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Star saints

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Mission strings Edit

  • MSN_VK06A_BULLDOZER_DEAD=Your bulldozer was destroyed!
  • MSN_VK06A_DESTROY_PINS=Knock those <red>pins</red> off the pedestal!
  • MSN_VK06A_DISPLAY_NAME=3rd Street Vice Kings
  • MSN_VK06A_GAT_DEAD=Johnny was killed.
  • MSN_VK06A_GAT_DISMISS=Johnny was abandoned.
  • MSN_VK06A_GET_BULLDOZER=Get a <green>bulldozer</green>.
  • MSN_VK06A_GET_NOTORIETY=Earn some police notoriety to get the media's attention.
  • MSN_VK06A_GET_VAN=Go get the media's attention.
  • MSN_VK06A_HEAD_PINS=Head to the <teal>bowling pins</teal> downtown.
  • MSN_VK06A_HEAD_STATUE=Get behind the <teal>statue of Alderman Hughes</teal>.
  • MSN_VK06A_HER_ARRIVAL=Destroy as much as you can to start getting attention.
  • MSN_VK06A_KNOCK_STATUE=Knock that <red>statue</red> down!
  • MSN_VK06A_LOST_VAN=You got too far from the newsvan. Go back and get it.
  • MSN_VK06A_NEWS_DEAD=You let the media die!
  • MSN_VK06A_NO_MEDIA=The media wasn't watching you!
  • MSN_VK06A_RUN_AMUCK=Go to the retail district and start killing <red>shopkeepers</red>.
  • MSN_VK06A_STORY=In order to pull the attention of the Police away from the Saints, Dex came up with the idea of having you dress in Vice Kings colors, and going to cause some destruction all around town. You really did a number on the city, all in the name of the Vice Kings. Hopefully, the media coverage will force the Police to turn their attention to the Kings and lay off the Saints.
  • MSN_VK06A_TORCH_SHOPS=Torch the two <red>shops</red> in high end retail.

Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 21:51, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

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