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Mission strings Edit

  • MSN_LC02_ABANDON=Troy was abandoned.
  • MSN_LC02_DISPLAY_NAME=The Missing Shipment
  • MSN_LC02_EVADE=Escort the <green>truck</green> to Saint's Row.
  • MSN_LC02_FAIL_DELIVERY=You failed to get the <green>truck</green>.
  • MSN_LC02_FAIL_TRUCK=The <green>truck</green> was destroyed!
  • MSN_LC02_GOTO_GARAGE=Escort the <green>truck</green> to the garage.
  • MSN_LC02_GOTO_WAREHOUSE=Go hijack the <green>truck</green>.
  • MSN_LC02_HIJACK_TRUCK=Protect the <green>truck</green> while Troy hijacks it.
  • MSN_LC02_NEW_TROY=Protect Troy while he hotwires the <green>truck</green>.
  • MSN_LC02_NO_TRUCK=You must escort the <green>truck</green> back to the garage.
  • MSN_LC02_PURSUERS=Kill the Carnales!
  • MSN_LC02_REENTER_TRUCK=Get back in the truck and return to Saint's Row.
  • MSN_LC02_STORY=After Troy reported back with the location of the Carnales' main drug plant, Dex decided against a direct attack. Instead, Dex explained that he's heard about a truck leaving the factory district with a Carnales escort. At his request, you and Troy stole the truck and brought it back to the Row. You don't know exactly what Dex intends to do with the truck, but he must have a plan...
  • MSN_LC02_TRUCK=Truck
  • MSN_LC02_TRUCK_STOP_MOVE=Troy won't drive until you're close enough to escort the <green>truck</green>.

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