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Mission strings Edit

  • MSN_TSS04_DEX_ABANDONED=Dex was abandoned.
  • MSN_TSS04_DEX_DEAD=Dex was killed.
  • MSN_TSS04_DISPLAY_NAME=Hail to the Chief
  • MSN_TSS04_GET_TO_FNF=Go to <teal>Forgive and Forget</teal>.
  • MSN_TSS04_GOTO_ROOF=Go to the rooftop with Dex.
  • MSN_TSS04_KILL_ALL_CARS=Destroy all <red>police vehicles</red> in the funeral procession.
  • MSN_TSS04_KILL_CARS=Destroy 10 police vehicles to make sure that you get Monroe.
  • MSN_TSS04_OBJECTIVE=Vehicles Left: %s
  • MSN_TSS04_STORY=While waiting for Julius to return, Johnny, Dex, and you received a call from Police Chief Monroe saying that there was more he needed done before he could let Julius go. Tired of taking orders from Monroe, the decision is made to take him out during the funeral procession for Marshal Winslow. You and Dex headed into the city to snipe Monroe, but Johnny showed up with a rocket launcher and blew your cover. Deciding it was pointless to hide anymore, the two of you joined Johnny in the mayhem, eliminating the crooked cop in the process.
  • MSN_TSS04_WAIT_FOR_CONVOY=Wait for the procession, then snipe Monroe.

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