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Mission strings Edit

  • MSN_WR01_DAMAGE=Do enough damage to the <green>truck</green> and it will pull over.
  • MSN_WR01_DISPLAY_NAME=Stacking the Deck
  • MSN_WR01_GET_HOME=Drive the <green>truck</green> to the <teal>garage</teal>.
  • MSN_WR01_GET_IN_TRUCK=Get in the <green>truck</green>.
  • MSN_WR01_INTERCEPT_TRUCK=Get a car and intercept the <green>truck</green>.
  • MSN_WR01_LOSE_PURSUIT=Lose the tail!
  • MSN_WR01_STORY=Lin, the Saints' expert on the Westside Rollerz, informed you that the Rollerz had a shipment of high-performance cars coming in. Acting on her tip, you intercepted and hijacked the delivery truck en route, delivering the goods to Samson instead. The cars were then delivered back to the Rollerz- but not before Samson made a few surprise modifications.
  • MSN_WR01_TAKE_TRUCK=Hijack the <green>truck</green>!
  • MSN_WR01_TRUCK=Truck Cab
  • MSN_WR01_TRUCK_DESTROYED=The <green>truck</green> was destroyed.
  • MSN_WR01_TRUCK_REACHED_DESTINATION=The <green>truck</green> got away!
  • MSN_WR01_TRUCK_SPOTTED=That's the <green>truck</green>. Looks like there's an escort.

Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 13:23, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

Lose the tail! objectiveEdit

As listed above, the game strings contain an objective "Lose the tail!". The article doesn't mention it - is it in the game? -452 20:58, April 4, 2015 (UTC)

The string is named "MSN_WR01_LOSE_PURSUIT", but the word "pursuit" is not used in any game scripts, so I think that's a "no". -452 06:43, July 7, 2016 (UTC)
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