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Feedback please? Edit

Can I get some feedback on this article please. I'm a little worried that putting the second gallery text to the crib customization section makes the article look too crowded. On the other hand, I also think it fits there and those images at the bottom of the article wouldn't be as useful. -User452 04:58, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

Wow, this was over a year ago. Nevermind then. --user452 22:09, June 8, 2012 (UTC)

Newspaper clipboard Edit

There's a reason "replaying missions and strongholds" was removed from the intro and mentioned in the Saints Row 2 section only. -User452 06:22, May 8, 2011

Info from data files Edit

  • "CRIB_SAINTSHQ": "Saints Hideout"
  • "Crib_RL": "Red Light Loft"
  • "Crib_PI": "Prison Lighthouse"
  • "Crib_HE": "Penthouse Loft"
  • "Crib_DT": "Downtown Loft"
  • "Crib_AI": "Hotel Penthouse"
  • "Crib_SR": "Saints Row Mega Condo"
  • "Crib_SU": "University Loft"
  • "CRIB_SB_DOCK_NAME": "Suburbs Dock"
  • "CRIB_SU_DOCK_NAME": "University Dock"
  • "CRIB_AI_HANGAR_NAME": "Airport Hangar"
  • "Crib_BA": "Barrio Hacienda" << ??
  • "Crib_BA_PURCHASE": "purchase the Barrio Hacienda crib for ${0}"
  • "Crib_MU": "Yacht" << ??
  • "Crib_MU_PURCHASE": "purchase the Yacht crib for ${0}"

Hotel Penthouse

overall: classy / modern
theater: cheap / tube / 50 inch
table: nothing / domino table / Pimp pool table
decorations / pole: Pole : Column" / "Giant potted plant" / Stripper pole
bed: Twin size / King size / Rotating Bed

Penthouse Loft

overall: average / pimp
(furniture: "Cheap" / "Classy" / "Modern")
Stripper Pole: "Column" / "Torchiere" / "Pimp pole"
Table: "Domino table" / "Nice pool table" / grand piano
Home Theater : "Cheap" / "Tube" / "50 inch plasma"
Bed : twin / king / pimp double

Red Light Loft

overall : cheap / classy / pimp pad
bed: "Bug Ridden Mattress" / queen size / "Sectional Pimp Bed"
TV : 10 /24 / "42 inch LCD and Stereo"
Office Area : "Boxes" / "Nice Desk" / "Stripper Pole"

Saints Row Mega Condo

overall: average / pimp
bar : "Shelf" / "Average Bar" / Pimped Out Bar"
bed: "Floor Mattress" / "King Size" / "Pimp Double Bed"
Entertainment Area: "Cabinet" / grand piano / pimp pole
Table : "Picnic Table" / "Extended Table" / "Extended Pimp Table"
theater: 10 / 24 / 50 inch plasma

"University Loft"

overall: "Cheap" / "Classy" / "ultra Modern"
Bed: "Twin size" / "Queen size" / "King size"
Home Theater" : "10 inch TV" / "24 inch TV" / "50 inch Plasma"
Stripper Pole : "No pole" / "Rough pole"/ "Pimp pole"
Table : "Cheap" / "Mahogany" / "Pool Table"

Downtown Loft

Overall: classy, ultra modern
entertainment area: pool table, stripper pole
bed: king size, pimp double bed
Jacuzzi: Average Jacuzzi, Pimp Jacuzzi


Overall: cheap, classy, ultra modern
bed: bug / queen / king
theatre: 10, "24 inch TV and Stereo" / "100 inch Plasma"
Stripper Pole : No pole / Rough pole / Pimp pole
Table : No table / Dinner Table / Grand Piano

-User452 23:54, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Chrome issues Edit

Interesting, I'm using 19.0.1084.56 and I'm not seeing any issues. The addition of a nbsp in every field widens each field slightly, but apart from that it looks the same to me whether fields contain nbsp or are empty. (edit: Temporary images deleted)

-user452 23:55, July 8, 2012 (UTC)
I diagnosed the problem incorrectly let me restate:
You didn't include empty fields and the end of rows. This made some rows have more cells then others.
I assumed that you couldn't have possibly wanted the table to look like this and therefore assumed my browser was acting up up.
Sorry for the confusion. SuperNull 00:36, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
I deliberately left the empty fields out, as I did with the Statistics tables. (and probably others, but the Statistics tables were recent) --user452 00:45, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
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