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strings from data files Edit

For reference, these are the references to Guardian Angel from the strings file.

  • "STAT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_ATTACKERS_KILLED": "Guardian Angel: Number of attackers killed"
  • "STAT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_CELEBS_PROTECTED": "Guardian Angel: Number of celebrities protected"
  • "STAT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_LEVELS_COMPLETED": "Guardian Angel: Instances completed"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_BEHIND_ATTACKER": "Attacker coming from [format][color:red]behind[/format] the client"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_BIKE_ATTACKER": "Spotter has seen a [format][color:red]bike[/format] driving up"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_CAR_ATTACKER": "Spotter has seen a [format][color:red]car[/format] driving up."
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_CLIENT_DIED_MESSAGE": "They got her! She's gone."
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_CLIENT_HUMAN_SHIELDED_MESSAGE": "Your client didn't like being a human shield."
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_CRITICAL_VEHICLE_DESTROYED_MESSAGE": "A getaway car has been destroyed. "
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_HELICOPTER_ATTACKER": "Spotter has seen a [format][color:red]helicopter[/format] coming."
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_LEFT_ATTACKER": "Attacker coming from [format][color:red]left[/format]"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_PLAYER_KILLED_CLIENT_MESSAGE": "You killed the celeb, the enemy rejoices!"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_RIGHT_ATTACKER": "Attacker coming from [format][color:red]right[/format]"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_START": "start Guardian Angel"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_STARTING_HELP_TEXT": "Use the sniper rifle to protect the [format][color:green]robbers[/format]."
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_TITLE": "Guardian Angel Level Selection"
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_UNDERNEATH_ATTACKER": "Attacker coming from [format][color:red]underneath[/format] us."
  • "ACT_GUARDIAN_ANGEL_ZOOM_HELP_TEXT": "Press {SHOULDER_CAM_IMG} to go into Fine Aim mode. Press {ZOOM_IN_IMG}/{ZOOM_OUT_IMG} to zoom in and out"

-User452 05:15, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Level 1 script Edit

This is what happens in level 1 of Guardian Angel in the Chinatown District.

  • <Name>Part 1 - Load the Group</Name>
  • <Name>Part 1 - Initialize</Name>
    • <Text>Driver enters car</Text>
    • <Text>Guard enters car</Text>
    • <Text>Robber enters car</Text>
    • <Text>Make driver critical</Text>
    • <Text>Make passenger critical</Text>
    • <Text>Make rear passenger critical</Text>
  • <Name>Part 1 - Van drives up to the bank</Name>
    • <Text>Move the vehicle along the path</Text>
  • <Name>Part 1 - Robbers Exit the Car</Name>
    • <Text>Robber exits vehicle</Text>
    • <Text>Guard exits vehicle</Text>
    • <Text>Set guard to attack target</Text>
  • <Name>Part 1 - Move robbers into position, equip them, van flees, and initial lines play</Name>
    • <Text>Guard moves into position</Text>
    • <Text>Robber moves to door entrance</Text>
    • <Text>Driver takes off</Text>
    • <Text>Equip guard with a glock</Text>
    • <Text>Play Script Line</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L1</Actor>
    • <Text>Play Script Line</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L2</Actor>
  • <Name>Part 1 - Action begins -- police arrive and script plays out</Name>
    • <Text>Robber enters bank</Text>
    • <Text>Leash the guard and have them guard</Text>
    • <Text>Start spawning enemies</Text>
    • <Text>Play script line - Main robber talks</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L3</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Guard questions +10</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L4</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Main robber responds + 10</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L5</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Main robber opens vault +20</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L6</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Main robber delays +30</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L7</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Guard oks delay +30</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L8</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Main robber orders manager +40</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L9</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Guard radios car +40</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L10</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Driver Radios delay +45</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L11</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Guard gets angry +45</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L12</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Driver explains +45</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L13</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Guard gets pissed +45</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L14</Actor>
  • <Name>Part 1 - stop spawning cops and make sure they are killed</Name>
    • <Text>Stop spawning cops</Text>
    • <Play_script_immediate>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L15</Actor>
  • <Name>Intermission - reposition heli and other guy runs inside bank</Name>
    • <Text>Guard enters the building</Text>
    • <Text>Heli moves to the rear</Text>
  • <Name>Clean up part 1</Name>
    • <Text>Remove attack target for guard</Text>
    • <Text>Clear critical character</Text>
    • <Text>Clear the human attack paths</Text>
    • <Text>Clear the vehicle paths</Text>
  • <Name>Part 2 - Initialize</Name>
    • <Text>Load the Group</Text>
    • <Text>Set guard to attack target</Text>
    • <Text>Set 2nd guard to attack target</Text>
    • <Text>Give guard glock</Text>
    • <Text>Give 2nd guard glock</Text>
    • <Text>Add human attack path</Text>
    • <Text>Add human attack path</Text>
    • <Text>Set guard to critical character</Text>
    • <Text>Set 2nd guard to critical character</Text>
    • <Text>Set driver to critical character</Text>
    • <Text>Add vehicle path</Text>
    • <Text>Add vehicle path</Text>
    • <Text>Add vehicle path</Text>
  • <Name>Part 2 - Move robbers into position and start action</Name>
    • <Text>Move guard into position</Text>
    • <Text>Move 2nd guard into position</Text>
    • <Text>Driver enters the getaway van</Text>
    • <Text>Hide the getaway van</Text>
    • <Text>Hide the getaway van driver</Text>
    • <Text>Start spawning enemies</Text>
    • <Text>Equip guard with glock</Text>
    • <Text>Equip 2nd guard with glock</Text>
    • <Text>Play script line</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L16</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script line - Guard explains</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L17</Actor>
    • <Text>Play script lineMain robber oks</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L18</Actor>
  • <Name>Part 2 - Action continues while waiting for getaway vehicle to arrive</Name>
    • <Text>Bump the spawn count</Text>
  • <Name>Part 2 - Unhide the van and move it to the pickup point</Name>
    • <Text>Unhide the getaway van</Text>
    • <Text>Unhide the driver</Text>
    • <Text>Van moves to pickup point</Text>
    • <Text>Play script line</Text>
      • <Actor>ANGEL_L1_L19</Actor>
  • <Name>Part 2 - Getaway van arrives and robbers hop in</Name>
    • <Text>Guard hops in van</Text>
    • <Text>Robber hops in van</Text>
  • <Name>Part 2 - Van takes off and level ends</Name>
    • <Text>Van moves to escape location</Text>
    • <Text>Stop spawning enemies</Text>

-User452 11:34, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Guardian Angel or Escort? Edit

There seems to be some confusion surrounding this activity. Though the original Gameinformer article describes Guardian Angel as the activity where you drive with a tiger in the car, this Gamerzines SR:TT issue describes that activity as "Escort II". This video with Scott Phillips talks about Guardian Angel and it sounds very much like the cut version from Saints Row 2 where you're protecting Pierce from rival gang members with a rocket launcher and sniper rifle. -- WisebloodSA 13:45, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

Well, they've either changed it, or there's more than one instance of the Activity. I think at this point it's worth noting this in the article, but really we'll just have to wait until the game is released. Not long now. :D – Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 15:05, November 6, 2011 (UTC)
The tiger in the seat in fact is escort. The guardian angel activity is firing a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle from a helicopter. (unsigned: - 02:29, November 17, 2011)
Correct, in SR:TT here are two types of Escort activities; Regular and Tiger Escort. The page should be changed to reflect this. --Jspyster1 00:42, November 21, 2011 (UTC)
Okay, I've finally got round to fixing the information. – Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 20:42, November 21, 2011 (UTC)


I got a problem.

When i start this mission on sr3 (my PC needed to get fixed, so all data went to kingdom come) Pierce just won't get in the car. He just stays there shooting at cops and morningstar, and saying that i'm not helping him. Help please!

The Smarty (letsgobowling) 13:07, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

Try helping him? --452 05:33, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
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