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Loose ends Edit

Johnny Gat killing Dex in hell does not "lie up loose ends":

  • Dex is already dead.
  • The Protagonist was supposed to hunt Dex down and kill him.
  • The Protagonist does not kill Dex, Gat/Kinzie does.
  • The Protagonist was betrayed by Dex, not Gat/Kinzie.
  • There has been no evidence provided that there is any storyline resolution regarding killing Dex in hell. As far as we currently know, it would be exactly the same as killing the Toilet assassination target in SRIV.
  • So far, we know that he can be killed at least 7 times. He may continue respawning afterwards, I assume that his spawning will be random like Genki - but we do not know yet. If he continues spawning indefinitely, then... there's no resolution there.
  • Dex is a husk in hell, at this point they might as well have just dug up his corpse and shot it.

-452 (talk) 15:36, January 19, 2015 (UTC)

Merge Edit

Should Revenge (from Gat Out Of Hell) be merged into Assassination since it pretty much is the same thing at its core, killing a target (in this case Dex) to get money and experience, the only difference is Dex can keep appearing (though you only have to kill him 7 times to get Gallows Dodger) while once you kill an assassination target, they are gone. (unsigned: 2601:5CB:C000:7AA9:5C40:4BE:D9C9:1784 - 2018-08-21 02:26:49)

Nothing should be merged without a case being made.
The fact that you have used the words "pretty much is the same thing at its core" would tend to indicate that it's not similar enough.
Assassination and Security Deletion are literally the same diversion with a name change, while Hitman is a distinctly different thing. Unless you can make the case the Revenge is literally Assassination with a name change, then the answer is problem going to be no. -452 03:58, August 21, 2018 (UTC)
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