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Star saints

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Unused objectives Edit

There appear to be a number of unused objectives:

  • Find the [format][color:red]Ronin pit boss[/format] and take his [format][color:green]key[/format]
  • Take the [format][color:green]key[/format]
  • Open the [format][color:teal]doors[/format] to the counting room
  • Defend the [format][color:green]Saints[/format] as they load the truck with the cash
  • The boxes are loaded, get in the [format][color:green]truck[/format]
  • Eliminate your notoriety before heading to the hideout

Noting them here for future reference, I'll eventually go through the mission script file for this mission and confirm whether they're mentioned. -452 21:45, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

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