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Title Edit

As much as I dislike having to name the article "TK Mayhem", that is unfortunately the official title.


However, the name "TELEKINESIS MAYHEM" is also used, on the map and on the unlock screen.

  • "UNL_DESC_TK_MAYHEM":"Harder instances of the TELEKINESIS MAYHEM Activity are available in the simulation."

-452 (talk) 15:19, November 1, 2013 (UTC)

Fewest Options?Edit

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Topic: Does TK Mayhem have the fewest ways to cause damage?
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I want to add a line that "Out of all Mayhem versions, TK Mayhem contains the fewest ways of causing damage.", but I'm not sure if it's true. I think it's probably just true that all versions of Mayhem in Saints Row IV contain fewer ways of causing damage than in previous games.

  • Saints Row - weapons and cars available - are there any targets?
  • Saints Row 2 - weapons and cars available, high value targets
  • Saints Row: The Third (normal) - weapons and cars available
  • Saints Row: The Third (tank) - 2 weapons + running things over
  • Saints Row IV (tank) - 2 weapons + running things over
  • Saints Row IV (mech) - 2 weapons + dash, moving targets
  • Saints Row IV (UFO) - 2 weapons, moving targets
  • Saints Row IV (Black Hole) - Black Hole gun only. are there targets?
  • Saints Row IV (Stomp) - Stomp only. are there targets?
  • Saints Row IV (TK) - Throwing balls only. are there targets?

-452 (talk) 15:28, December 16, 2014 (UTC)

Gameplay ImagesEdit

I have recently uploaded images of TK Mayhem Gameplay to the gallery and am unsure as to which images should be used in the article or if there should be an image at all. Could someone please clarify this and if so provide me with the appropriate formatting to do so? Thank you. Kingdom1232 (talk) 07:16, July 17, 2018 (UTC)

The images you have added look fine as they are. -452 07:27, July 17, 2018 (UTC)
Good, I will begin providing more infromation for this Activity. And I will upload a few more images at a later date . Thanks. Kingdom1232 (talk) 09:00, July 17, 2018 (UTC)
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