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Mission strings Edit

  • MSN_WR02_BEING_CHASED=Lose the Rollerz before entering the garage!
  • MSN_WR02_DISPLAY_NAME=Samson's Surprise
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED1=Driver taunted 1
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED2=Driver taunted 2
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED3=Driver taunted 3
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED4=Driver taunted 4
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED5=Driver taunted 5
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED6=Driver taunted 6
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED7=Driver taunted 7
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED8=Driver taunted 8
  • MSN_WR02_DRIVER_TAUNTED9=Driver taunted 9
  • MSN_WR02_ENEMIES_LEFT=Racers left: %s
  • MSN_WR02_FAIL_DRIVER=You attacked the drivers before the race started.
  • MSN_WR02_GET_A_CAR=Return with a vehicle to challenge the Rollerz.
  • MSN_WR02_GET_TO_GARAGE=Lose the Rollerz and get to the garage.
  • MSN_WR02_LOST_RACE=All the <red>Rollerz</red> need to be killed.
  • MSN_WR02_OPPONENT_BLOWEDUP1=One opponent destroyed!
  • MSN_WR02_OPPONENT_BLOWEDUP2=Two opponents destroyed!
  • MSN_WR02_START=Get a car and head to the <teal>race</teal>.
  • MSN_WR02_STAY_AHEAD=Stay ahead of the other racers to heat 'em up.
  • MSN_WR02_STORY=At a low-key meeting in a nightclub, Lin revealed that the cars you intercepted were rigged to explode, and then given back to the Rollerz. Your job was to enter their race and make sure the engines got hot enough to explode. In the spectacle that followed, you helped Troy taunt the drivers into detonating their own cars, then made a hasty getaway to the Row when the Rollerz caught on.
  • MSN_WR02_TAUNT=The taunt meter will fill when you're close to an <red>enemy</red>.
  • MSN_WR02_TAUNT_NOW=Stay close to the <red>driver</red> to taunt him.
  • MSN_WR02_TROY_DISMISSED=Troy is needed to finish this mission.
  • MSN_WR02_TRUCK=Truck

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