Manufacturer[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M19_OPTION1_BODY": "Reward: Zombie Homies"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M19_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:blue]Return Zombie Virus To Oleg[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M19_OPTION2_BODY": "Reward: Burt Reynolds and SWAT Homies"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M19_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:red]Destroy Zombie Virus For The Mayor[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M21_OPTION1_BODY": "Reward: Killbane's mask"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M21_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:red]Unmask Killbane[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M21_OPTION2_BODY": "Reward: Apoca-Fist weapon"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M21_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:green]Spare Killbane[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M22_OPTION1_BODY": "Kill Killbane but Shaundi will die"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M22_OPTION1_TITLE": "[format][color:red]Head To The Airport[/Format]"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M22_OPTION2_BODY": "Save Shaundi but Killbane will escape"
  • "PLAYER_CHOICE_M22_OPTION2_TITLE": "[format][color:green]Go To The Statue[/Format]"

I've seen the "Save Shaundi" choice referred to as "Save Shaundi and Viola". Viola is not mentioned in the name of the choice. While the official title of the choice is "Save Shaundi but Killbane will escape", for brevity is seems acceptable to refer to it as "Save Shaundi". I'm going to add this info to the SRTT article so it's public and clear. --user452 01:48, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

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