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Star saints

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Title Edit

  • BH09_HEADLINE_TEXT = A cargo ship carrying heavy weapons for Ultor's security forces was hijacked earlier by the Third Street Saints, and officials aren't releasing any details as to how exactly it happened. The Saints commandeered the vessel shortly before it was scheduled to arrive in port, forcing a massive contingency of Ultor forces to attempt to retake it. Unfortunately for Ultor, the armaments on board the ship proved more than capable of holding off an assault, and the Saints escaped with the weapons in tow. Ultor's Dane Vogel declined to comment for this story.
  • MSN_BH09_30_SECONDS = You have 30 seconds to return to the [format][color:teal]cargo ship[/format]
  • MSN_BH09_BOARD_THE_SHIP = Find a way on board the [format][color:teal]cargo ship[/format]
  • MSN_BH09_FIRST_WAVE = [format][color:red]Brotherhood gang members[/format] are coming after the cargo ship
  • MSN_BH09_SECOND_WAVE = Another wave of [format][color:red]Brotherhood Gang Members[/format] are coming after the cargo ship
  • MSN_BH09_THIRD_WAVE = A third wave of [format][color:red]Brotherhood Gang Members[/format] are coming after the Cargo Ship
  • MSN_BH09_SHIP_ABANDONED = You abandoned the cargo ship

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