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Confirmation Edit

For confirmation of the tracks that can be sung, I have uploaded all the tracks: link dead, tracks added to article
I have also uploaded a combined mix of everyone singing Take On Me: link dead, tracks added to article
Enjoy! -User452 19:30, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
There are 14 karaoke tracks in total. 6 of Take On Me, 7 alternate songs, 1 Pierce singing "So Sick"
  • MUS SHARED_00076: Karaoke (Female - Take on me)
  • MUS SHARED_00077: Karaoke (Female - Reflex)
  • MUS SHARED_00078: Karaoke (Male - Sister Christian)
  • MUS SHARED_00079: Karaoke (Male - Take on me)
  • MUS SHARED_00080: Karaoke (Female - Land Down Under)
  • MUS SHARED_00081: Karaoke (Female - Take on me)
  • MUS SHARED_00082: Karaoke (Male - Working for the weekend)
  • MUS SHARED_00083: Karaoke (Male - Don't you forget about me)
  • MUS SHARED_00084: Karaoke (Male - Take on me)
  • MUS SHARED_00085: Karaoke (Female - Take on me)
  • MUS SHARED_00086: Karaoke (Female - Every body wants to rule the world)
  • MUS SHARED_00087: Karaoke (Male - The final countdown)
  • MUS SHARED_00088: Karaoke (Male - Take on me)
  • MUS SHARED_00089: Karaoke (Pierce - So Sick)
There is no track of The Protagonist singing "So Sick" - so that rumour is dead, and the only voice that has 3 songs is Male Voice 3. No female sings 3 songs.
When I was playing, Pierce sang "So Sick" when we were driving to a mission, I don't personally know that he will sing it while he is just a homie, but that's what it already said on the page. -User452 01:12, February 28, 2011 (UTC)
More about Pierce: currently, i'm riding with him as a Homie and he is not complaining about me changing the radio station.
The Pierce article says that he only starts singing "So Sick" during that one mission. This is where he sang it during my game too. BUT Pierce also complained about me changing the radio station during an earlier mission, so it is possible that he would have sung the song during that Mission had it been on, and it may be possible to skip him singing the song during that Mission. It is possible that the only reason he isn't complaining about me changing the radio station is that it is because he ALREADY sang the song.
We need to do some experiments.
Ok, I just listened to "So Sick" 6 times in a row with Pierce as a homie, and I'm So Sick of hearing it already. Right now, I think i can conclude:
  • When Pierce has already sung and Pierce is a Homie outside of Mission, he will not sing.
  • Will Pierce sing the song during any Mission, or is it only that particular one? (I don't remember how many missions have him as a Homie, but there are at least 2)
  • Can Pierce be prevented from singing the song completely, or will he ALWAYS sing it during that one mission?
  • 'If Pierce can be prevented from singing it during Missions, will he sing it as a Home?
-User452 01:54, February 28, 2011 (UTC)
I've gone ahead and changed the article to say that Pierce will only sing it during the single mission, because that is what it appears to be. I haven't yet done a full test, but if anyone else has found otherwise, please add it to the article. -User452 23:48, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

Not triggeredEdit

While driving around looking for a Quasar in a new profile, I set the radio station to The Mix so I could unlock the achievement, and I heard both Take On Me and Land Down Under in full, yet my character didn't sing along to either the first time. Soprano unlocked the next time Land Down Under started, and she sang along both to that and when Land Down Under came on again. I'm sure about Land Down Under, because I remember the opening of the song being played.
Has anyone else experienced their character not singing along when they're supposed to? -452 (talk) 21:00, January 6, 2015 (UTC)

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