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Star saints

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Mission strings Edit

  • MSN_VK05_AMBUSH_RESPONSE=Lose <red>Troy's crew</red> without killing them.
  • MSN_VK05_DAMAGE_WARNING=Try not to kill the Saints.
  • MSN_VK05_DISPLAY_NAME=Green With Envy
  • MSN_VK05_ELIMINATE_DRIVER_1=Follow the <red>limo</red> away from the studio.
  • MSN_VK05_ELIMINATE_DRIVER_2=Kill Tanya's <red>driver</red>.
  • MSN_VK05_ELIMINATE_DRIVER_3=Take the driver's place.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_DRIVER_SURVIVES=You failed to take the driver's place.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_LEFT_CAR=Tanya was abandoned.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_LIMO_DESTROYED=Tanya's limo was destroyed.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_SAINT_DEATH=You killed a Saint.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_TANYA_ABANDONED=Tanya was abandoned.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_TANYA_DEATH=Tanya was killed.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_TANYA_DETECT=Tanya spotted you.
  • MSN_VK05_FAIL_TIMER=You didn't reach the store in time.
  • MSN_VK05_GOTO_CONDO=Take Tanya back to <teal>Anthony's condo</teal>.
  • MSN_VK05_GOTO_STUDIO=Go to the <teal>record studio</teal> and wait for Tanya.
  • MSN_VK05_PICKUP_TANYA=Return to the <teal>record studio</teal> and pick up Tanya.
  • MSN_VK05_RESCUE_JOHNNY=Find and kill <red>Green</red>.
  • MSN_VK05_STORE1=Take Tanya to the <teal>clothing store</teal>.
  • MSN_VK05_STORE2=Take Tanya to <teal>Friendly Fire</teal>.
  • MSN_VK05_STOREWAIT=Wait for <green>Tanya</green> to get back in the car.
  • MSN_VK05_STORY=Julius came up with a plan to get Johnny back. By taking Tanya's limo driver's place, you were able to get her to tell you where Anthony Green's condo was located. After driving her around while maintaining your disguise, and then ditching some Saints from Troy's crew that didn't know about the plan, Tanya finally led you to where Johnny was being held. A fight broke out, but you killed Big Tony Green and rescued Johnny. However, during the fighting, Tanya got away.

Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 13:58, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

Page ImprovementEdit

Not that this page is a piece of crap, but still I think it could use some more "meat". In comparison to mission pages for Los Carnales and the Westside Rollerz, this page, along with several other Vice Kings pages, is lacking in information. Would somebody take the time to make these Vice King mission pages look better, please? -TalkNShoot 20:37, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

Yup, I started overhauling all the Saints Row missions (and Strongholds) pages all the way back in July/August last year, starting with Canonized. Unfortunately my laptop broke not long after doing up Aisha's Favor, which is why the mission pages onwards are still in very poor condition. I plan to come back to these within the next couple of weeks (hopefully). My plan is to do all the mission pages for all three Saints Row games.
Also, if you'd like me to do it sooner rather than later, I'd really appreciate your input on this thread here. – Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 13:15, February 19, 2012 (UTC)
Better late than never, right? Finally got round to doing it. :) – Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 17:55, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

The Condo Edit

Am I the only one who thought this should have been a crib? I mean, it has component spots. Even gun crates for a Cache. Maybe it was a crib in the beta, but then they scrapped it to make it even, one crib per game?

DomPlaysSR (talk) 20:38, April 26, 2015 (UTC)

I assume you meant "per gang" and I agree. BTW: Anthony's condo. ;) -452 20:40, April 26, 2015 (UTC)

"You failed to take the driver's place." Edit

While attempting to trigger the "You failed to take the driver's place." failure screen, I assumed the limo would do a lap and return to KCR and fail the mission, so I waited at KCR for 5+ minutes, checking the map every now and then to see where the limo was. After a while, it stopped, at the building on the south west corner of the intersection at the north west corner of Filmore. So I marked that spot on the map, to verify if it was moving, and started driving there. Half-way there, I checked the map again to see if it had moved: No red marker, only my GPS marker. I finished driving there, and found the limo, abandoned. I got in, but the objective is "Kill the driver", and the driver wasn't marked on the map so: stalemate.

On my second attempt, I just vehicle-surfed the limo. At one point while typing this, I fell off so I drove past KCR and Tanya was standing outside, but the limo wasn't returning. I caught up with it and vehicle-surfed again. The limo driver ran into someone, and they got out and pulled the limo driver out and killed him, completing the objective. Due to the crazy driving caused by me vehicle surfing, it likely that the limo didn't keep to the scripted path.

Dragging the driver out of the limo and leaving him running around doesn't trigger this failure, he eventually just gets into a different vehicle and drives around.

I then repeated the first test: stayed with Tanya and the limo stopped in the same place and the driver disappears when approached.

The mission scripts says:

  • Limo driver drives to nav000
  • Limo driver drives to nav001
  • Limo stops, driver gets out
  • Limo driver walks to nav002
  • Limo driver waits 4 seconds, then enters the limo
  • Limo driver drives to nav004
  • Limo driver drives to nav006, and once he reaches it the mission fails with the message "failing to kill Tanya's driver"

I was planning on plotting the points on the map, but I don't think I have to:

For my next attempt, I waited at the point the limo is abandoned, and confirmed that the driver gets out. He then begins running, south east along the footpath, sometimes running along the road. I expect that the reason he disappeared previously was because he was too far away. After a while, he got stuck in a loop, running backwards and forwards. I don't know where he was trying to go, but the pathfinding is obviously broken. On the second attempt, he got stuck in a different place.

I got him back onto the road by nudging him with a car, and he began taking a reverse route - but I think he was just running away, as he got a distance away and stopped. When I approached, he began running again, all the way back to the limo... and got into the passenger seat. When I entered the driver's seat, his marker vanished. Getting back out causes the marker to re-appear.

I restarted the mission, and repeated the same thing, this time blocking the limo's passenger door. He ran a distance away, and stopped. After I got into the limo and moved it so the passenger door was available, he ran towards it. I moved the limo so the door was blocked, and he stopped again. I then moved the limo and let him in - he entered the passenger door while I was driving.

The line in the script is "vehicle_enter("vk05_limo_driver", "vk05_limo", 1 )" - I assume from his behaviour that "1" means "front passenger door", and should be 0. I've searched the game files, and there are some uses with "0", and other entries which just omit that parameter altogether - it probably means "first available" in that case. When Julius drives in No Time to Mourn, it specifies seat "0" for him.

Since I'd previously noticed that vehicle surfing interrupts the scripted path, I jumped on the limo right before the point he gets out, and he took off driving crazy and missed his stop... then just drove around aimlessly.

So, after all that, I don't think it's possible in the stock game to trigger this failure condition. I'll edit the script file later to see if changing the seat to 0 helps.

If anyone can trigger this failure message without editing the game files, please let me know the details, and take a photo of your TV. -452 22:43, February 20, 2016 (UTC)

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