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spawn categoryEdit

In Saints Row, there is a "Apartments" spawn category defined, but neighborhoods.xtbl does not specify a spawn category for Sommerset. Yes, it's the Suburbs Expansion problem again, but worse, because it's entirely undefined.

After playing around with the files, I've determined that the Apartments spawn is definitely not being used for Sommerset: So all cars - and hitman targets - thought to have spawned in Sommerset/Apartments are not guaranteed.

Through experimentation, the actual spawn categories used are: "Default Spawn", "Start Spawn", and "Saints Row". These appear to be used all over the city, in addition to the custom categories.

I'm still experimenting, but as far as I can tell, the full list of (non-gang) characters who can spawn in Apartments are:

  • PD_W_M_Bum
  • PD_X_F_Baglady-01
  • PD_X_F_BigGeneric
  • PD_X_F_BigHo-01
  • PD_X_M_Construction-01
  • LW_X_F_EMT-01
  • LW_X_M_EMT-01
  • PD_X_F_FatLady-01
  • PD_W_M_Fatman
  • LW_X_F_FatMeterMaid-01
  • PD_X_M_FoodMascot-01
  • PD_X_M_Garbageman
  • PD_B_F_Generic
  • PD_X_M_GenericYoung-01
  • pd_x_f_genericyoung-01
  • PD_X_F_GenericYoung-02
  • PD_X_M_GenericYoung-02
  • PD_X_F_GenericYoung-03
  • PD_W_F_HO-01
  • PD_W_F_HO-02
  • PD_X_F_HO-03
  • PD_X_M_Hustler-01
  • PD_X_M_Mailman-01
  • PD_X_F_MiddleAge-01
  • PD_X_M_MiddleAge-01
  • PD_X_M_MiddleAge-01b
  • PD_X_F_MiddleAge-02
  • PD_X_M_MiddleAge-02
  • PD_X_M_MiddleAge-03
  • PD_X_M_Pimp-02
  • PD_X_M_Pimp-03
  • PD_X_F_Poor-01
  • PD_X_M_Poor-01
  • PD_X_M_Poor-01_B
  • PD_X_F_PoorHeavy-01
  • PD_X_M_PoorHeavy-01
  • PD_X_F_PoorTrash-01
  • PD_X_M_PoorTrash_01
  • PD_X_F_SkinnyHo
  • PD_X_M_Trucker-01
  • PD_X_M_Trucker-02
  • PD_X_M_UPS-01
  • PD_X_M_Utilityworker

No Joggers, and no Hippies. 452 22:21, November 16, 2019 (UTC)

I'm getting inconsistent results, so there is obviously something I haven't figured out yet. I suspect that the NPC selector isn't fooled by me setting all the options to the same character. And that when there aren't enough NPCs defined in that hood, it just carries over the NPCs from the previous hood. Which is great and all, but doesn't help my experiments. But it may give us a clue: IF it doesn't just use the default group by itself, Sommerset MAY just be populated by the NPCs from the previous hood, so either Arena, Chinatown, or Barrio. But I'm leaning towards the default groups only, I just need to change my experimentation method. 452 23:51, November 16, 2019 (UTC)
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