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Game text Edit

Save Points are a game mechanic that deserve mention, here's the help text referencing them:

  • MAP_ICON_SAVE=Save Point
  • HELP_TEXT_STRONGHOLDS=As you earn Respect playing the game, various Strongholds become unlocked. \n\n A Stronghold is a type of Mission. In the Pause Menu, each neighborhood is color-coded according to the gang that owns it...purple for 3rd Street Saints <img map_start_mission_3ss> yellow for Vice Kings <img map_start_mission_vk> red for Carnales <img map_start_mission_lc> and blue for Rollerz <img map_start_mission_wr> When you complete a Stronghold Mission, the Neighborhood that was previously controlled by an opposing Gang will turn purple and become yours. \n\n Controlling Neighborhoods is important for three reasons:\n\n You need to control every Neighborhood to win the game.\n\n You earn extra cash for each Neighborhood you control.\n\n Your Gang members will walk the streets of any Neighborhood you control; this means your allies are always close by. \n\n In addition to this, conquered Strongholds allow you to save the game at their location.
  • HELP_TEXT_CRIBS=You are rewarded with a Crib each time you complete one of the Story lines. Cribs are Save Points and act as storage areas for your Money, Clothing, Weapons and Vehicles.\n\n
  • HELP_TEXT_SAVE_LOAD=You can save the game at any of the save points located in your Cribs, at the Saint's Row Church, and at every Stronghold you have captured. In addition to these points, you can also save the game from anywhere in the world by pausing the game and selecting the Save/Load tab. You cannot save during missions or activites.\n\n When you load a saved game, you will start at either the last save point you used, or, if you saved from the pause menu, the nearest save point from where you saved.
  • TUT_PAUSE_SAVE=You can save the game by entering a save point <img map_other_save>. When you load the game, you'll start at wherever you saved last
  • TUT_SAVE_GAME=Press START to enter the pause menu and cycle to the save/load tab to save your game. When you load a game you will start at the nearest save point <img map_other_save>

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