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Speed glitch[edit source]

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I've just been messing around in Saints Row IV while I found this so called "Speed glitch". If someone is able to confirm whether it works on other platforms or not, that'd be great!
Here's how I've made this glitch working:

  1. Get 5th level of Notoriety
  2. Wait until Destructor appears
  3. Rise your Notoriety, but DO NOT reach 6th level!

After entering the tank for the first time, it should kill the driver after getting in, and in order for the glitch to work, killing the driver should give you 6th level of Notoriety afterwards. If this didn't work, repeat it.
Anyway, after achieving 6th level, quickly get out of the tank, so the Warden won't destroy it. Then kill it normally (make sure to not lose the tank, in case Warden will use Telekinesis). After defeating it, get in the tank and try to drive it somewhere straight. And, as I mentioned above, I want some other users'
After all, I didn't add this to Destructor article yet because I'm going to explore it more and, if I find something, I'll update this Discussion.
TheMoonLightman (talk) 10:28, November 20, 2013 (UTC)

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