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piracy game text Edit

Piracy game text:

  • "ACT_PIRACY_BOARDING_GOT_OBJECT_MESSAGE": "Hurry to the drop-off point!"
  • "ACT_PIRACY_BOARDING_KILL_WITNESSES_MESSAGE": "Kill the remaining witnesses."
  • "ACT_PIRACY_BOARDING_START_MESSAGE": "Go to the tanker."
  • "ACT_PIRACY_DESTROYED_TARGET_TEXT": "(LOC)You destroyed the target boat"
  • "ACT_PIRACY_RUMBLE_START_MESSAGE": "Hit more lightcones to spawn more interesting boats. The helicopter will help you out."
  • "ACT_PIRACY_START_TIMER_MESSAGE": "You've been noticed! Hurry before time runs out!"
  • "ACT_PIRACY_TOTAL_PACKAGES_TEXT": "Remaining packages"
While it is still not clear what exactly this activity entailed, the fact that it was cut along with Hijacking is pretty good evidence that it involved stealing boats.
The game text appears to indicate that you boat a tanker, steal boxes and take them back to your boat, instead of stealing the boats themselves, although the "Hit more lightcones to spawn more interesting boats." is interesting. -User452 14:51, March 22, 2011 (UTC)

Some interesting lines from the piracy file itself:

  • <Ambush_Point>piracy_sr_$lvl_1_ambush</Ambush_Point>
  • <Num_Hostiles>2</Num_Hostiles>
  • <Attacker_Preset>npc_cop</Attacker_Preset>
  • <Attacker_Boat>boat_wavecraft01</Attacker_Boat>
  • <Attacker_Weapon>AS14</Attacker_Weapon>
  • <Attack_Helicopters>

This tells us that once you steal a boat or boxes from a boat, you will be ambushed by police on your way to the drop off point, as well as multiple helicopters
Other sections of the same file seem to indicate that a ship similar to the Brotherhood cargo ship is loaded in various locations, as with the Cargo Ship itself, it is a building, not a vehicle is is loaded. The name of the "map chunk" which is loaded is called "Ship", so it is unlikely that a Yacht is ever a target

As for what you steal:

  • <Name>Dropped_Item</Name>
  • <Display_Name>Object to Steal</Display_Name>
  • <Dropped_Item>Laptop</Dropped_Item>

All levels are set to "Laptop", but this was probably placeholder text, and would have been replaced with other items had they finished the activity.

I hope this helps. -User452 14:51, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
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