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Beta name Edit

Every single internal reference to Trail Blazing using the name "human torch", "humantorch", or just "torch". I've known about it for so long that I honestly assumed the beta name for Trail Blazing was already in the article.
Achievements in Saints Row 2, Statistics and even FUZZ, mention the internal name, so the information was on the wiki, just not in the article in should have been in.

  • ACT_FUZZ_CRIME_HUMAN_TORCH = Apprehend the college kids playing [format][color:red]Trail Blazing[/format]
  • ACT_HUMAN_TORCH_NAME = Trail Blazing
  • ACT_HUMAN_TORCH_OBJECTIVE_MSG = Ram and destroy people and cars for bonus time as you race to the finish
  • ACT_HUMAN_TORCH_START = start Trail Blazing
  • ACT_HUMAN_TORCH_TITLE = Trail Blazing Level Selection
  • ACT_TORCH_FAIL_WATER = You extinguished your suit
  • ACT_TORCH_FRENZY_INSTRUCTIONS = Burn all the marked targets before the time runs out.
  • ACT_TORCH_LOST_TIME = You ran out of time
  • ACT_TORCH_OBJECTIVE_01 = Cross all the [format][color:teal]checkpoints[/format] before time runs out
  • ACT_TORCH_OBJECTIVE_02 = Earn extra time by doing damage, then crossing checkpoints
  • ACT_TORCH_RACE_INSTRUCTIONS1 = Race through the checkpoints to convert bonus points into extra time.
  • ACT_TORCH_RACE_INSTRUCTIONS2 = Gain points by burning pedestrians and vehicles.
  • ACT_TORCH_RACE_TARGETS = Kill the [format][color:red]marked targets[/format]
  • ACT_TORCH_START_TEXT1 = Hit gasoline trails and barrels to make huge explosions
  • ACT_TORCH_START_TEXT2 = Accrue bonus points by flaming people and vehicles
  • ACT_TORCH_START_TEXT3 = Cash in your bonus time by crossing checkpoints
  • ACT_TORCH_TIME_EARN_PARAMETERIZED_STRING = Bonus seconds are added to remaining time at checkpoints
  • ACT_TORCH_TIME_EARNED_PARAMETERIZED = [format][color:teal]%2.1f[/format] seconds earned!
  • HELPSCREEN_TEXT_HUMAN_TORCH = Cause mischief in a flame suit as you drive around Stilwater on a 4 wheeler. The more chaos you cause the longer your time is extended.
  • HumanTorch_Downtown = Trail Blazing (Downtown)
  • MAP_ICON_HUMAN_TORCH = Trail Blazing
  • STAT_HUMAN_TORCH_BONUS_EARNED = Trail Blazing: Bonus time earned
  • STAT_HUMAN_TORCH_LEVELS_COMPLETED = Trail Blazing: Instances completed
  • STAT_HUMAN_TORCH_OBJECTS_TORCHED = Trail Blazing: Number of objects torched
  • Torch_apartments = Trail Blazing (Apartments)
  • TUT_ACT_INTRO_HUMAN_TORCH = Race to the finish for cash and respect. Bonus seconds earned from ramming people and cars are added to your timer at each checkpoint.
  • TUT_TITLE_ACT_INTRO_HUMAN_TORCH = [color:yellow]Trail Blazing
  • UNL_DESC_TORCH1_HALF = You now take slightly less damage from explosions.
  • UNL_DESC_TORCH1_WHOLE = You now take much less damage from explosions.
  • UNL_DESC_TORCH2_HALF = Your Brotherhood Notoriety now falls at a slightly faster rate.
  • UNL_DESC_TORCH2_WHOLE = Your Brotherhood Notoriety now falls at a much faster rate.
  • UNL_DESC_TORCH_ALL = You have unlocked the Fire Fighter Suit, now available at your crib wardrobe.
  • UNL_TORCH1_ALL_EVENT = Trail Blazing Both Instances Complete
  • UNL_TORCH1_HALF = Reduced Explosion Damage
  • UNL_TORCH1_HALF_EVENT = Trail Blazing Level 3, Downtown
  • UNL_TORCH1_WHOLE = Reduced Explosion Damage
  • UNL_TORCH1_WHOLE_EVENT = Trail Blazing Level 6, Downtown
  • UNL_TORCH2_HALF = Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced
  • UNL_TORCH2_HALF_EVENT = Trail Blazing Level 3, Apartments
  • UNL_TORCH2_WHOLE = Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced
  • UNL_TORCH2_WHOLE_EVENT = Trail Blazing Level 6, Apartments
  • UNL_TORCH_ALL = Fire Fighter Suit

-452 17:57, December 2, 2015 (UTC)

Also File:Endscreen_humantorch.png, which was uploaded April 2011 and used in Activities in Saints Row 2. If anyone had bothered to copy those endscreen images to the individual articles, then at least that would have been in the article. -452 18:01, December 2, 2015 (UTC)
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